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Free Chromebooks, Low-Cost Internet

Dozens of Long Beach Unified School District students and their families have benefitted from low-cost Internet access and free Chromebooks as part of a partnership with the human-I-T organization that started in September.  About 100 households have subscribed to low-cost Internet, with about 85 families qualifying for free laptops.

By reusing instead of recycling electronics, human-I-T transforms e-waste into opportunities for under-served communities while promoting digital inclusion and online access.  High-speed Internet access is available for as low as $14.99 per month.  Participants may qualify for a free Chromebook with low-cost Internet sign-up.

Each LBUSD school provides this “Low-Cost Internet” link at the bottom of the school’s website, in the footer.  This link leads to more information and an online application.

FREE CHROMEBOOK – Franklin Middle School student Nicole Sise receives a free Chromebook as part of LBUSD’s partnership with the human-I-T organization, which also provides low-cost Internet to qualifying families.