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Names in the News

Wilson High School senior Kate Rael was featured as a “School Standout” on Fox LA’s Morning Show this month.  Kate has published a children’s book, “Why Dorothy Dwight Feels Quite All Right and Hudson Hill Feels Very Ill.”  The proceeds from the sales of this book benefit the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Long Beach physician Christina Lee, who as a young child survived Cambodia’s Killing Fields and later attended Long Beach Unified School District schools, recently addressed administrators at a K-12 principals’ meeting here.  Dr. Lee shared her experiences as a way of inspiring leaders to consider how the power of a story can help to build empathy, understanding and cultural competency in staff and students.  The former Tincher, Hill and Poly student also spoke last June at the commencement ceremony of the first graduating class of the Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science.

Elementary music teacher Valerie Vinnard, who was featured in the Nov. 8 School Bulletin as winner of a top award from the California Music Educators Association, also has been recognized on the pages of drum manufacturer Remo Inc.’s website.

The Remo website describes Vinnard’s   successful “Classroom Drum Circle Project” and includes a related video produced by the school district’s Office of Multimedia Services.  Remo is the world’s largest manufacturer of drum heads, and the company’s website features tributes to internationally renowned musicians. 

View the Vinnard feature by searching for “Classroom Drum Circle Project” at

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