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Facilities Development & Planning Branch: Developer Fees

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COVID-19 Information


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and until further notice the Long Beach Unified School District will process developer fees by mail only. Please see the steps below which summarize our process moving forward. 

  1. City to provide applicant with a signed copy of the official form specifying the permitted square footage for the project. 

  2. Applicant to email the signed city form specifying the square footage for the project AND the LBUSD application to

  3. District will then review and email the applicant the final amount due to LBUSD

  4. Applicant shall make the check or money order payable to "LBUSD Developer Fee Collector" and mail to LBUSD at 2425 Webster Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90810.

  5. Once LBUSD is in receipt of the check, staff will fill out all the Certificates of Compliance and mail back to the Developer for signature. The District copy MUST be mailed back to LBUSD. 

  6. Developer can then return to the City with their Certificate of Compliance to receive a building permit (assuming all other city obligations have been met). 

Here is an updated brochure for your reference. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the changes during these trying times. 

Hours of Operation

Please reference the following collection hours, and observed holidays when addressing developer fee collection for Long Beach Unified School District. Applicants can also be directed to for more information.

Regular Collection Hours:
Monday thru Friday, 9am to 3pm

Holidays Observed:

  • Jul 4  Independence Day
  • Sep 3  Labor Day
  • Nov 12  Veteran's Day
  • Nov 22-23  Thanksgiving
  • Dec 24-25 Christmas
  • Jan 1 New Year's Day
  • Jan 21 M. L. King, Jr. Day
  • Feb 11 Lincoln Day
  • Feb 18 Washington Day
  • Apr 19 Admission Day
  • May 27 Memorial Day


All new residential, commercial and industrial construction and/or an addition of covered or enclosed space are subject to the collection of developer fees. This fee is determined by the square footage of assessable space, which is measured from the perimeter of the structure.

Level I  Fees are statutory fees assessed to new residential construction, any residential additions over 500 square feet, Accessory Dwelling Units and to all commercial development and redevelopment projects. Please visit our FAQs for additional details.

Exemptions from fees are provided for by Government Code on certain structures, including structures that are tax exempt and used exclusively for religious purposes, private full-time day schools as described in Education Code Section 48222, and structures owned and occupied by a governmental agency. If you are replacing a structure destroyed by a disaster, you may be exempt from fees.

Effective Rates (per square foot, as of 6/1/2020):

Level 1 $4.08
Commercial / Industrial  
Level 1 (any square footage) $0.66


Disclaimer: Fees are subject to change. Please contact the District for most current fees. The date stated on the Certificate of Compliance determines the applicable fee amount

If you are developing commercial, industrial, or residential sites within District boundaries, please follow the steps outlined below.

Before Visiting the District:

  1. Make sure your property is within district boundaries by searching the School Finder.
  2. Print and complete an Application Form for a Certificate of Compliance.
  3. Apply to the respective city and obtain an official letter specifying the permitted square footage for your project.

Devloper Fees Brochure

At the District:

  1. Bring the application form and authorized letter to the District (Directions ).
  2. Pay the assessed fee (check or money order only) and obtain a Certificate of Compliance. Checks or money orders are made payable to “LBUSD Developer Fee Collector” (Returned checks assessed $25 processing fee).

After the District:

Return to the city with your Certificate of Compliance to receive a building permit (assuming all other city obligations have been met).

Further Information:

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