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All students should receive high-end learning opportunities that will support their affective needs, cultivate their interests, and enhance their ability to effectively utilize critical and creative thinking to thrive in diverse, complex, local and global environments. Due to their unique needs, students who demonstrate or show the capacity for high performance require services to continue to grow academically and intellectually in order to reach their full potential and maximize the likelihood that they make positive contributions to society.


The Gifted and Talented Education Office provides research-based services designed to address the needs of academically advanced and high potential students. We promote the use of gifted education pedagogy to design learning experiences that foster personal integrity and continued growth in preparation for personal, social and professional success across varied contexts. Our services are not limited to educators of the gifted, as we advocate for talent development opportunities for all students.


Every student a responsible, productive citizen capitalizing on their interests and abilities by using critical thinking and creative production for personal fulfillment and societal benefit.

Curriculum - GATE - Administration

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(562) 426-9538
(562) 426-6318 Fax
GATE Coordinator

Curriculum - GATE - Staff

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(562) 426-9538 GATE Counselor

(562) 426-9538 Differentiation Coach

(562) 426-9538
(562) 426-6318 Fax
Staff Secretary

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1299 E. 32nd St.
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Department Phone
(562) 426-9538