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LBUSD Community Visioning

What is Community Visioning?

A community conversation inviting families and local organizations to assist district leaders in developing a shared vision around student outcomes by focusing on three key questions. Although in-person sessions are complete, there is still time to engage.

Key Questions

  1. What are your hopes and dreams for students in LBUSD?
  2. What do you want your child to know and be able to do by 5th Grade? 8th Grade? 12th Grade?
  3. What will bring out the greatness in each LBUSD student?

How Can I Participate?

  1. By Phone: 
    Call 562-997-8464 and leave a message with your feedback to the three key questions.
  2. Online:
    Provide your feedback on the following Google Forms questionnaire.

We Need Your Input

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