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Substitute System Information

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Steps in Using AESOP Sub System

  1. You need your ID number (which is your 10 digit phone number).
  2. You need your PIN number (which is your last 5 digits of your employee number- located on your pay stub). Please note the system does not recognize you by social security number for your privacy and protection. One problem by not using social security numbers happens when you forget your PIN number. If you ask AESOP to supply your PIN number, the AESOP Company asks for your social security number. Since LBUSD does not use social security numbers associated with your account, there is not a way that the AESOP Company can remind you of your PIN number when you forgot it. To get your PIN, if you have forgotten it, you need to call the school site secretary or the sub desk at (562) 997-8495. The sub desk opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes at 4:40 p.m.
  3. You can use either the telephone or internet to create an absence and find a sub.
    By phone contact AESOP at 1-800-942-3767 or on the web at
  4. When you use the system and you want AESOP to assign a sub for you, clicking “save” will accomplish this. If you want to assign a sub that you have pre-arranged, you would click “save and assign.” Please make sure you have informed the sub you want to assign before you click “save and assign.” This is not a request, it places that sub in the job.


  • For additional support and assistance, please review the videos, brochures, and welcome letters that was sent to all employees. The links are below.
  • You can email us and any questions about AESOP to or call the sub desk at (562) 997-8495.

Training Brochures and Letters

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