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Schools Now Enrolling Students

The Long Beach Unified School District is accepting applications for enrollment. Thousands of students have returned to schools for in-person learning in recent weeks. For fall 2021, the school district is planning to offer full-day, in-person instruction, along with an option for online learning for families who still choose that learning environment. Parents who wish to enroll students can find more information on this enrollment web page.

LBUSD has earned a reputation as one of America's finest school systems, winning many awards as a national and international model of excellence. Learn more about LBUSD's proven track record. Local high schools offer more than 40 different pathways, or academies, along with dozens of Advanced Placement courses that prepare students for success in college and careers. Students can earn multiple units of college credit while still in high school, giving them a significant advantage while helping to save thousands of dollars in college tuition.