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Leading the Quest for Federal Funding

The Long Beach Unified School District is one of seven California school systems that will lead the state’s effort to apply for up to $700 million in federal Race to the Top (Phase Two) funding.

The state has formed a working group of seven superintendents to help write the application. The superintendents – who represent school districts in Long Beach, Fresno, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sanger, Clovis and Sacramento – also will develop an agreement that all of California’s school districts will be invited to sign as a commitment to the goals of the plan.

Under federal Race to the Top guidelines, California is eligible to receive up to $700 million in this second phase of funding.

California was not selected as a finalist for Phase One of Race to the Top’s $4.35 billion in funding.  The state has since committed to pursuing the second round of funding.

State applications for the funds are due June 1.