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Wilson Student's Heartfelt Thanks

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Wilson High School senior and ASB President Vishmi Weerasuriya served as the student representative at the most recent Board of Education meeting, where she gave a customary report on the latest developments at her school.  Later in the meeting she shared her impromptu impressions of the school board members, who had just given their reports about the many goings-on districtwide.

“I’m just sitting here and watching and listening to you guys.  Every single one of you is so amazing.  It's just amazing how much you guys care,” she said.  “I wish every student could sit here and just witness like this, because they would feel so cared for.  I guess we just don't think out of our bubble, and sitting here and watching you guys, it's like wow, you really go to these (events), and you really check on us… I think it's completely amazing, so what I'm saying is thank you.”


PRESIDENT AND PRINCIPAL - Wilson High School Spring ASB President Vishmi Weerasuriya with Wilson Co-Principal Gonzalo Moraga.