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Elementary Students Try Robotics

Fourth and fifth graders from six local schools participated in a robotics tournament this month at Long Beach City College.  The Long Beach Robotech Festival welcomed teams from Carver, Hudson, King, Lowell, Prisk and Smith schools, where students have been learning how to program and run Lego robots all year as part of a combined effort with a local nonprofit group called Shared Science.

In preparation for the event, students participated in after-school classes, with teacher-coaches at each site.  Students learned how to make the robots move by using motors and sensors.  The tournament was a chance for students to show the skills they mastered this year.

Participating teachers included Candice Mathews at Carver, Brandon Kent at Hudson, Nicholas Kertz at King, Nancy Schmitt at Lowell, David Macander at Prisk and Karla McKenna at Smith.

Shared Science secured a $10,000 grant from the Crail-Johnson Foundation to support the schools, and the program started last year with a teacher driven Institute for Teaching grant provided with the help of the Teachers Association of Long Beach, California Teachers Association and Shared Science Executive Director Michelle Wells.

ELEMENTARY ROBOTICS – Carver Elementary School team members learn how to program and run Lego robots.