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Identification and Testing

GATE Identification

GATE Identification procedures differ from district to district.  LBUSD students have the opportunity to participate in universal screening for possible GATE identification during their 2nd and/or 4th grade year.  LBUSD follows California GATE Standards recommendations in utilizing multiple measures to determine identification.  


Samples of Multiple Measures:

  • Cognitive assessment (CogAT) - Universal Screening in 2nd & 4th grade

  • Student Achievement Report scores 

  • Grade level specific District assessments that are available to all students

  • Traits, Aptitudes, & Behaviors (TABs) of gifted potential - Teacher observation

  • State assessment results (SBAC) 

2021-2022 GATE Screening Notifications

GATE Identification Non-LBUSD Students

Private School GATE Screening

Please contact the GATE office regarding screening procedures for Private School students that reside in the LBUSD boundaries.


GATE Identified Transfer From Another District

Since GATE identification procedures differ from state to state, and district to district,  GATE identification does not automatically transfer to LBUSD.  A GATE Office review of the outside district's procedures and assessments used to identify the student would need to be conducted to determine if the identification procedures match that of LBUSD.  

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