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24 Receive Promise Scholarships

The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education recognized 24 local eighth graders this week who have shown academic improvement.  The students earned scholarships of $50 to $250 as part of The Long Beach College Promise.

LBUSD, Cal State Long Beach and Long Beach City College first committed to The Promise in 2008, extending the promise of a college education to every LBUSD student.  The City of Long Beach and its Mayor’s Office joined the initiative in 2014.  Since its inception, The Promise has served as a model for communities in California and across the nation to develop partnerships centered on student success.

Elements of The Promise include increased access to early childhood education; college tours for fourth and fifth graders; a middle school pledge by students and parents, committing to college readiness; free tuition at LBCC; and guaranteed admission to CSULB for qualifying students.

The scholarship amounts of $50 to $250 were based upon the middle school pledge completion rate by sixth through eighth graders at each school.

The schools and their winning students are:  Avalon, Julissa Padilla; Bancroft, Martin Tapia; Cubberley, Jesus Albarran-Villalobos; Franklin, Honesty Sutton; Gompers, Carly Burns; Hamilton, Analisa Gomez; Hoover, Dayvn Roberts; Hudson, Joshua Ramirez; Hughes, Andy Lopez; Jefferson, Michael Fernandez; Keller, Jordan Caceres; Lindbergh, Audrey Mares; Lindsey, Marcela Martinez; Marshall, Molly Marvin; Muir, Isaias Perez; Nelson, Kalaeh Brown; Newcomb, Ariana Gonzalez; Powell, Kayla Wilson; Robinson, Priscilla Cervantes; Rogers, Geraldine Teran; Stanford, Ava Errecart; Stephens, Cynthia Donato; Tincher, Ingrid Ruiz-Garcia; and Washington, Yamelet Sandres.