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Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

Goal I: Empower students through Academics, Leadership, and Cultural Awareness

Objective 1:  Expose students to strategies that will increase their academic   classroom success.

Objective 2:  Expose students to Leadership activities.

Objective 3:  Expose students to cultural activities that promote tolerance.

Goal II: Integrate extracurricular opportunities within the school program

Objective 1:  ncrease the number of students exposed to extra-curricular activities in their school.

Goal III: Provide opportunities for post-secondary options and advancement

Objective 1:  Increase the number of students exposed to an array of post-secondary activities and programs.

Goal IV: Improve self-awareness and respect, while encouraging positive relationships with adults and peers.

Objective 1:  Increase the number of students who are developing positive relationships with adults that may lead to enriching opportunities beyond the classroom.

Goal V: Instill qualities that lead to success

Objective 1:  Provide opportunities for students that will propel them into being involved in their communities. 

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