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Ed Week Notes LBUSD Online Learning

The national publication Education Week highlighted the Long Beach Unified School District in an article citing distance learning as a key factor in helping students prepare for the workforce.

The school district was recognized for its digital transformation of learning practices, as well as the distribution of WiFi hotspots and Chromebooks to students in need during school closures.

The increased use of technology introduced new learning of digital etiquette for LBUSD students. The publication highlighted the changes to the ‘norm’ rules of the classroom as an example. Now, students are learning a new set of classroom rules such as when to turn on and off cameras, how to write an email to a teacher and how to participate in an online breakout room.

“Their daily operations are some of the best experiences that they are going to get to approximate a workplace,” LBUSD Program Administrator Nader Twal shared with Ed Week. Cindy Bater, LBUSD program administrator for Linked Learning, also was part of the story.

The school district was recognized for its ability to continue to provide career advancement opportunities to students despite the limitations caused by distance learning. Those opportunities included online events such as hosting virtual discussions with guest speakers from different companies and occupations, and encouraging students to participate in online career fairs and mock job interviews.

ONLINE LEARNING – Teacher Aaron Volkoff demonstrates via Zoom how to monitor a heart rate for the students in his Exercise Science class at Lakewood High School. Photo by Morgan Lieberman for Education Week.