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SBAC Practice Media for Grades 6-8

Slideshow Presentation Grades 7-8, 11 (optional)


Directions: As you watch the presentation, use Microsoft Word to take notes to help you answer the questions below. You may watch the presentation as many times as you need. Write your answers below your notes using the title Slideshow Presentation. Be sure to use complete sentences. Your responses should be based on the information presented in the slideshow. Use both presentations to complete question 4.

  1. What is the author’s purpose for creating the slide show? Use evidence to support your answer.
  2. Using the information presented in the slide show, what are three ways to avoid using plastic?
  3. How does the Garbage Patch affect wildlife? Use examples from the presentation.
  4. Reflect on the audio interview and the slide show presentation. Which of the two presented its main idea more effectively? Why? Use evidence to support your answer.

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