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African American Cultural Center Meeting

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Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education President Felton Williams is helping to lead an effort to create the African American Cultural Center Long Beach. He is serving as president of the AACCLB, and along with the ACCLB's vice president, Tasha Hunter is inviting community participation in a virtual community meeting 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 30. Register at Eventbrite to receive meeting login information.

More information from Felton Williams and Tasha Hunter is provided in their statement below:

It is an absolute pleasure to extend our greetings to members of our community and engage you on matters of mutual interests. Thanks to the vision and efforts of Councilman Al Austin II, the African American Cultural Center Long Beach (AACCLB) has grown from a concept to a reality.

Starting with the study requested by the City of Long Beach to consider the feasibility of establishing an African American Cultural Center, the consultant groups, Lords and Wiggins Hunter, worked with the Long Beach community to develop a vision of a cultural facility. At the completion of their work and with the review and approval of the Long Beach City Council, the study was turned over to members of the community for implementation. That committee formed a board of directors and installed officers who are now responsible for bringing the vision of a cultural center to Long Beach.

The AACCLB will base its efforts on four focus areas:

Collections: collect and display artifacts of African American achievements in the arts, music, literature, sports, education, entertainment and life experiences of African American heroes, both famous and forgotten.

Exhibits: display exhibits which emphasize and encourage dialogue on race, reconciliation and healing.

Educational Programs: conduct programs on the role of African American culture in shaping shared heritages.

Cultural Events: organize and conduct events which will serve as conduits to improve relationships and enhance fund development.

We will be hosting quarterly meetings with the first scheduled for Tuesday, June 30, and your participation is requested. The purpose of the quarterly meetings is to update you on our progress and future areas of endeavors, to listen to your concerns and solicit your recommendations. We welcome you to register to attend this meeting here. We also look forward to engaging you on a monthly basis on topics, programs and matters of mutual interest that will help move our community forward.

We are excited to be part of an endeavor that will add to and enhance the fabric of the Long Beach community and beyond, and we look forward to working with you.


Felton Williams, President
Tasha Hunter, Vice President
African American Cultural Center Long Beach


CULTURAL HERITAGE – LBUSD Board of Education President Felton Williams also serves as president of the African American Cultural Center Long Beach.