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Classmate Saved by Heimlich Maneuver

Lakewood High School Navy JROTC cadet Reymond Santos earned the ROTC’s highest award – the Meritorious Achievement Ribbon – for saving a classmate last June by using the Heimlich maneuver.

Cadet Santos, who was honored at a recent school board meeting, had completed the first aid section of the ROTC curriculum, including practice of the Heimlich maneuver, in mid-May.  In early June, the cadet was eating lunch in the NJROTC classroom when another cadet began choking on a large piece of pizza that caused a complete obstruction of the throat.  Without hesitation, cadet Santos quickly assessed the fellow cadet’s condition and applied the Heimlich maneuver.   Eventually the pizza popped out and landed a few feet away from the choking cadet, who had no lasting injuries.