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What is Long Beach Scholars?

Long Beach Scholars 2.0 (LBS) is an elective class designed to prepare middle school students for future possibilities in college, career and life. 

LBS utilizes research-based strategies to support middle school students in achieving both academic and social development.

What Does College and Career Awareness Look Like for Middle School Students?

LBUSD Graduate Profile Scholars Activities
College and Career-Ready Scholar
  • Self –Exploration/MS Career Interest Survey
  • Research on High School Pathways, Colleges and Careers
  • Young Professional Portfolio
  • College and Career Experiential Visits
Critical and Innovative Problem Solver
  • STEAM Projects
  • Goal Planning
Adaptable and Productive Citizen  
  • Exploration of Culture and Identity
  • Community Service Project
Ethical Decision-Maker
  • Values/Ethics Curriculum
  • Self- Regulation Curriculum
Effective Communicator and Collaborator  
  • Daily Collaboration Exercises
  • Mock Career Interviews

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