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School Wellness (Admin)

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(562) 997-8629 School Wellness Coordinator

  School Wellness (Staff)

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(562) 997-8622 Coach

(562)997-8030 Bilingual Staff Secretary

School Wellness

Long Beach Unified School District recognizes the link between student health and learning and desires to build a culture of health and well-being to support all students so that they are healthy, safe, engaged, heard, supported, and challenged. To support educational equity and maximize the opportunity for instruction, the School Wellness Office desires to provide a comprehensive program promoting healthy eating and physical activity physical, social-emotional, and cognitive well-being for district students. We work to coordinate and align district efforts to support student wellness through health education, physical education and activity, health services, nutrition services, psychological and counseling services, and a safe and healthy school environment. In addition, we collaborate with other offices to develop strategies for promoting staff wellness and for involving parents/guardians and the community in reinforcing students' understanding and appreciation of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

2022 Wellness Policy Report

Click here to view a PDF summarizing districtwide wellness goals and progress.

Click here to view the Quarter 1 Update for the 22-23 school year.



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1515 Hughes Way
Long Beach, CA 90810

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