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Shanghai Educators to Visit Hudson

Educators from Shanghai – whose students impressed the world in December by outperforming their counterparts internationally in reading, math and science – will visit Hudson K-8 School in West Long Beach next week to explore a partnership with the school.

Arriving at Hudson will be representatives of the Shanghai U-Learn Education Group, which serves as the human resources and curriculum provider for Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, one of the most reputable private schools in China.  Like Hudson, the Shanghai school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program.

Hudson gained authorization in 2008 to offer the IB Primary Years Program, bringing the rigorous, internationally recognized college preparatory system to the Westside school.

Along with providing rigorous academics, IB helps students to understand and appreciate people from other countries and cultures.  At Hudson, the program includes Spanish classes for all students.

Like Advanced Placement courses, IB high school courses are rigorous college preparatory classes.  IB high school courses are honored at the best universities throughout the world as indicative of outstanding academic training.

Long Beach first began offering IB in 1992 at Jordan High School, where students can earn the International Diploma, a designation that is recognized by the world’s leading universities.

Students from Shanghai recently outscored all others internationally on the Program for International Student Assessment, known as PISA.

The Shanghai school is the first IB Primary Years School in China.  Visitors to Hudson will include about a dozen of the Shanghai school’s leaders, including its CEO, board members, school principal and other top administrators.

Partnerships between Shanghai and Hudson may include teacher and student exchanges.

The International Baccalaureate Organization was established in the 1960s to provide curriculum for children of ambassadors worldwide so they might receive uniform, high-quality preparation for college.

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