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Return to Work Guidance (From Superintendent Jill Baker)

Dear LBUSD Colleagues,

I hope that the Thanksgiving break allowed you time for some well-deserved rest. I am writing with a quick note of assurance to let you know that our school district has continued to carefully monitor COVID pandemic data and related guidance from state and regional health officials. To those of you who have been working in our schools and offices this semester, we look forward to seeing you back this week. For anyone entering our buildings, we will continue to follow safety protocols, including health screening, mask wearing, social distancing and frequent hand washing. For your immediate consideration, please note the following:

  • If you have traveled during the break, please pay close attention to your health, watching for any symptoms of illness. If you have traveled out of state, a 14-day quarantine upon return is recommended by state officials, but is not required.
  • Before you leave for work in the morning, ask yourself, “Will I be able to honestly pass the health screening questions?” If the answer is “no,” then please make the choice to stay home, monitor your symptoms, and consider seeking a COVID test. 
  • If you test for COVID for any reason (including a precautionary test, a curiosity test or a required travel test), please do not return to work until you have your test results.  
  • New local and county health guidance indicates that masks should be worn while in a work setting with the only exception being those who are working in a room/office space by themselves. Staff who work in cubicles or any kind of shared office space should wear masks for the duration of the work day. Masks are required for any and all movement around our schools and district offices/facilities.
  • As we return to work, please plan for virtual meetings and avoid gathering in small groups until our health data is at a less concerning place. One on one meetings in person are acceptable, but small group meetings should be held virtually at this time.
  • Please avoid sharing meals with colleagues, either to share food or to eat together. Close contact without masks (which occurs while eating) has proven to put people at higher risk of exposure.
  • Please avoid planning any work-related holiday parties. This is the time of year when we traditionally begin to plan celebrations with one another. Unfortunately, we are not at a place that the local health data allows us to responsibly have in-person gatherings.

Thank you for your commitment to our students, and to the health and safety of your colleagues and our community. Together we will continue to persevere through this challenging time.

With deep appreciation,


Jill Baker, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent Jill Baker, Ed. D.