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Dual Immersion

Unique and exciting opportunities for students to prepare for a global future, become bilingual and bi-literate in two languages, and develops multicultural perspectives

The Long Beach Unified School District is proud to offer two language education models: K-8 dual immersion (Spanish-English) and high school heritage language (Spanish, Khmer) programs.

Dual Immersion

Our Dual Immersion Programs implement a developmental Spanish-English two-way language model of instruction, serving native speakers of English and native speakers of Spanish. Students from the two language groups attend class together, learn from each other, and receive academic instruction in both languages.

Program Goals for Students:

  • develop high levels of oral language skills and literacy in both English and Spanish
  • attain academic achievement at or above grade level as measured in both languages
  • hold positive attitudes towards school and themselves
  • exhibit knowledge about and positive attitudes toward other cultures

Program Models:

  • 90:10 - The first number ‘90’ refers to the percentage of instructional time initially spent for instruction in the target language (Spanish) in Kindergarten. The second number ‘10’ refers to English. In our 90:10 model, the amount of the target language decreases yearly as English increases until there is a 50:50 balance of the languages generally in grades four through eighth.

    Offering a 90:10 Dual Immersion program:
    • Bixby Elementary School, Principal: Sam Platis
      5251 E. Stearns Street
      Long Beach, CA 90815
      (562) 498-3794
      (562) 4981711 FAX
    • Henry Elementary School, Principal: Rose Vitetta
      3720 Canehill Avenue
      Long Beach, CA 90808
      (562) 421-3754
      (562) 420-7849 FAX
  • 50:50 – This model uses the target language (Spanish) for 50 percent of the time throughout the duration of the program.

    Offering a 50:50 Dual Immersion program:
    • Lafayette Elementary School, Principal: David Komatz
      2445 Chestnut Avenue
      Long Beach, CA 90806
      (562) 426-7075
      (562) 490-7318 FAX
    • Webster Elementary School, Principal: Sarah Forrester
      1755 W. 32nd Way
      Long Beach, CA 90810
      (562) 595-6568
      (562) 595-5710 FAX
    • Willard Elementary School, Principal: Jennifer Rodarte
      1055 Freeman Avenue
      Long Beach, CA 90804
      (562) 438-9934
      (562) 439-8156 FAX
    • Keller Middle School, Principal: Dawn Lomeli
      7020 Brittain Street
      Long Beach, CA 90808
      (562) 421-8851

Dual Immerison Resources – outside sources
California Department of Education
California Association for Bilingual Education
Center for Applied Linguistics

Heritage Language

Our Heritage Language programs are designed for students whose home language is that of the target language. Courses in Spanish for Spanish Speakers and Khmer for Khmer Speakers are offered at various middle and high schools. These courses range from beginning to advanced and are approved for UC (f – foreign language) credit at the high school level.


Department Info

Department Address
OCIPD - Administration Bld.
1515 Hughes Way
Long Beach, CA 90810

Department Phone
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