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Farm to School Grant Provides $500K

The Long Beach Unified School District is the recipient of a $500,000 grant from the California Department of Food and Agriculture Office of Farm to Fork.

The grant is part of a larger $8.5 million donation to 60 farm to school projects throughout the state of California via the 2021 California Farm to School Incubator Grant Program.

The grant program supports local and regional farm to school projects that promote nutrition education, sustainable food production and procurement and high-quality student engagement through experiential learning.

“Nutrition Services is thrilled to take on this exciting opportunity,” said LBUSD Administrative Dietitian Kelly Moffa. “We cannot wait to bring more California produce into our cafeterias, as well as support our school garden programs with funding and resources.”

The Farm to School programs focus on creating a vital way to improve the health and well-being of California schoolchildren through integrated nutrition education and healthy food access.

Funded by the Budget Act of 2020, the CDFA established the Farm to School Grant Program to support California farmers and expand healthy food access by providing schools with funds to establish programs that promote local and California grown food procurement and use in school meals. The program also supports food and agriculture education in classrooms and cafeterias through learning opportunities in school gardens, on farms and through other culinary and agricultural pathways.