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Measure E Surges in Final Count of Votes

Voter approval of $1.5 billion in local school bonds jumped to 74.86 percent in the final tally, up from 73.37 percent just after election night on Nov. 8.  The number of yes votes surged from 84,217 in the unofficial election night tally to an official total of 129,757, an increase of more than 45,000.  The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education placed the measure on the ballot.

The final tally includes mail ballots received after the election day.  The post-election process also includes manual checks to determine a voter's intent when casting provisional ballots, making for a slower count.

Proceeds from the school bonds will be used for health and safety-related repairs such as electrical upgrades to add energy-efficient air conditioning systems.  Science labs, computer labs and libraries will be upgraded.  Deteriorating bathrooms and plumbing, leaky roofs and old wiring will be repaired.  Outdated structures will be improved to meet handicap accessibility and earthquake standards.  Fire alarms and security systems will be upgraded.  Indoor and outdoor athletic facilities will be expanded and improved with features such as all-weather fields and new aquatics facilities.

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