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Student Achievement Rising Steadily

Video: LBUSD Has Reason to Celebrate

New data show a fourth straight year of student achievement gains in both English Language Arts and math, along with rising rates of college readiness among students in the Long Beach Unified School District.

English and math performance, as measured by state tests, improved for most ethnic and racial subgroups, with Long Beach achieving greater gains than other large school districts in California.

Meanwhile, more and more students are meeting the “A-G” requirements for admission to the University of California and California State University systems.  Preliminary data show that the rate of A-G completion here has reached 60 percent, up 15 percentage points over three years.

“A new school year is a time of great promise, and that’s especially true in our schools this year for a number of reasons,” said Christopher J. Steinhauser, who begins his 18th school year as LBUSD superintendent.  “Students who attend our schools tend to outperform their counterparts in California.  We know this because we study the data, but others have noticed, too.  We’ll continue to build on this success, and we thank everyone who supports these important efforts.”

Throughout the school district, 54 percent of students met or exceeded standards in English, up 3 percent over last year, and up 12 percent since 2015.  In math, 46 percent of students districtwide met or exceeded standards, up 3 percent over last year, and up 16 percent since 2015.  Several schools closed achievement gaps by at least 50 percent, as measured by comparing their highest and lowest performing student subgroups.  The latest data were presented by staff during a public Board of Education workshop earlier this month.  View data slides from the presentation.

Long Beach students continue to outperform their California counterparts in terms of college readiness.  LBUSD’s college-going rate of 71 percent, and projected graduation rate of more than 85 percent both surpass the statewide rates.  Significantly higher rates of students from local schools also enroll in four-year universities compared to their counterparts statewide and in California’s other large school districts.

STEADY IMPROVEMENT  – Recent data show a continued trend of steady, significant gains in student achievement in the school district and among various subgroups of students.