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Longfellow Earns National PTA Honor

National PTA has recognized Longfellow Elementary School as a National PTA School of Excellence for building effective family-school partnerships. Only 170 schools nationwide were designated as 2014-16 recipients of the award.

“The partnership between Longfellow Elementary School and Longfellow Elementary PTA is a true example of what can be accomplished when schools and families work together,” said Otha Thornton, president of National PTA. “Longfellow Elementary School and Longfellow Elementary PTA have put strong practices into place that involve families in the life of the school, and we are pleased to recognize them as a National PTA School of Excellence.”

National PTA launched its National PTA School of Excellence program to help strengthen family-school partnerships across the nation and make measurable progress in the areas of education, health and safety, and arts and cultural exploration.

At a National PTA School of Excellence, families feel welcomed and empowered to support student success, and PTA is a key partner for continuous school improvement. To be recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence, PTAs evaluate their current family engagement strategies and submit a goal for school improvement that families, teachers and administrators have set together. They improve upon their family engagement strategies throughout the year, while focusing on their goal. The National PTA School of Excellence designation is awarded for demonstrated improvement in the family-school partnership and significant progress toward their goal.

Longfellow Elementary PTA has helped to implement various school-wide family engagement programs such as the “PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle” and “Reading At Home.” These programs give families the tools to help improve reading skills for students between kindergarten and fifth grade. Other programs include the Longfellow Green Team recycling efforts to reduce waste while teaching students about the positive effects of recycling. This program helped Longfellow to earn a National Green Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education in 2012. The school also offers the Uniform Exchange, an opportunity for parents and community members to share and encourage re-use of gently used school clothes.

“The second you step onto the campus of Longfellow Elementary it is evident that there is a longstanding and impactful partnership between Longfellow Elementary, its PTA and the community of California Heights and Bixby Knolls,” said Naomie Worrell-Tate, president of Longfellow Elementary PTA. “Longfellow is truly a unique school with an outpouring of support that is vital to the overall well-being of our students. Through our PTA programs and events we are very successful in sustaining a positive school environment for almost 1,100 students year after year.”

To celebrate Longfellow’s achievements, National PTA will present Longfellow Elementary School and Longfellow Elementary PTA with a National PTA School of Excellence banner this Friday, Oct. 3 at the school.

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NATIONAL RECOGNITION – Students at Longfellow Elementary School celebrate their school’s designation as a National PTA?School of Excellence.