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Textbooks and Library Services supports the K-12 instructional program of the District by providing services related to the acquisition, evaluation, processing, and distribution of basic textbooks, supplemental instructional materials, reading books, non-print materials, periodicals, and curriculum guides for use in the classrooms and the school library media centers.

Curriculum - Textbooks and Library Services - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 997-8000 x.3050
(562) 531-2705 Fax
Textbook Services Manager

Curriculum - Textbooks and Library Services - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 997-8000 x.3051 Library/Information Literacy Curriculum Leader

(562) 997-8000 x.1870 Instructional Assistant Textbook/Library Service Warehouse

Link to Destiny Available only from district computers

The Destiny link will take you to the homepage for all of the school libraries in LBUSD.  Select any school's name and then the "Catalog" tab to search library resources at that site.  The Professional Library consists of over 800 items available for loan to all employees of the Long Beach Unified School District.

K12 Core Content Basic Textbook List (2018-2019)

Department Info

Department Address
2201 E. Market St.
Long Beach, CA 90805

Department Phone
(562) 997-8000 x.3050