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State Budget Questions, Answers

Does the governor’s May budget revision provide more money for K-12 education than his January proposal?

Yes, it provides $3 billion more in Proposition 98 funding compared to his January proposal.

Then why is everyone saying we aren’t going to see any more money out of it at the local level?

Gov. Jerry Brown proposes using almost all of the new money ($2.88 billion of the $3 billion) to buy down K-12 and community college deferrals.  In other words, he just swaps out deferred (or postponed) dollars in the January budget with real dollars in the May budget.   Not only has the state been cutting K-12 education funding in recent years, but it also has been late in paying school districts what they are owed, forcing districts like Long Beach to borrow to pay bills.  If approved as proposed, the governor’s budget will mean that school districts won’t need to borrow to cover deferrals, but the total local spending level is the same as proposed in January.

So the May budget revision basically proposes giving school districts the same local spending authority as was proposed in the January budget?


How much is that again?

Essentially it is flat year-over-year funding.  That is, the governor proposes to fund schools at the 2010-11 spending levels.  However, the governor’s May revision, unlike the January budget, does not include an additional $19 per student (Average Daily Attendance) cut below 2010-11 levels.

Source:  Stuart & Associates