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Cabrillo Closet Provides Necessities

Cabrillo High School recently opened the Cabrillo Closet, where students can find free clothing, school supplies, toiletries and more.  The items have been donated by staff and community members.

The room on the Cabrillo campus is arranged like a boutique, with clothing and shoe racks where students can shop in privacy.

“The idea is that when you don't have to worry about clothing, when you don't have to worry about hygiene supplies or school supplies or whether or not your shoes have holes in them, the theory is that you're better able to focus in class and you're better able to focus on the academic side of life when the basic essentials and the basic needs have been met,” Cabrillo Vice Principal Stacey Alexander said.

Earlier this year, school staff members were asked to go through their closet and find items in good condition that they were willing to donate.  The response was overwhelming, Alexander said.  The staff plans to hold various clothing drives depending on the need, like a winter drive for coats or a formal drive for dresses and suits.

The closet is open to students three days a week, including before school and after classes, as well as on Saturday mornings.

CABRILLO CLOSET – Cabrillo High School student Claire Ng Lam discusses how the new Cabrillo Closet provides students clothing, school supplies, toiletries and other necessities.