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Teachers, Non-Reps to Receive 3% Raise

The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education approved 3 percent salary increases this week, retroactive to July 1 of this year, for eligible non-represented employees and members of the Teachers Association of Long Beach.

An improving state budget allows for the first salary increase in more than five years for both groups of employees.

The board’s unanimous decision was accomplished in two votes – one approving a contract with TALB, and one approving the raise for non-represented employees.

The TALB contract included the raise and new language on K-12 shared decision making, days and hours, and evaluation.  TALB’s membership ratified the contract last week by a 99 percent yes vote, or 1,621 to 19.

The term of the new TALB contract runs through June 30, 2015, with reopeners for next year regarding salary, health benefits and evaluation, plus three articles selected by each party.

The school district plans to provide eligible employees their retroactive pay no later than Feb. 21, and possibly as soon as Jan. 24.  The salary schedule increases will be reflected in eligible employees’ paychecks no later than quadri-weekly period 9, which will be paid on Feb. 28, and possibly as soon as quadri-weekly period 8, which will be paid on Jan. 31.

LBUSD also plans to negotiate compensation with the local California School Employees Association chapter in the coming weeks.