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Names in the News

The Long Beach NAACP recently honored former Long Beach Unified School District Deputy Superintendent Dorothy Harper and former LBUSD Principal Cynthia Terry with “Passing of the Torch Leadership” awards.  The awards recognize community leaders who inspire youth.

Long Beach Education Foundation Executive Director Judy Seal, Barton Elementary School Assistant Principal Marybeth Murray and Franklin Middle School Vice Principal Roshann Williams received certificates of completion from the California Conference for Equality and Justice’s four-month Racial Equity and Healing Justice Facilitator Training.

Assistant Principal Murray said the completion of the training was particularly timely in light of Black History Month.  The training is guided by CCEJ principles, including the idea that “another world is possible: oppression can and will end through our collective work.”

EQUALITY AND JUSTICE – These LBUSD administrators completed a rigorous four-month training as racial equity and healing facilitators.  The training was offered by the California Conference for Equality and Justice.