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Sato Saves Lives with Blood Drive

Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science earned high praise from the American Red Cross for the small high school’s inaugural blood drive, crediting the students and staff with saving up to 111 lives.

While the school had aimed for 28 pints to be collected, a total of 37 pints were donated.

“You would never have known that this was Sato’s first blood drive.  It ran so smoothly.  We blew our goal out of the water,” said Lisa Love, an account manager with Donor Resources Development for the American Red Cross.  “We appreciate and value our new partnership with Sato High School in our life saving efforts.”

The advisor for Sato’s Red Cross Club is Brett Wiley, who teaches about human body systems.

Sato is the Long Beach Unified School District’s newest math and science specialty high school and will celebrate its first class of graduates in June.  The school is modeled after LBUSD’s nationally recognized California Academy of Mathematics and Science.  Learn more.

BLOOD DONOR – Sato Academy biomedical sciences teacher Brett Wiley, who advises the school's Red Cross Club, participates in the school's blood drive.