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Lessons in Compassion at Millikan

Students from the Millikan High School COMPASS small learning community recently performed in colonial garb at the school district's Bethune Transitional Center for homeless students.  The performance was part of the Community of Musicians, Performers, Artists and Social Scientists emphasize on helping college-bound students find direction in their lives as scholars, creative individuals and compassionate members of society.

Like other small learning communities within the school district's large high schools, COMPASS helps students to connect with real-wolrd situations, making lessons more relevant and engaging.

Smaller learning communities like COMPASS are part of the school district's Linked Learning approach to improving high school instruction.  Linked Learning combines rigorous academics with real world experiences that prepare students for both college and high-paying, high-demand jobs.

COMPASS is one of four more Long Beach high school programs slated this year to earn Linked Learning certification, an assurance of quality by the educational nonprofit ConnectEd organization. The Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) Academy at Long Beach's Jordan High School was the first of two schools in California to achieve the prestigious Linked Learning certification last year.

Learn more about COMPASS. Learn more about Linked Learning.

LIFE LESSON -- Students perform in colonial garb at the Bethune Transitional Center for homeless students.