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Common Core Instructional Shifts

  • English Language Arts/Literacy Shifts
    1. Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction
    2. Reading, writing, and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational
    3. Regular practice with complex text and its academic language
  • Mathematics
    1. Focus strongly where the Standards focus
    2. Coherence: Think across grades, and link to major topics within grades
    3. Rigor: In major topics, pursue conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application
  • Description of Common Core Shifts
    This two-page document explains the shifts in more detail.

California Department of Education

CCSS Professional Learning Module

These learning modules, through the Brokers of Expertise and California Department of Education, are charged with deepening educators’ understanding of at least the following criteria:

  • The Common Core State Standards
  • Instructional strategies to support the learning of all pupils, including English learners, pupils with disabilities, and underperforming pupils.
  • Instructional strategies that promote creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills in all academic content areas.
  • The integration of subject content knowledge.
  • Instructional leadership and coaching.

10 Greatest “Ah-ha” Moments in Working with the Core

This article by Sarah Brown Wessling, 2010 National Teacher of the Year, talks straight about misconceptions and myths of the Common Core Standards, and how the CCSS.

Achieve the Core

A Web site created by the CCSS authors and other contributors to provide free, high-quality resources to educators implementing the CCSS. Resources include implementation tools, webinars, articles, sites, and research.

The Illustrative Mathematics Project

The project aims to illustrate each of the standards using high quality reviewed tasks from teacher leaders. The site provides guidance to all stakeholders implementing the CCSS by illustrating the range and types of mathematical work that students will experience and other implementation tools, and hosts a community of registered users who develop and evaluate math tasks that illustrate the CCSS.

Share My Lesson

Developed by teachers for teachers, this site offers a free platform that gives access to teaching resources and tools and provides an online community for teacher collaboration. The site has a significant collection of CCSS-related resources, covering all the aspects of the standards.