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Boosting Enrollment Via Local Theaters

Video: Enrollment PSA - Movie Theater

A 30-second Long Beach Unified School District advertisement now playing in local movie theaters aims to help boost student enrollment here.

The ad, created by LBUSD’s Office of Multimedia Services, is an attempt to shore up enrollment in a school district where the student population has decreased by about 14,000 over the past decade.  Much of the school district’s funding is provided by the state based upon the number of students enrolled.

The six-week advertising run began April 1.   Within the first week, the ad brought dozens of additional phone calls to the school district by parents seeking to enroll their children, including many parents from neighboring cities.

Featuring alternating photos of local students at school, along with a continuously present web address, the ad script reads, “You need to know that your child is safe.  You need to know the curriculum is effective.  You need to know that your child is our foremost consideration.  You need the Long Beach Unified School District,” followed by, “Now enrolling students.”

See the movie ads on the big screen at Cinemark 14 on Pine Avenue, Edwards 26 at the Long Beach Town Center on Carson Blvd., AMC Marina Pacifica 12 on Pacific Coast Highway, or the UA Marketplace 6 on Pacific Coast Highway.  The 30-second spot also is airing regularly on plasma screens in the lobbies of these theaters.

SHOWTIME -- Marshall Middle School Principal Michael Navia makes a cameo appearance with students in a 30-second movie theater advertisement designed to boost enrollment in local schools.  See the ad at a theater near you.