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Cabrillo Hosts International Econ Summit

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Cabrillo High School hosted an International Economic Summit recently with nearly 150 Cabrillo students participating. 

Teams of students from the Cabrillo Academy of Global Logistics (AGL) gathered in the gymnasium, representing about 30 different countries.  The Economic Summit event is modeled after the International Economic Summit Institute at Boise State University.  The hands-on activity teaches concepts related to international economics, globalization and the free enterprise system.

During the event, students created trade alliances, joined trading and banking sessions, and competed in a global issues debate.

The summit model has gained national recognition as an effective educational program for teaching economics, finance and technology.  Students gain a multicultural understanding of how the world works and what they can do to prepare for life as a global citizen.

Cabrillo’s AGL teacher Jim Dowding led the event, and the nonprofit Long Beach CaLL organization recruited 20 members of the local business community to provide professional feedback to the students.  These dedicated volunteers evaluated students on their table displays and costumes, and also acted as bankers and scorekeepers for the event.

“Long Beach CaLL would like to thank all the volunteer judges, teachers and student ambassadors for contributing to such a meaningful learning experience,” said Kehau Fujikami, a business development and marketing consultant for Long Beach CaLL.  “A special shout out goes to Terri Billups with the U.S. Small Business Administration for her awesome outreach efforts to SBA members.”

Long Beach CaLL is a partnership among the Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach City College and Cal State Long Beach.

Learn more about Long Beach CaLL at, and learn more about the summit events at

ECON SUMMIT – Cabrillo High School students represent the Republic of Mali as they participate in the school’s International Economic Summit.  Teams of students created trade alliances, joined trading and banking sessions, and competed in a global issues debate.