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Designated and Integrated ELD Instruction

“English learners at all English proficiency levels and at all ages require both Integrated ELD and specialized attention to their particular language learning needs, or Designated ELD.” (p. 119)

Designated ELD is defined as instruction provided during a time during the regular school day for focused instruction on the state-adopted ELD standards to assist English learners to develop critical English language skills necessary for academic content learning in English. (California Code of Regulations, Title 5 [5 CCR] Section 11300[a])

Integrated ELD is defined as instruction in which the state-adopted ELD standards are used in tandem with the state-adopted academic content standards. Integrated ELD includes specifically designed academic instruction in English. (5 CCR Section 11300[c])



A PARENT GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING The English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

Starting Smarter Sé un Socio - CAASPP (Departamento de Educación de California)

Introduction to the Initial ELPAC for Parents (English)

Introducción para padres sobre la ELPAC (Spanish)


Information about Student Scores

Understanding Your Child's Student Score Report, Initial ELPAC (PDF)

Entendiendo el informe de puntaje estudiantil de su hijo, ELPAC Inicial (PDF)

Other translations of the Understanding Your Child's Student Score Report, Initial ELPAC

Guide to Understanding the Summative ELPAC Student Score Report 

Summative ELPAC Student Score Report Video: English  (Video; 6:58) (Posted 7/23/18)

Como interpreter el reporte de puntuaciones de su estudiante del ELPAC: Spanish  (Video; 8:42) (Posted 7/23/18)