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Fourteen-Carat Futures -
By Katie Hickox, QUEST English Teacher


Gold Robe StudentsFront Row (left to right):  Truong Tran, Alicia Wariner, Sarah Lacombe, Min-Minh-Ho, Sarah Lacombe   Back Row:  Scott Egan, Daniel Shultz, Tamara Hashimoto, Michael Diaz

The nine students adorned in gold at Millikan High School’s graduation ceremonies have 14-carat futures in addition to 4.0 averages maintained for four years.    They hail from area middle schools including Cubberley, Stanford, Marshall, and Saint Barnabas Parish.   Their recipe for success:  passion and perseverance.

Allow us to introduce Millikan’s gold robe team.  Michael Diaz is a National Merit Scholar who was accepted to Harvard University.  He expects to attend Stanford University with $58,150 in scholarships to date.  Michael is also National Merit Hispanic Scholar who won congressional recognition for his community work, which includes the Good Neighbor Award for efforts in the fifth district of Long Beach.  

Scott Egan earned the impressive combination of UC Regents and UC Chancellors scholarships to UC Berkeley, netting him about $20,000 annually.  He was a National Merit Scholar qualifier.  Accepted at the University of California, Los Angeles, Tamara Hashimoto chose California State Long Beach because the campus offered a competitive engineering program and a full ride through the President’s Scholars Program.  Her favorite teachers were on the QUEST English team.

“I have seen a big improvement in my writing and it is all thanks to their help,” said Tamara.  Minh-Minh Ho and Sarah Lacombe also won the prestigious President’s Scholars scholarship to CSULB.  It is noteworthy to point out that Millikan’s “gold ladies” will be majoring in fields dominated by men.  Tamara and Sarah Lacombe chose civil engineering; Minh-Minh, chemistry; Sarah Lopez, bioengineering; and Alicia Wariner, chemical engineering. Sarah Lacombe said, “If I am qualified and enjoy what I’m doing, it doesn’t matter that I’m going into a field composed of mostly men.” 

Accepted to the University of California, Berkeley, Sarah Lopez has received congressional recognition for her volunteer work with young children.  She plans to attend UC Santa Cruz, with a total of $30,500 in scholarships to date, including a UC Regents award.   Sarah is juggling an internship at the Orange County Register with her part-time job working with young children at the Alpert Jewish Community Center’s after school program.  

“I think success is a product of passion,” said Sarah, who scored into the College Board’s National Hispanic Recognition Program, along with Michael Diaz.  “If you just go after success, you’re going to be really unhappy.”

Truong Tran, a member of Millikan’s Global Technology Academy, plans to attend UCI and is the only non-QUEST gold robe candidate.  Like Minh-Minh Ho, his favorite course is AP Biology.  His eclectic volunteer interests include coaching sports at Saint Barnabas Parish, his former middle school, and working at a science lab at UCLA.

Daniel Shultz plans on attending CSULB, where he competed in Math Day with other students from throughout California.  Daniel and Alicia Wariner are among five gold robes who stated that one of their favorite courses at Millikan was AP Calculus.  

“It’s finally a math course which addresses complex elements of the real world,” Daniel said.   Alicia expects to attend Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York with $31,500 in scholarships.  She is a graduate of Stanford Middle School under Don Keller, who is now a Millikan co-principal.

Congratulations to Millikan’s gold robe candidates!  Your teachers are proud of you.


College Signing Day at Millikan  (by Don Keller, Co Principal)

Millikan High School held its annual college signing day on Friday, May 28, 2009.  Fourteen senior student-athletes were recognized and honored at a luncheon in the gymnasium.  Coaches, administrators, and family members attended.  Rams moving on to compete in athletics at the college level are:   

Ashley Mitchell, Utah State -- women’s basketball
Kierre Beverly, Navarro College, Texas -- boys’ basketball
Jaslyn Cosey, Cal State Fullerton -- women’s basketball
Cody Hazel, La Verne University -- baseball
Candace Menefee, Carl Albert State College, Oklahoma -- women’s basketball
Maryann Jones, Cal Lutheran -- women’s soccer
Melissa Matheson, Cal State University Long Beach -- women's water polo
Jonathan Singleton, Cal State University Long Beach -- baseball
Jonathan Garcia, Cal Baptist College -- soccer
Eli Martinez, Stony Brook of New York -- football
Joe Morales, La Verne -- football
Uchenna Agbahiwe, UC San Diego -- shot put
Michelle Chagolla, Cypress -- women’s basketball
Tiffany Bailey, undecided -- women’s basketball


HOPE Club Gives Hope to Those in Need
By Tim Mulvehill, Advanced Placement World History Teacher

Since its founding in 1956, Millikan High School has repeatedly earned praise for its commitment to serving the Long Beach community.  This year that commitment was reaffirmed with the establishment of the HOPE Club. 

The name says it all. HOPE is an acronym for Helping Out People Everywhere.  Under the leadership of QUEST sophomore Kassandra Delgado, the HOPE Club was chartered to establish a “just society.”  The charter notes that the club encourages “respect for others, human rights, compassion for the poor and vulnerable, workers’ rights, and protection of the environment.”

As a way to accomplish these goals, club members recently began volunteering at the Long Beach Rescue Mission, located in downtown Long Beach.  After completing a training program, eleven club members started volunteering in the Mission’s kitchen, preparing and serving meals to homeless clients and long-term residents in the New Life Program.  Both clients and volunteers benefit from the interaction and sense of shared community.  Several HOPE Club members reflected that the face of homelessness was far different than expected.  “He could have been my next door neighbor,” was a sentiment shared more than once.

In addition to ongoing work at the Rescue Mission, the HOPE Club participates in community beach clean-ups, and will join Ms. Kaitanjian’s Cancervive Club at CSULB’s Relay for Life in June.  Next year, the club plans to begin working with Amnesty International to advocate for international human rights and workers’ rights in addition to the work it has undertaken this year.

HOPE Club meets at lunch on even Wednesdays in room 214.  The club welcomes members from all of Millikan’s Small Learning Communities.  QUEST is Millikan’s gifted and talented program, which drew more than 1,000 applicants for next year’s incoming freshman class.

Mr. Mulvehill is the HOPE Club advisorHere are the students listed in the photo.

Back Row: Adrian Magana, Kelsey Wainer, Andy Ta, Mr. Mulvehill, Jeffrey Kwok.
Front Row: Kayla Hammond, Chastin Realubit, Kassandra Delgado, Jonathan Montalvo and Michelle Simonek.  Not pictured: Kevin Pichardo


Millikan's AP Summer Bridge
Applications are due this Friday, May 29 in Room 833 or by fax (see registration application). All students new to AP are strongly encouraged to attend. Enrollment is limited so please return the application as soon as possible.

Millikan High School Book Fair FRIDAY-SUNDAY JUNE 5-7, 2009
Barnes & Noble Long Beach Town CenterQUEST Legacy of Literacy Project to Promote Reading Get books for required summer reading, next year’s classes, and leisure fun!Buy graduation presents, Father’s Day gifts, birthdays, and summer holiday gifts.While you’re shopping don’t forget snacks and drinks at the Barnes & Noble Cafe.Support Millikan High School students and programs June 5-7! Download the Coupon...




Students Design Their Own High School Class (By Thomas Lind, QUEST Teacher)

They did it again!  Yes, the QUEST seniors pulled off another successful senior project class here at Millikan High School.  The only class of its kind in the Long Beach Unified School District, the course allows students to design a path of study featuring multiple academic disciplines.

QUEST is a program for gifted and talented students which drew more than 1,000 applicants this year.  These students cap their rigorous intellectual journey by choosing an individual area of study and pursuing it during their senior year.  The projects are as eclectic as the students themselves.  QUEST senior projects in 2009 ran the gamut from pure science, such as the ethanol production of Scott Egan, to pure art, like the woodblock prints of Minh-Minh Ho, and everything in between. 

Senior projects resulted in a rebuilt motorcycle, a hula dancer, and an archer.  Our Senior Project Night featured an art gallery and a live cooking demonstration.  This month, students proved their learning through “Senior Boards,” a process where the pupils justify their area of study by undergoing evaluations from faculty and community members. 

“My favorite course at Millikan was QUEST senior project because I got to choose what I got to do,” notes Sarah Lacombe, a Cubberley K-8 School graduate who studied the art of stained glass.   “This class challenged me with time management and public speaking which I know will benefit me in college.”

In other projects, students coached and filmed topics ranging from soccer to cooking.  The students raised awareness and money this year for numerous charities, including the Children's Clinic and the American Cancer Society.  QUEST seniors raked in over $9,000 in charity funds this year through various projects. 

Charity events included Allison and Meredith Lakomski’s dance extravaganza, which drew dancers and spectators from throughout the area to Millikan’s auditorium earlier this year.   One student sent over 100 pounds of goods to the Wolfpack, an army unit stationed in Iraq.  Her little pieces of home no doubt left those men and women in the desert feeling a little bit closer to the U.S. during their difficult tours.   

Another great success of these seniors was the stellar quality of their displays; students went all out to demonstrate their work and show off the skills they learned.   A jar of honey, a sizzling fry pan, slices of cake, a beaker of chemicals, and even a shiny red car helped visitors to visualize the thousands of hours spent studying a range of academic disciplines in the context of the real world.

Thick binders of student work, including resumes and college acceptance letters from universities ranging from Harvard to the University of California, Berkeley, also attested to the high academic abilities of QUEST seniors.  Congratulations to our super QUEST seniors!  May your intellectual travels pave a lifetime of inquiry and self-initiative.


Millikan’s Most Inspirational Student, Mackenzie Lyse (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

Mackenzie Lyse has been selected as Millikan High School’s “Most Inspirational Student” for 2008-2009.   This award is given to a pupil who has overcome great obstacles in his or her life.  Unlike many pupils who win this award, Mackenzie actually created her own obstacles through her own poor choices rather than other recipients who have overcome illness, disease, and other such tragedies.  The fact that Mackenzie will be graduating in a cap and gown with Millikan’s Class of 2009 on June 14, 2009 at Veterans Stadium is an inspirational story.

When pupils get in trouble through their own choices, it is very hard on their parents, who tend to look at their children’s failings as their own.  They wonder, “What did I do wrong?” and “What could I have done differently to have prevented this?”  Parents are generally more aware than their children of the negative long-term consequences of childhood trouble.  The cost can be getting kicked out of school, being arrested and incarcerated, failing to graduate, and even worse!

Mackenzie started making poor decisions in middle school.  Several poor decisions were related to the peers with whom she associated.  Negative peer influence and idle time are a teen’s worst enemies.  Mackenzie’s poor choices got her off to a very rocky start in high school.  She was kicked out of her high school, arrested, and ran away for a short period of time.  She paid the price by having to change schools and spend time in supervised detention facilities for teens.  She faced the possibility of a life without a high school diploma, and falling into an even deeper hole.

Her parents opted to enroll her at Millikan for a fresh start.  Mackenzie began to turn her life around and started to make better decisions.  She made up credits, applied herself, and earned the right to graduate on time with a cumulative grade point average of 2.7.  She made principal’s honor roll on two occasions and has accumulated over 100 hours of community service.

In looking back over her ordeal, Mackenzie believes the harsh consequences of her previous actions were most responsible for her change of attitude.  At one point, and at great financial hardship, Mackenzie’s parents sent her away to a “boot camp” in frigid Idaho for several months, where she had to deal with environmental conditions she had never known.  At that point, she was lonely and miserable, realizing her blessings of living in Southern California with a family which truly cares about her.  Turning around her life and graduating with her class is an excellent way to repay her parents for the grief she caused them and caused herself.  Good job, Mackenzie!


Melissa Matheson is a Scholarship Water Polo Player (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

As a child, Melissa Matheson competed in aquatics, volleyball, basketball, and soccer.  While attending DeMille Middle School, she decided that water polo would be her focus and became involved in Vikings Swim Club at Long Beach City College to develop her skills.   Talent and training pay off:  her name graces the roster of the “All C.I.F.” water polo team this year.  In addition, she was voted Moore League MVP, All Moore League, and All City.  Topping it off, she received an athletic scholarship to California State University, Long Beach where she will join former Ram water polo players Scott Butler and Katie Rogers. 

Her Millikan water polo career has spanned four years, including three years as a varsity player.  As a junior, she changed positions at the request of her coach and became a goal keeper to help the team.  As a senior, she has returned to her “best position” in the middle of the pool in front of the goal as a three-meter setter.  This position is regarded as the most physically challenging, being matched up against tough, physical competitors nearly every game.  Melissa can be aggressive and does not really mind the scratches, inadvertent elbows, and physical maneuvering that comes with the position.  However, she did not like getting bitten once.  Other than a broken finger, she has never sustained a serious injury.

Melissa’s other passion at Millikan is art.  She has taken several art classes at Millikan and plans to continue in this field in college with the intention to major in interior design.  Melissa is a very good student who has an approximate cumulative 3.5 grade point average, which helped her earn her scholarship.  With her parents’ permission, she has used her home as an opportunity to experiment with some painting and design ideas. 

The Matheson family is very involved in Millikan aquatics.  Her mother, a Millikan graduate, is an avid booster parent.  Her father has been the aquatics photographer for years.  Her sister, Emily, is a freshman water polo player who is also expected to become a water polo star.  Melissa will carry with her some great memories of her Millikan experience when she graduates in June.  One of her best memories was scoring a “hat trick” of three goals against Poly as a sophomore, which won the game for Millikan and resulted in her recognition as the Press Telegram’s Athlete of the Week.  Melissa will also remember Millikan for the friendships she developed and the art teachers who have inspired her to move into an art-related field in college with a career aspiration.


The “New” Kidettes  Drill Team
-By Shauna Stafford, Advisor

Millikan students love to dance and on May 15th they will get the chance to show off their skills by trying out to become part of the “new” Kidettes Drill Team. These students will perform entertaining routines at a variety of school and community events, earn P.E. credit, show school spirit, meet new friends, and compete. Drill team can mean many things; at Millikan, it will mean covering many different dance genres anywhere from hip hop to props and becoming part of the already thriving tradition of spirit leading at Millikan High School.

The clinic will be held in the Quad from 3:30-5:00 pm, Monday, May 11th to Thursday, May 14th. The try outs will be held on Friday, May 15th from 3:30 to 7:00 pm in the small gym. Incoming freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are all welcome to try out but must have their packets completed and turned in by Thursday, May 14th. Please stop by, e-mail, or call Mrs. Stafford for more information: Room 218, (562) 425-7441 ext. 4242, . Good luck!


Millikan Performing Arts News
-by Wendy Atwell, Teacher, Millikan Performing Arts Department

Congratulation to Millikan’s Performing Arts pupils who won first place against twenty-two other high schools and performing arts schools at the CSULB Theater Fest April 17th and 18th. Our students made it into the semi finals in thirteen separate categories with sophomore Sarah Goldstein taking 3rd place in the Dramatic Monologue category and Ian Koehler, Nancy Herrera, Robert Agia, Alex Shewchuck, Paige Pelonis and Simon Johnson taking first place in the IMROV category. We applaud our young people who represent Millikan with pride. A special thank you to booster parents Terry and Rosa Anselmo and Michael Koehler for providing support and nourishment during the two day event. We were particularly happy to compete at the festival as many of us had just arrived back from our field trip to London and Paris the night before the event.


Basic Information About Swine Flu (View Video)
Find out how you can ensure the health and safety of your children.
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Superintendant's Letter Khmer

MHS Testing Dates

MHS Makeup Dates

2009 STAR Program Tests

April 28 – 29

April 20 – May 08

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California Standards Tests (CSTs)
California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA)
Standards-based Tests in Spanish (STS)

On both Tuesday 4/28 and Wednesday 4/29 ALL seniors must report to the Auditorium at 7:45am!
- Parent Letter English -
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Baseball Team2008- 2009 Millikan Varsity Baseball Team
Front Row (left to right): Coach Glasser, Coach Keester, Brandon Sadler, Cody Hazel, Adam Annella, Brandon Dopplick, Brett Beato, Ralph Davis, Student Manager Jeremy Erickson, and Coach Marchael. Back Row: Josh Valdovinos, Paul Slater, Andrew Culver, Josh Frye, Jonathan Singleton, Emmy Antonaras, and Matthew Clampitt. Not pictured: Tanner Lowery.

How About Those Rams?  (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

They’re the talk of the town.  The Millikan Rams are back and making history in boys’ varsity baseball.  Head coach Scott Glasser, assistant coach Ron Keester, and pitching coach Kevin Marchael have molded this 2008-2009 boys’ varsity team into a “history maker.”  After a slow start to the season, the Rams caught fire in the Moore League, completing the first round with a perfect 6-0 record.  The team boasted six consecutive shutout wins, and a two-game lead in the standings. 

The winning streak has been the result of team-oriented baseball which combines timely hitting with outstanding pitching and solid defense.  Aces on the mound have been twin towers Josh Frye and Andrew Culver.  Matt Clampitt has been a huge contributor batting over 400 with many clutch hits.  Josh Valdovinos, Paul Slater, Emmy Antonaras, Brandon Sadler, Cody Hazel, Adam Annella, Brandon Dopplick, Ralph Davis, Jonathan Singleton, and Tanner Lowery have all pulled together to make this Millikan team one of the best in years.

One of the true stars on this team is senior Jonathan Singleton.  Jonathan has compiled exceptional statistics at Ram High including the following:

  • Three Year Varsity Starter
  • 2008 1st Team All-Moore League
  • (Baseball America's 3rd Team Preseason All-American, a national award)
  • Awarded a baseball scholarship to California State University, Long Beach

Head Coach Scott Glasser is very complimentary of Jonathan.  "I'm very proud to have someone like Jon representing our baseball program and school.  He compliments all of his amazing talents with a classy, dignified demeanor, which exemplifies what I believe it means to be a Ram.  We will surely miss him when he graduates and moves on to college or professional baseball.”

Good luck to our Millikan Rams in the second round of Moore League play and during the CIF playoffs.  The sky is the limit!  Coach Glasser said, “The key to our continued success is maintaining our consistent play and our confidence.  Now we know that we are the team to beat!”

Jonathan Singleton

STAR Testing News April 23, 2009
The STAR test will be administered to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders on Tuesday (April 28) and Wednesday (April 29).
It is important for individual students to do their best on these tests. Individual scores are reported and placed in cumulative folders in the office. When students apply to colleges, their scores and the school’s scores will be considered by college entrance offices. Last year, Millikan had great STAR tests results. Millikan’s API rose from 669 to 692, a gain of 23 points! We need to gain 8 more points this year to reach our 2008-2009 goal of 700. STAR testing results are important to Millikan and to its students, whom we ask to do their very best. Thank you.


STAR Testing News April 23, 2009
The STAR test will be administered to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders on Tuesday (April 28) and Wednesday (April 29).
It is important for individual students to do their best on these tests. Individual scores are reported and placed in cumulative folders in the office. When students apply to colleges, their scores and the school’s scores will be considered by college entrance offices. Last year, Millikan had great STAR tests results. Millikan’s API rose from 669 to 692, a gain of 23 points! We need to gain 8 more points this year to reach our 2008-2009 goal of 700. STAR testing results are important to Millikan and to its students, whom we ask to do their very best. Thank you.

Girls Track

Millikan Tracksters Set Record
Congratulations to Millikan's varsity girls' 4 x 400 meter relay team, which recently set a meet record at the 2009 Surf City Invitational. Members of the record-breaking relay team are (from left to right) Ashley Smith, Paisley Pettway, Alicia Todd, and Jasmyne Davis. Coach Lance Thayer is in the middle. Ashely, Paisley, and Jasmyne attended Stanford Middle School. Alicia attended DeMille.


The Orientation of Tim Grobaty (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

I sat at my breakfast table reading the Press Telegram.  I came to Tim Grobaty’s column in which he announced that after many years of being associated with another high school, he was “crossing over” to Millikan next year when his daughter enters Ram High as a freshman.  Because of his often-stated affinity for this other high school, I knew I had a job to do in providing Tim a helping hand into “Ramhood.”  So I contacted Tim and invited him to join me at Millikan to receive a “blue and gold” orientation, which he welcomed.

Tim’s previous allegiance to the other high school can be traced to the fact that both he and his son attended that school.  I came to appreciate that Tim was a fellow who developed strong feelings and attachment for the high school from which he graduated in 1973, something which I felt as a Millikan graduate.  Tim’s attachment to that school was strengthened by his son’s positive experiences there.   

So what possessed Tim to now choose Millikan?  His answers were simple.  Millikan is closer to his home, his daughter wants to attend high school with her friends, and his family was drawn to one of Millikan’s dynamic academies, COMPASS.   In other words, he was willing to put his own allegiance aside for his daughter’s well-being.  Now I’m starting to like the guy.

I reviewed Millikan literature and handouts with him.  I gave him the list of why parents and students should consider attending Millikan.  We had a tutorial on Millikan’s small learning communities.  I gave him the list of Millikan graduates who have returned to their alma mater to teach and work.  I played the Millikan songs for him on our website and gave him a copy of the parent handbook and block schedule. 

Then came the bestowing of Millikan clothing and souvenirs.  There Tim stood, decked out in the blue and gold from head to toe, posing for a photograph or two.  In education, we have an activity which students complete to “prove” their learning of the day’s lesson.  As he prepared to exit my office, Tim excelled in his “proving activity” of reciting two Ram High sayings to a couple of Millikan teachers waiting outside my door. 

He never missed a beat in proclaiming with enthusiasm:  “It’s great to be a Ram” and “Once a Ram, always a Ram.”  Good to have you join the team, Tim.


Celebrating Cultures at Ram Hi (by Don Keller, Co Principal)

Millikan pupils are provided many opportunities to explore their personal cultural backgrounds and the cultural backgrounds of others.  In recent weeks, two Millikan groups, German Club and AIGA, took weekend excursions to celebrate the respective cultures and backgrounds of Germans and Pacific Islanders.

Antje Peterie, teacher/advisor, described this year’s German Language Immersion Camp at Big Bear Lake as “very successful.” Thirteen Millikan students (from German 5-6 and AP) took the challenge of speaking German only for the entire weekend (3/6 – 3/8). This year’s theme was the Middle Ages. The students created their own coat of arms and used it to introduce Millikan to the other fifteen participating High Schools, mainly from Orange County.  Furthermore, four students from the Schuhplattler Dance Group, who also performed during the Cultural Assembly, presented their dance at the Camp and it was a huge success. The following students participated:  Ron Cordova, Joe Monroe, Ashley Yeomans, Chris Malmsten, Elise Ewoldt, Akash Hawkins, Gustavo Velazquez, Carrie Rutledge, Ana Batres, Amy Weisel, Jeffrey Brown, Marilee Williams, Dylan Dale.

AIGA (Millikan’s Pacific Islander Club advised by Amy Schwarz) earned a second place in a dance and cultural competition at CSULB held recently.  It was Millikan’s first time to compete in a competition.  Each member of the club participated in the CSULB Leadership Program all day prior to competing.  According to Amy, Millikan students brought tears of joy and pride to many family members, as well as a great deal of credit to MHS!  AIGA Officers are:  President, Gabriel Tafaoimalo;  Vice Presidents,  Melerelini Ioane, Anissa Figgeroa, and Lailani Pua;  Secretaries, Kilisi Suai and Silver Vaifanua;  Treasurer, Iloilo Sua'ava Jr.  Members are:  Cissily Vaifanua, Billy Suai, Angelina Sagatu, Dakota Tu'ufuli, Ruben Gutierrez, Davon LeBlanc, Troy Sariah Jr, Eric Del Rasario, Mikki Malone, Kyle Manaia, Ashley Ortega, Arley Tolentino, Angelina Pulu, Kaysea Olson, Kayli Dungca, Ralph Lapuz, Charisma Fuimaono, Kaylia Quenga, James Sagbigsal, Bernard Sua'ava, Tino Ludwig and Jasmine Jessie
Special thanks to sponsor/advisor/club mom,  Amy Schwarz; choreographer/advisor,  Koriano Leifi; and choreographer/costume providers; "Aunty Heidi" and "Uncle Joey."

Thanks to such sponsors as Antje Peterie and Amy Schwarz, Millikan is enriched through cultural exploration and celebration.




Ian D

How My Millikan Corydon Pass Got Me In To See President Obama
Note:  This article first appeared on the Orange County Register’s web site on March 23. 
By Ian DeLucca

White House Press Pass Number 00218:  Ian DeLucca.

As a freshman in high school, no sane 15-year-old boy would expect to read his name on an official White House Press pass, a simple piece of paper coveted by the professional newspaper reporter.

Perhaps I should question my sanity:   leaving school, making friends with all the right people in the media pool, claiming my seat on the press bus.  While my friends were doing their geometry homework, I was parlaying my laminated Millikan High School newspaper pass into a glimpse of the president.

Excited to read about President Obama's flight to Long Beach on Wednesday, I badgered my mom into giving me a ride to view the landing of Air Force One.  She wouldn’t excuse me from the afternoon’s studies without a good reason.  She suggested that I see if I could cover the event for Corydon, Millikan High School’s newspaper. 

It was nothing special, but that yellow Corydon pass might have been the key ingredient in my getting into the Presidential Press Pool, filled with professional news reporters, cameramen, and photographers.

As I walked into a Long Beach fire station where the media were gathered, I noticed officials were handing out the "White House Press Pool" passes.  I watched adults line up the elusive pass, which grants temporary permission attend presidential events.   Not everyone was lucky enough to score the magic piece of paper.  If adults weren’t able to see the president, would I get a chance to snap my photos? 

I set my Millikan High School identification card down on the table.  The official handed me my White House Press Pool card back, already on the lanyard.  I was granted permission to see the president for the event!

The Secret Service piled us all on a bus and took about 40 of us on a 30-minute ride to a tarmac located somewhere within Long Beach Airport. We waited on the hot tarmac for hours. It was well worth the wait:  I finally saw Air Force One coming from the distance.

 All the photographers went crazy.  At certain moments it seemed as if the clicks from the shutters were louder than the jet’s engines.   The moment everybody here had been waiting for: Obama stepped out of the plane.  The president took two steps.  He stopped and waved. He walked the rest of the way down. He
saluted the Marines, waiting on either side of the steps. He was immediately escorted to his private helicopter for his trip to Orange County.

After the shuttle bus ride back to the fire station, I was walking on air.  I saw the president!  I took his picture along with the rest of the media pool!  I was invited back to cover the president’s departure on Thursday.

Thursday after school, I made my way back to the media rendezvous. I arrived and was nearly denied another press pass.  They said my name wasn't on the list. I looked up and said, sadly:   "Okay, I'll just walk home then."

They told me to wait, and they handed me another pass. I was in.  Again we waited and waited just to see a glimpse of our 44th president: Barack Obama.

Tony Belletti is a Musical Marvel at Millikan High School(by Don Keller, Co-Principal)


Tony Belletti started playing the trumpet in fourth grade while at Minnie Gant Elementary.  His father, also a musician, worked with him and provided Tony with an outstanding string of private teachers.  Tony also made a name for himself while a musician at Stanford Middle School.  Currently, Tony is a junior in Millikan High School’s COMPASS Academy who is sporting a good grade point average and making a name for himself in a big way.

Among his greatest accomplishments are making the All State Jazz Band, the Junior LA Philharmonic, the All Southern Symphonic Band, and the All Southern Jazz Band.   His goal for next year is to rise from second chair to first chair in the All State Jazz Band.  He will have many colleges to choose from including Cal State Conservatory, Julliard in New York, Berkeley Conservatory, USC, UCLA, and Oregon.  At this point, he plans to major in music in college in preparation to teach high school music and perhaps form a band.

Meanwhile, he still has a year remaining at Millikan to play his Custom Yamaha trumpet.  He practices about four hours a day and takes lessons from Tom Mitter and Joan La Rue.  His favorite trumpet idols are Lee Morgan, Maynard Ferguson, and Wayne Bergeron.  His most enjoyable experiences while at Millikan were playing in the Heritage Festival in Las Vegas and in the Walt Disney Concert Hall with the LA Philharmonic.  He’s currently working on a solo entitled, “Rose Variations” which he will perform at the High School Solo Ensemble in May.  In the past, he has been awarded “Command Performance” rankings, which are above Superior rankings! 

In the little spare time he has, he enjoys hanging out with his friends in the instrumental music program.  He enjoys playing video games and also takes time for weight training.  As one of the top instrumentalists at Millikan, Tony has developed into a future star and a Millikan Ram who will continue to make quite a name for himself.  Millikan’s instrumental music teacher, Bonnie Annes, is very complimentary of one of her most outstanding students saying, “Tony is a very unique musician and I want to thank him for all he has done for our music program. Millikan is lucky to have him.”


Cecelia Slater is the Matriarch of Millikan’s “First Family”  (by Don Keller, Co- Principal)

When Cecelia Slater walked around campus as a student in the late 1960s, she thought she would leave Ram High in four years like everyone else.  How could she know that she would be closely attached to Millikan High School for more than forty years?

Her name was Cecelia D’Amore back then, one of four siblings to attend Ram High.  Upon graduating from Millikan, she attended Long Beach City College and California State University, Long Beach, majoring in Dietetics and Food Administration.  She originally entered the work force thinking she would work with hospitals.   But eventually, she landed a job as a Food Services staff assistant with the Long Beach Unified School District in 1985.  She worked her way “up the food chain” to director of food services for LBUSD, the highest position in that department.

Cecelia came from a large family, which appealed to her in raising her own family.  As matriarch of the Slater family, she has six children and ten grandchildren.  Cecelia has remained connected to Millikan over the years, most recently participating on the Millikan Class of 1968 Planning Committee for its reunion held last summer.  In addition to Cecelia, several other members of her family are integrally involved in Millikan High School.

Scott Allen is Cecelia’s third eldest son.  Scott is currently a chemistry teacher in QUEST, a Millikan magnet program for gifted and talented students.  Scott is best known as being a former athletic star at Millikan, having earned great distinction on both baseball and football teams as a graduate of the Class of 1992.  Scott was a first team All- CIF performer on Millikan’s “back to back” CIF baseball championship teams under Coach Dan Peters in 1991 and 1992.  A two-sport star, Scott also quarterbacked the Millikan football team as an All Moore League performer.  He received the Clarence R. Wood Award for top scholar-athlete.  Scott has also coached baseball at Millikan under Dan Peters.

Eric Slater was a two-sport star and Clarence R. Wood Award winner at Millikan like his brother, Scott.  Eric earned great distinction in both football and baseball by being named All City, All-Moore league, Dream Team, and All-CIF Honorable Mention.  While in high school, Eric was the “Mr. Ram” runner-up.  Eric went on to earn his teaching credential while being named as an all conference baseball player in college at Biola University.  He is Millikan’s freshmen and sophomore football coach while teaching history in the COMPASS academy.

Paul Slater, the youngest brother of Scott and Eric, is a Millikan junior.  He has surpassed his older brothers by playing three sports - football, basketball, and baseball - as a student in QUEST.  He maintains a 3.4 grade point average while competing in his various sports year round.  Paul, like his mother, attended Stanford Middle School.

Rounding out the Slater family members who are involved at Millikan is Cecelia’s husband, Paul, a semi-retired businessman who coaches the sophomore-freshmen baseball team at Ram High.  Paul is a former semi-pro baseball player who coached youth baseball leagues prior to joining the staff at Millikan.  A former catcher, he is now in his third year at Millikan since being invited to join the staff.

Cecelia’s family has a four-generation connection to Millikan.  Her granddaughter, representing the fourth generation of family members to be connected to Millikan, is just three years away from attending Ram High.  Cecelia admits a “special bond” with the school and says Millikan has a way of welcoming participation by parents. 

Cecelia is not slowing down however, sometimes attending up to five sporting contests in a single day!  Her large family is Cecelia’s pride and joy, and there is nothing she enjoys more than cooking a spaghetti or teriyaki tri-tip dinner for approximately twenty.   Cecelia feels fortunate her children have enjoyed their various successes.  That success has been fostered by the basic family value which is “to be respectful to yourself and people around you and to always work hard and do your best.”   Millikan has certainly benefited over several decades from the many contributions by this “first family” at Ram High.

Millikan’s Male Academy
by Quentin Brown, Millikan Principal Apprentice

Male Academy

The Long Beach Unified School District High School Male Academy was created by Maggie Webster, Assistant Superintendent of High Schools and six co-principals representing each comprehensive high school.  The team wanted to grant promising male students more academic, cultural, social, and emotional support. 

The mission of the Male Academy is to support students on their path to graduation.  Upon graduation from high school, each student will be prepared to enter college or a chosen career field.  Each LBUSD high school has a Male Academy.  The Male Academy at each high school is structured differently based on site needs; all campuses share the same goals.  Pupils find the academy valuable.

 “My grades have been better this year because of the Male Academy,” says Anthony King, a Millikan Male Academy student.  “I have time to complete homework and get help while in class.  I have learned time management and making the most of the moment.  I now know the importance of goal setting.” 

The Male Academy at Millikan High School is in its first year of existence.  At Millikan, the Male Academy is structured within a regular scheduled class period.  The class is structured to support, monitor, and assess each student’s progress towards high school graduation, college preparedness, and social and emotional development.  Millikan wants each Male Academy student to become a productive citizen in the twenty-first century. 

When you visit Millikan’s Male Academy classroom, you will see 32 young men actively engaged in various activities.  You might see students engaged in a peer tutoring session, discussing college entrance requirements, listening to a guest motivational speaker, learning about character building, or sharing life experiences that have affected their classroom achievement. 

Each student is required to submit timely grade check reports from their teachers.  If a student has difficulty in a particular subject, Marcus Turner, the classroom instructor, aligns the student with an intervention opportunity on the Millikan campus to help support the student in the area of difficulty. 

Turner maintains a spreadsheet that lists all his Male Academy students.  The spreadsheet tracks passage of the math and English portions of the California High School Exit Exam, current class grades, progress on graduation requirements, good classroom citizenship, attendance, interventions attended, and other categories.

Millikan’s Male Academy students also help to maintain a safe and harmonious campus climate.  The students in the Male Academy at Millikan are a diverse group of young men.  They assist in maintaining a positive conflict free campus by modeling behaviors that show all ethnic groups getting along and supporting one another.  This has come about by participating in district-sponsored activities that expose students to other cultures, historical backgrounds, and post secondary academia. 

These cultural and historical experiences empower students through culture, history, and academics.  The Millikan Male Academy students have participated in the UCLA “I’m Going to College” Fair, Cal State Long Beach’s College Symposiums, Kenwood Academy High School Conference, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade.  The students will visit the Museum of Tolerance, the Museum of Latin American Art, and Long Beach City College’s Conference for Young Men.

Jacob Martinez and Malcolm Whittington, two Millikan Male Academy students say the experiences have helped them to find shared purpose in academics and a “sense of brotherhood” with Academy students throughout the district.

“The Male Academy has helped me to focus more on my academics so I can prepare for life and a career after I leave Millikan High School,” says Malcolm.  “ It is good to know someone really cares for us and supports us.”

The Millikan Male Academy plans to continue development of its program to help support promising male students who need additional support systems to ensure their success in high school and beyond.  The program will seek assistance from teachers, counselors, parents, and the community to nurture the program.  The Male Academy at Millikan High School would like to thank everyone who has helped make this an empowering program for the young leaders of tomorrow. 

Millikan's Boys Soccer Team Will Play for the CIF Title SoccerCongratulations to the players and coaches of Millikan's boys varsity soccer team. Having defeated St. Francis in the semi-finals, they will now play for the CIF championship!


Pamela Cathcart is an Outstanding Educator
by Don Keller, Co-Principal


Pamela Cathcart has assumed many important responsibilities as a teacher at Millikan.  She is a classroom teacher, member of the QUEST family, Advanced Placement (AP) teacher and AP Coordinator, English Department Chair, and advisor to Millikan’s school newspaper, The Corydon.  Her affiliation with advanced placement classes and the College Board extends to her work as a “summer reader” of AP exams at the national level.

Pam always wanted to be a teacher.  Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, Pam idolized an aunt who was a teacher and became a role model.  After graduating from high school, Pam stayed near home for college, attending Youngstown State University and studying English.  She relocated to the Long Beach area with her husband and finished her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at California State University, Long Beach.  Her Long Beach Unified School District career started at Lakewood High School.  Future teaching assignments included Stephens Middle School, Poly High School, and Hughes Middle School prior to arriving at Millikan eleven years ago.

Pam was one of the early members of the QUEST program when only two other such programs, KIUP and Global Tech, were present on campus.  With the advent of the small learning communities at Millikan, there was increased integration of students into the present “Millikan Nation.”  Pamela taught the first English AP Language class at Millikan.  How has the AP program changed over the years?  According to Pam, there are many more pupils taking many more classes with an “inclusive” emphasis.

A proud moment for Pam was when her journalism class was honored by the Los Angeles Times in 2000 for “the best high school newspaper in Los Angeles County.”  Some of her former journalism pupils have made it a profession including Jon Diaz, a sports broadcaster in Fresno.  In addition, two of her former pupils, Emily Warner and Whitney Edwards, are now her teaching colleagues on the Millikan faculty.

In her spare time, Pam is an avid reader and writer.  She tends her garden at home, roses being her primary interest.  She loves to travel.  She has visited Greece, Austria, Germany, England, Mexico, and most of the United States; she intends to travel to Paris and Italy.  Privately, Pam’s daughter, Sophie, is a former Millikan student.  Pam’s family made a pet of a homeless cat found at Millikan.  Her dog, Seamus, is a “pound puppy.” 

Pam loves teaching.  “I never get bored,” she proclaims.  “I love what I do.  I believe it was my calling.”


(Lead performers in the picture are: (Upper: Stephanie Jones, Jacqueline Lantow, David Pannell, Summer Rhoads, Middle: Jillian Jackson, Anthony Modica, Lower: Shea Durazzo, Grace Thomas, Beth Golison)

Long Beach Students Serenade in the Sound of Music
By Wendy Atwell, Drama Teacher, Millikan High School

Showcasing young actors and musicians from area campuses, Millikan High School’s Performing Arts Department will present The Sound of Music by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, on February 26th, 27th, and 28th in the Millikan auditorium. 

One hundred and forty five middle, elementary and high school students auditioned for the production.  We are happy to say that 85 of them will don the stage bringing to you old favorites like “Do-Re-Mi,” “My Favorite Things,” “Edelweiss,” and “Climb Every Mountain.”

This musical is beloved not only for its catchy tunes and love story but also for the story line which is based loosely on the lives of postulant Maria Rainer and the Von Trapp family.  The clan escaped from Austria during the Anschluss prior to World War II to avoid joining the naval armed forces for the Third Reich.

The storyline is about a young girl training to be a nun in an Austrian convent in 1938 who struggles to follow the rules of order. She loves God but has a willful nature that leads her into mishap after mishap. She is temporarily assigned to care for the seven children of a naval sea captain. When she arrives she finds that the children are regimented but unhappy because of the long absences of their father and the loss of their mother. When Maria arrives she finds herself unwillingly attracted to her employer and even more attracted to his children. She struggles with making the right choices. Complicating this is the arrival of Baroness Schraeder, who plans to wed the captain.

This is a story about music and the power it has to form relationships and unite a divided people. It’s also about making things happen and not letting things happen to you. As Mother Abbess tells Maria, “You must find your life...climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.”

The cast of The Sound of Music features Jacqueline Lantow as Maria Rainer, David Pennell as Captain von Trapp, Arvi Lapuz as Mother Abbess, Nicholas Woodall as Max Detweiler, Mercy Perez as Elsa Schraeder, Summer Rhoads as Liesl, Anthony Modica as Friedrich, Jillian Jackson as Louisa, Stephanie Jones as Brigitta, Shea Durazzo as Kurt, Beth Golison as Marta, Grace Thomas as Gretl, Spencer Knowles as Rolf, and Michael Thomas as Herr Zeller.

This production includes a large company of talented, hardworking students under the direction of Wendy Atwell and her assistants Emily Proctor and Sheridan Cazarez. Other adult leadership includes choral director, John Harvey, accompanist, Jan Bajza, stage technician, Robert Brigham and symphonic orchestrator, Drake York. The Sound of Music will be enhanced by the expertise of a strong, auditioned student orchestra.

This family musical will open on Thursday evening February 26th  and close on February 28th . The doors open at 6 p.m. and the show starts at 6:30 p.m. All tickets are $10 and are available from the school’s banker. Seating is assigned. The school is located at 2800 Snowden Ave., Long Beach.




Millikan’s ASB President, Brittany King-Pleas, Lands $100,000 College Scholarship!  (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

When Brittany King Pleas was an eighth grader at Hoover Middle School, she was researching high schools prior to making a choice of which to attend.   Although she was leaning towards Poly High School, she checked out Millikan’s website and decided RAM High would be a good fit for her.  Now, nearly four years later, she has made the most of her time at Millikan and has drawn considerable personal attention due to the fact that she has landed a huge, merit-based academic scholarship to attend Kalamazoo in Michigan next fall.

So what has Brittany been doing during her tenure at Millikan?  She has been involved in ASB all four years.  She was elected as Freshman Class President and Vice President, Sophomore Class President, ASB Vice President as a junior, and ASB President now as a senior.  As a member of QUEST, our gifted and talented program, she is sporting an impressive 3.7 cumulative grade point average having taken a number of advanced placement courses.  She has participated in cheerleading and orchestra.  She has earned in excess of 300 service learning hours, won the Harvard and Smith Book Awards, and participated as Millikan’s representative to Girls State.

She looks forward to her final semester and the abundance of senior activities and the graduation ceremony, at which she will be a student speaker.  Her fondest memories of Millikan include receiving straight A’s her freshman year, being voted runner up as the Winter Formal Queen her junior year, being elected as ASB President, and of course, being named the recipient of this $100,000 college scholarship.

Brittany will be visiting Kalamazoo later this spring and looks forward to attending this university, located near Detroit, next fall.  She expects to major in liberal studies with the intention of becoming either a social worker or a teacher.  She’s contemplating taking a train with her mother when she “goes away” to Kalamazoo next September.  She views herself as “adaptable” and does not foresee that cold weather will present a huge obstacle for her.

Bari Stevens, Millikan activities specialist, said, “Brittany is a thoughtful and intense leader. She takes her role as leader, agent of change, and role model seriously. She has a warm smile and infectious laugh.”

Susana Stumpf, counselor, agrees.   “Brittany is a true leader,” Stumpf says.   “Anytime I have to nominate a student for a leadership position, she is at the top of my list.  She is focused, determined, organized, caring, compassionate, generous, respectful, enthusiastic, responsible, humble, a mediator, and a deep thinker.  It only takes a few minutes into a conversation with Brittany to notice what a sophisticated, mature, and confident young lady she is.  If I could, I would clone her.  She is very deserving of that scholarship to Kalamazoo.”

Brittany words of advice to her classmates are, “No matter what others are doing, do what is best for you.  Remember why you’re here at Millikan – to further your education.”   Good luck to Brittany.  We know she’ll be a success in college and in life.

From left to right are Lani Drake, Bernie Baretta, Don Keller, Ron Keester,
Michelle Ponce, and Jennifer Goldman.

My Former Newcomb Students Are Now My Colleagues!  (By Don Keller, Co-Principal)

It is rewarding for an educator to know his or her former pupils have chosen to enter the same field.  Several of my former students from Newcomb back in the early eighties not only entered the same field but are now teaching side-by-side with me here at Millikan as my colleagues!  Needless to say, this is both rewarding and fun. 

Bernie (Salazar) Baretta is Millikan’s varsity girls’ tennis coach.  One of her claims to fame is that while a student at Millikan, she was elected Homecoming Queen.  Now a credentialed health teacher, Bernie has been serving Millikan in a number of assignments over the years.

Lani (Haynes) Drake – After graduating from Millikan, Lani attended CSULB and majored in math.  After initial LBUSD assignments at Hill and Lindbergh Middle Schools, she ended up at her alma mater as a math teacher and curriculum coach.

Jennifer Goldman – Jen grew up in El Dorado Park Estates, the daughter of a teacher who taught at Newcomb and an attorney father.   After graduating from Millikan, she attended and graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  Once an executive with the Long Beach Icedogs Hockey Team and the Long Beach Marathon, Jennifer now teaches Spanish and tennis at Ram High.

Ron Keester – “Ronnie” was a star athlete on Newcomb’s teams in flag football, basketball, track, and baseball back in the day when I coached all these sports.  He later made a name for himself at Millikan as a star baseball player for Dan Peters.  Ron earned a baseball scholarship to attend Cal Poly, Pomona.  Nearly a decade into his teaching/coaching career at Warren High School, we were able to bring him home to Millikan as a technology teacher and baseball coach.

Michelle (Adalian) Ponce – Michelle is in charge of Milllikan’s Career Center.  After graduating from Millikan, Michelle completed her bachelor’s degree at California State University, Fullerton and master’s degree at Chapman University.  After working in colleges for 10 years as a career counselor, she joined the district in 2002 and is now Millikan’s Career Center Supervisor.

Like me, all of these former pupils are Millikan grads who grew up in the area and feel a special attachment to Ram High.  It’s a pleasure seeing them and working with them on a daily basis!

Pat E

Millikan’s “Nurse Pat” (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

Pat Erlandson is in her thirteenth year as Millikan’s nurse.  She arrived during the principalship of Margie Godfrey.  Prior to coming to Millikan, she served at several schools in the Long Beach Unified School District including Marshall, Cubberly, Tincher, Newcomb, Poly, and Jordan.  Her journey in becoming Millikan’s nurse took several turns.

Pat was born in Staten Island, New York.  Her family moved to New Jersey when she was a teenager.  As a youngster, she liked the idea of helping people, so she entered a nursing school in Brooklyn, New York after graduating from high school.  Shortly thereafter, she became an army nurse and relocated to Fort Ord, California.  Within the period of one year, she met and married her future husband, a first lieutenant.  They moved to the Long Beach area after their military careers and Pat completed her degree at California State University Long Beach, which opened the door for her career as a school nurse. 

So what does a school nurse do?  Certain duties are required by the state, including immunizations, vision and hearing testing, as well as assessments of special education students.  Those who walk by Pat’s office see that she is constantly attending to pupils who are feeling ill.  In addition, she does counseling, referrals, and health education.  She is responsible for child abuse reports and assisting families to access resources.  Pat has seen growing rates of obesity and diabetes among students, an alarming trend.  As the economy has worsened, some families are more pressed to finance health care.

Outside of Millikan, Pat enjoys reading novels, gardening (she grows great tangerines), casual biking, and babysitting Ruby, her six-month-old granddaughter.  Pat loves to travel and has been across the United States and to other places including China, Russia, and Europe.  She plans to travel to Australia and South America in the future.

Her advice to pupils is, “Before you make a decision, know the pros and cons.  If there are more cons than pros, it’s not worth doing it.”  This advice applies to a range of potential pupil decisions including starting to smoke and ditching school.  “Understand the consequences of your actions and be prepared to deal with these consequences,” she advises.  Overall, Pat says she enjoys working at Millikan.  “It’s a nice place to work and we have nice kids.”


Late School Start for Grades 9, 11, 12 (Feb 3 and 4th)
On Tuesday and Wednesday February 3rd and 4th the CAHSEE will be administered to all 10th grade students. All teachers will be involved in administering the CAHSEE to these students, therefore students in grades 9, 11, and 12 will start their school day at 11:02 am and finish at 2:40 pm. Tuesday will be a blue day (Periods 2, 4, 6, 8) and Wednesday a gold day (Periods 1, 3, 5, 7). Please note the schedule listed below:
CAHSEE Schedule
07:45 – 11:02 10th Graders Only
11:02 – 11:32 Lunch
11:39 – 02:40- 9th, 11th & 12th Graders Only
11:39 – 12:19 Block 1/2
12:26 – 01:06 Block 3/4
01:13 – 01:53 Block 5/6
02:00 – 02:40 Block 7/8


Susana Stumpf Loves Being a Counselor -by Don Keller, Co-Principal

It’s amazing to learn about Millikan staff members’ journeys to their present lives and positions on campus.  Susana Stumpf is a good case in point.  Her grandparents were Jewish Germans who fled Berlin, Germany prior to World War II.  Her grandparents loaded the family car for a “skiing vacation” to Switzerland after an uncle had been shot by the Nazis. 

The family traveled to England, searching for a country in which to call home.  They settled in Santiago, Chile.  Years later, Susana’s parents immigrated to Koreatown in Los Angeles when she was just two years old.  Her father was an engineer and her mother an educator. She has one sibling, an older brother.

Susana attended Pius X High School.  While serving as a student aide for a high school counselor, she became interested in pursuing counseling as a career choice.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish – yes, she is bilingual - at UC Irvine.  She picked up her master’s degree and counseling credential at California State University, Long Beach.  She took an internship at Millikan which turned into a full-time position.  Susana is now in her sixth year as a Millikan counselor.

When she is away from work, she has varied hobbies and interests.  She has developed fitness and competitive running as a hobby, currently training to run the Los Angeles Marathon.  She recently ran eight miles in one day as a component of her training regimen.  She hasn’t set times as her individual goals as of yet.  As for now, her goal “is to finish.”  Susana has traveled extensively to such places as Tokyo, Thailand, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Fiji, and the Caribbean.  She plans to visit South Africa for the World Cup and one day wants to visit Israel.  Another hobby is dance – she has taken salsa dance lessons!  In addition, she makes sure to spend time with friends and family.

Counseling at Millikan has been a rewarding choice for Susana.  “I love everyone I work with,” said Susana, who describes her job as “never boring.”  She likes working with adolescents and following them for their four years of high school.   She enjoys seeing them mature physically and mentally, transforming from “kids to adults.” 

In particular, she enjoys helping pupils make decisions for their futures.  “Counselors need people skills,” according to Susanna.  She says the job is “all about relationships and fun.”  Millikan students and parents will be glad to know she plans to remain a counselor at Millikan for a long time.




Fall Semester Final Schedule
Jan 23 Finals
Period 6: 7:45-9:45
Nutrition: 9:45-10:00
8: 10:07-12:07
Lunch 12:07-12:37

Late School day Start for Grades 9, 11, 12 (Feb 3 and 4th)
On Tuesday and Wednesday February 3rd and 4th the CAHSEE will be administered to all 10th grade students. All teachers will be involved in administering the CAHSEE to these students, therefore students in grades 9, 11, and 12 will start their school day at 11:02 am and finish at 2:40 pm. Tuesday will be a blue day (Periods 2, 4, 6, 8) and Wednesday a gold day (Periods 1, 3, 5, 7). Please note the schedule listed below:
CAHSEE Schedule
07:45 – 11:02 10th Graders Only
11:02 – 11:32 Lunch
11:39 – 02:40- 9th, 11th & 12th Graders Only
11:39 – 12:19 Block 1/2
12:26 – 01:06 Block 3/4
01:13 – 01:53 Block 5/6
02:00 – 02:40 Block 7/8


Mike Diaz

Michael Diaz is Accepted to Stanford University, a Dream Come True  (by Susanna Stumpf, Counselor)

On Saturday, December 13, Michael Diaz found out that he was granted early admission to Stanford University for the Fall of 2009.  Michael has dreamed of attending Stanford since he was in the fourth grade.   Although Stanford is his first choice, he is also waiting to hear from Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and Yale sometime in the spring.  My first impression of Michael was that he was intellectually curious, articulate, and incredibly polite.  His passion and commitment towards his education, leadership, and community service is evident to everyone who knows him.  Millikan students look up to him and are constantly asking him for help on homework and general guidance.  Two years ago, as I was meeting with my students so that they can select their junior classes, many mentioned to me that Michael advised them on what classes they should take.  Besides having the top grade point average (4.58) of his class, Michael is involved in tennis, student council, is the president of QUEST club and Red Cross Club, was our Hugh O’Brian Youth Leader representative, attended the Latino Community Leadership Seminar at Notre Dame, and is currently a member of the 5th District Youth Council.  Any free time is dedicated to community service through his experiences with Eagle Scouts, Horizon Club, Camp Fire, Red Cross, and more. 

Throughout high school, Michael has taken the most rigorous courses available and still managed to maintain a perfect grade point average.  His AP Calculus teacher from last year, Joe Luchtman said, “Michael is by far my best AP Calculus student.  He is self-motivated and very helpful working with the students around him who need help.  He asks probing questions to gain insight into problems.”  Michael’s work is always exceptional and he excels in all subjects.  He likes to study and is a great example for other students.  Whenever I mention Michael to his teachers, a big smile appears on their faces.  He is not just intelligent.  He is curious, studious, courteous, and diligent.  He works hard, helps others, and above all, he is humble.

Michael is much more than an academic student.  Michael expressed to me “I want to get out there and make my mark on the world.  Hopefully my intelligence will help and guide me, but never will it define who I am.  I work hard at everything I do and I commit myself to helping others.”  Community Service and helping others is an integral part of who Michael is.  Almost everything he participates in involves helping others.  He is a student who is grateful for what he has and wants to give back to others.  Michael is able to “do it all” by utilizing his time wisely and efficiently.  Stanford will be very lucky to have him indeed.



Image of Mil -i- Kan Group

Hope Can Change Lives” is the Motto of Milli-Can (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

Beatriz Nieves is a Campus Security Officer at Millikan.  She left the area in 2006, only to return to Ram Hi after several months.  While away, she became inspired to make a difference in the lives of “at risk” Millikan pupils who were falling through the cracks of the educational system. 

Upon her return, she formed a club called “Milli-Can” and the rest was history.  Membership in Milli-Can has swelled to nearly sixty students.  It is composed of both “role model” and “at risk” pupils who work together to make the Millikan experience positive and productive for club members.  Their motto:  “Hope Can Change Lives.”

Milli-Can’s goals are that its members will graduate and become productive citizens.  This club gets involved in many charitable events including the Beach Walk, the Special Education dance, and support for Bethune School for underprivileged children.  Milli-Can gets parents involved in various activities including a Thanksgiving Dinner and a Mother’s Day Tea Party.  Students know their school attendance and grades are monitored through various school reports and records.  Beatriz estimates that approximately thirty Milli-Can pupils will attend the Winter Formal, experiencing an opportunity which would probably not have been possible without a connection to the club.  Club projects include creating a video for President Obama and writing a book which chronicles individual members’ struggles and successes.

Milli-Can student officers are Antoinette Medina, a senior in Global Tech, who is secretary.  Upon graduation, she plans to attend college and become a nurse.  Taharka Anderson, a senior, holds the office of spokesperson.  A member of the PEACE Academy, he plans to attend college and major in cognitive psychology.  Denise Sanchez, a junior in KIUP, is the club’s vice president.  Ariana Quiroz, a senior, is president and a member of KIUP.  She plans to earn a college degree.  All four of these officers heard of Milli-Can via “word of mouth” through friends and decided it was the right organization for them to join. 

The City of Long Beach named Beatriz Nieves as the recipient of the “Peace Maker Award” last year for her outstanding efforts to make a difference in the lives of Millikan pupils.  For her pupils, Beatriz is the “Queen B” who serves as the ultimate role model and guiding light.  “There is more to life than what some pupils think,” said Beatriz.  “By coming to school, getting good grades and focusing their education, they can succeed despite their sometimes significant obstacles.”


Teleparent Rambler Article - “Millikan Robo-Calls”

In an effort to strengthen the lines of communication between parents and the school, Millikan has employed an automated phone system called “Teleparent.”  Since the beginning of the school year, you may have received phone calls from Millikan regarding our Back To School Night and our Saturday Report Card and Parent Conference Day.  The flexible phone call system can distribute messages for all Millikan parents in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish and Khmer. Messages can be directed to only the parents to whom it applies.  As an example, parents of students in PEACE were reminded about a PEACE parent night.  Counselors have utilized Teleparent to send messages to parents of students who have not passed CAHSEE, reminding them about upcoming testing.   With a focused approach, Teleparent enables Millikan parents to become more informed about specific elements of the school.

Since December, Teleparent has been calling home to inform parents about student absences.  Each day, the parents of all students who are absent will be contacted automatically by phone.  If you receive a call and you know you have cleared the absence, you do not need to contact the attendance office. If the absence is unplanned or unexcused, you can contact the attendance office to identify which class or classes your student missed.  They will let you know the teacher and period missed.  You can contact the specific teacher if you have questions about the absence, i.e., was the student on a field trip, tardy, or truant?

Attention All College Bound sophomores and juniors– The next MOCK SAT test scheduled at Millikan will be held on Saturday, January 10, 2009.

On Saturday, January 10, 2009, a practice SAT test will be administered in Millikan’s library from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. This test will be administered by Revolution Prep at a cost of only $20 per pupil. Participating pupils will receive their individual test results with an overall score and breakdown of strengths and weaknesses. Revolution Prep donates all test fees to Millikan High School. Please watch for a letter in the mail telling how to sign-up for this testing opportunity.



Rod Petkovic Earns a Milestone Win as Millikan’s Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

On Monday, December 8, 2008, Millikan’s boys soccer team defeated Pacifica High School, earning Rod Petkovic his 500th victory as head coach at Millikan.  His career at Ram Hi has spanned twenty-seven years.

 “I look forward to being with my athletes every day,” said Rod.  “I still enjoy it immensely.”  He credits the commitment of his coaching staff, composed of David Evans (21 years), Gabrielle Tostado (24 years), and David Poerschke (20 years) as keys to success.  “Our philosophy is to outwork the other guy in the technical, strategical, and physical conditioning aspects of the game. Everybody shoots for you when you’re on top.”

The results have been remarkable.  For twenty-seven years in a row, Millikan has been in the top ten teams in CIF.  For the past twenty years, Millikan ranked in the top fifteen teams in the nation!  This year’s team is an experienced and veteran team described by Coach Petkovic as “the nicest group of guys.”  Academics are an important component of the program:  eighty percent of the team has taken at least one Advanced Placement class.

On a personal note, Rod Petkovic grew up in Serbia and began attending college in France at age fifteen.  He came to the United States aboard the Queen Mary on its last trip across the ocean to attend Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio on a soccer, track, and cross country scholarship.  He graduated in 1973 with a degree in health science and physical education with minors in Russian and French.

 He moved to Long Beach and began working for the LBUSD in staff and then teaching positions at Stephens, Hamilton, Jordan, Attendance Office, Franklin, and Millikan.  In 1982, soccer started as a competitive sport.  Rod coached Millikan’s girls to the CIF title in track in 1983, beating Poly and getting ranked fourth in the State of California.  Rod is married to Susan, a Millikan graduate and his bride of 24 years.  Their children are Mar, a senior at CSULB majoring in Communication, and Megan, a freshman attending UC Santa Barbara on a full scholarship. 

Congratulations and thanks to Rod Petkovic, a legendary Millikan coach, who has set the standard for long-term success in the field of high school coaching.


Millikan’s Plant Supervisor, David Swenson, Will Retire in January
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

David Swenson joined Millikan as a sophomore back in 1962. A DeMille Middle School alumnus, David graduated from the Ram Hi Class of 1965 and embarked on a mission in Oregon and Washington for his Latter Day Saints church. After a two-year tour, he returned to Cypress Junior College and picked up his associate’s degree.

He took on jobs at a fence company and at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard before embarking on his career with the LBUSD. He served as head custodian at Carver Elementary School and Oak Academy. Twenty years ago, David returned to Millikan as lead custodian, working under Wendol Murray, the principal at that time. David had great respect for Wendol Murray, who “would always back you up.” David also developed a long-lasting and positive professional working relationship with a young educator named Jeff Cornejo, which has lasted approximately seventeen years.

As plant supervisor, David views his job in terms of safety first, security second, and sanitation third as his top three priorities. He knows Millikan “inside and out” and, as the supervisor of sixteen employees under his direction, is an expert in repair, maintenance, and accessing resources needed to maintain Millikan’s campus and its ability to handle over 4,000 inhabitants.

David will enter retirement looking to spend more quality time with his wife, Kathy, of 34 years. He has two daughters, Michelle and Emily, and two grandchildren. As he walks out the door with twenty years of outstanding service to Millikan under his belt, David’s parting words are, “I did my best to give our teachers what they needed and wanted.” David’s recollection of his many years at Millikan can be summed up with his statement, “For every bad memory of Millikan, I’ll have 100 good memories.” Thanks for your high quality, positive, and energetic work at Millikan, David!

Attention All College Bound sophomores and juniors– The next MOCK SAT test scheduled at Millikan will be held on Saturday, January 10, 2009.

On Saturday, January 10, 2009, a practice SAT test will be administered in Millikan’s library from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. This test will be administered by Revolution Prep at a cost of only $20 per pupil. Participating pupils will receive their individual test results with an overall score and breakdown of strengths and weaknesses. Revolution Prep donates all test fees to Millikan High School. Please watch for a letter in the mail telling how to sign-up for this testing opportunity.


PEACE Academy Seniors Take on the International Community
By Renee Shipman, Peace Academy Economics/ International Negotiations Teacher

Every fall, Peace Academy seniors take on the difficult task of assuming the role of another country and negotiating positions on a variety of topics with schools across the Western region. This year the Peace Academy represented Venezuela, the South American nation in the midst of a socialist revolution.

This country provided a unique challenge for the students, as they had to represent a position that was completely foreign to them and represent a leader that conflicted with their own personal perspectives. Through research, collaboration, and discussion, students were able to successfully develop an accurate position for Venezuela, and represent their ideas in the International Negotiations Project (INP) simulation.

The INP simulation allows students from California, Arizona, and New Mexico to discuss complex international issues such as; child trafficking, poverty and hunger, terrorism, state rights, and global warming. During the two-month simulation students research and develop positions on these issues from the perspective of the country they represent.

Teams communicate with each other through a web-based program (ICONS) using e-mail and after school conferences to develop their positions and proposals. The simulation culminates with a face-to-face conference where all nations meet together for the first time to finalize, and pass proposals on each issue.

This year the Venezuelan team took over forty students to the face-to-face conference; the largest team present at the conference. Additionally LBUSD’s own production team, Ed.News, came along to document the experience. Venezuela had two proposals on the agenda to discuss, The Crop Distribution and Biofuel Limitations Act and The Emissions Reductions Protocol. Both proposals fostered discussion and led to the development of final proposals that most nations could support.

When asked to describe the negotiations project Jessica Thepsilik said, “To be in negotiations you need to be open-minded and ready to meet new people. You also need to be able to take in new ideas to help the international community. I recommend everyone to participate in something like this.” When asked what he learned from the simulation, Ryan Cullen stated, “This experience has not only allowed me to meet new people, but it also gave me an idea of what the issue areas are in other countries and what we can do in the future to prevent them from ever happening.”

The Ed.News report airs on Tuesday, December 2 at 6:00pm on Channel 24. For more information on the INP simulation contact Renee Shipman at extension 4227.



Boys Water Polo Makes a Splash
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

Coach Al Reyes was pleased with his varsity boys’ efforts this season, which concluded with two CIF game appearances against Martin Luther King and Mater Dei high schools. Coach Reyes credited Trevor Tautolo, Trevor Larsen, and Nick Urey with excellent senior years. He recognized four underclassmen with exceptional talent as “the future of Millkan water polo.” They are Nick Beavers, Miles Nicolau, Conner McCombs, and Jace Berry. Only three points separated the Rams from the Moore League Crown including a one-point loss to Poly and a two-point loss to Wilson. It was a “just-miss” season.

Millikan Aquatics is fortunate to have Al Reyes at the coaching helm. Al was a high school swimmer and water polo player at Gahr High School. He moved on to Cerritos Junior College, where he was a Junior All-American. He moved on to UCLA, from which he graduated with a degree in history. He launched into his teaching and coaching career starting at Sunny Hills High School for seven years before moving on to La Canada for two years, where he taught, coached, and was the school’s athletic director. Looking to relocate closer to his home in Cerritos, he interviewed for a teaching and coaching job at Millikan last year and the rest is “history.” His current assignment at Millikan includes teaching AP Economics and Government, and coaching the boys’ and girls’ water polo teams as well as the girls’ swimming team.

Al lives with his wife, Idania, and daughter, Edel. He is very optimistic that the Millikan aquatics program is making waves. Al said, “We’re very, very strong. We have a lot of young talent. We have a lot of great athletes, and great students.” Look for Millikan to make headlines in the future with Al Reyes running the show.


Millikan’s Fall Play: A Flea in Her Ear
by Wendy Atwell, Millikan Theater Teacher (11/14/08)

Millikan Play Production’s class will present the French farce, A Flea in Her Ear, by Georges Feydeau, on November 19th-21st in the Millikan auditorium. The play production students have been working extensive hours trying to master farce, or comedy that places characters in humorous predicaments.

Students have labored to keep their play historically accurate. Specifically, the play is set in Paris, France in 1905 in two settings: The Chandel Home and a local hotel. The storyline is about a bored, upper-class housewife who believes her husband is deceiving her and decides to trap him in a lie. Unfortunately, the lie escalates into misunderstandings, miscommunications, and faced-paced chase scenes. Because it is a comedy, wrongs are put right and relationships are restored.

This production is an ensemble piece and the play production actors include, in alphabetical order, Ariana Beaver, Johnny Bravo, Sheridan Cazarez, Carliese Edmond, Alejandro Elizarraraz, Ruari Fay-Handebeaux, Sarah Goldstein, Richard Gonzalez, Ben Gray, Jazmin Hernandez, Nancy Herrera, Ian Koehler, Jacqueline Lantow, Arvi Lapuz, Mariah Marple, Ashley Ortega, Paige Pelonis, Mercy Perez, Karie Reynolds, Alex Shewchuk, Mary Thach, Michael Thomas, Elizabeth Waite, Adrianna Whalen, Scott Willmore, and Nick Woodall.This comical romp through Paris opens on November 19th at 6:30 p.m. in the Millikan auditorium and closes on the 21st. If you are in the mood for an evening of uproarious laughter, tickets are $8.00 and are available ahead of time from the school’s banker.

A Cheer for Jonathan Sanders, Ram on the Move
by Quentin Brown, Apprentice Principal, Millikan High School 11/14/08

Jonathan Sanders is a senior student at Millikan High School and a founding member of the school’s Male Academy. Active in various school activities, he comes from a family of Millikan graduates and loves to cheer for freshmen as a leader in Link Crew.

He came to Millikan via Hudson K-8 School. Jonathan is a member of the PEACE Academy. He really enjoys Millikan High School because of its wonderful teachers, coaches, and other staff members.

“The Millikan staff is very supportive of me and my future goals,” Jonathan says. Jonathan knows the value of a good education, and how it will affect his future as he enters adulthood. His favorite school subjects are philosophy, English, and history. He enjoys his participation in the Male Academy, a program designed to support young men in their quest for academic achievement.

“The Male Academy helps prep our students for real world occurrences,” Jonathan says. “The Male Academy is helping develop my character, self esteem, and life learning skills.”

Jonathan Sanders is very active in various school activities. He went through a rigorous process to become a Link Crew and Ram Crew member. He believes both of these school organizations are vital because they help incoming freshman students feel comfortable, confident, and informed on the first day of their high school experience. Mr. Sanders really likes seeing the expression on freshman student faces when they experience the initial Link Crew cheer.

Jonathan is involved in several extra-curricular activities at Millikan High School. He is a standout varsity football player and track athlete. One of his goals in track and field is to compete in the CIF state track and field meet. He would like to attend a four-year university after his stint at Millikan High School. Several universities are seeking his services next year. He finds Arizona State and Fresno State very intriguing universities to possibly attend. Mr. Sanders knows that he must maintain excellence in the classroom if he is to attend a four-year university next year.

Mr. Sanders is inspired by his mother and grandfather. Both of them have always been very supportive of his dreams and ambitions. They always push him to do his best. When Jonathan is away from school, he enjoys reading various books, listening to different types of music, photography, and hanging out with family and friends. Three of Jonathan’s sisters graduated from Millikan High School. As the saying goes around Millikan, Once a Ram Always a Ram!


Report Card Day

On Saturday, November 15th from 8:30 to 12:00, Millikan will have a Report Card Day. Parents will be able to:

1) Pick up directly their child’s report card for 1st Quarter
2) Meet with teachers for one-on-one meetings (See attachment for list of participating teachers)
3) Learn more about high school and college requirements from Millikan Counselors.

Teachers will be meeting with parents in 15 minute increments. You can contact the teachers to make an appointment, or sign up on the day of the event.

Parents will be encouraged to attend “Keys to Success” a 45 minute presentation to provide parents with information on graduation requirements, college requirements, attendance policies and School Loop. Sessions will be given in English at 8:45 AM and 11:00 AM. A session presented in Spanish will be given at 10:15 AM and a Khmer session will be presented at 9:30 AM. Parents will also be able to learn about our library resources throughout the day in the library.

If you have any questions, please email John Jacobson at or through School Loop. John can also be reached at 562-425-7441 extension 4459.


Mock Elections: A Lesson in Democracy
By Katie Hickox, QUEST English Nov. 6, 2008


What is red, white, blue, and worn all over the campus of Millikan High School? The oval-shaped “I voted” sticker became the must-have fashion accessory in Ram Hi classrooms on Election Day. Students from all grade levels and campus learning academies took place in a mock election that placed kids in front of the ballot boxes.

Sixty student workers at four polling stations around the campus collected 1,358 ballots. Created by a team of history teachers and Cristin Haake, the school librarian, the election effort was designed to promote the electoral process.

“We wanted to have a celebration of democracy,” said Erin Hill, who teaches Advanced Placement U.S. History and QUEST English. Teachers used sample ballots and non-partisan information about candidates and propositions provided by the California Secretary of State.

Bari Stevens-Chapman, Millikan’s Activities Director, trained the student poll workers in proper electoral procedures. Stevens-Chapman urged the poll workers to assist student voters with the process, but to avoid taking positions on specific candidates or issues.

“Voting is personal and private,” said Paige Cunningham, a student poll worker who worked with two other sophomores to check student identification cards and distribute non-partisan voter guides from the state. Her station helped to simulate the voter registration process.

Reflecting the high voter turnout, Millikan polling places reported long lines at lunch, but student citizens appeared patient, according to poll workers.

“People were polite and were very excited about voting,” said Jawhara Tariq, a junior who ran a polling station with students from the QUEST, PEACE, and Global Technology academies.

After the student polling stations closed, Rams gathered in the campus cafeteria to eat popcorn out of red, white, and blue bags while watching the real election on three television sets. Over-sized maps of the country helped students to track the progress of U.S. presidential candidates.

To further enhance learning, Millikan also sent senior students to work at area polling centers during the actual elections, according to Dr. Satinder Hawkins, a co-chair of the history department.

Long Beach Memorial Hospital donated $250 towards snacks for the school election party. Party prizes included pens in patriotic colors and a copy of the book, Profiles in Courage, donated by Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske. A representative from her office was also on hand for the student gathering after school.

For the president of the United States, 1,052 students chose Barack Obama; John McCain received 205 votes. Results for nine propositions were also tallied. Stevens-Chapman said the lesson of the event was geared towards creating good citizens.

“The kids have learned that an election isn’t something that happens by itself,” she said. “They’ve now gone through the process, they know what it means to vote, and they’ll be more likely to vote in the future.”


John Jacobson – A Man on the Move
by Don Keller, Co-Principal - Oct 31, 2008

In just a few short years, John Jacobson has made his mark at Millikan as a classroom teacher, Small Learning Community lead teacher, data specialist, and SLC coordinator. Since arriving at Millikan as a teacher in 2004, John has made a major impact at Ram Hi in a number of areas.

John grew up in Sacramento. He attended Sacramento Junior College and UC Santa Barbara, where he earned a B.S. Degree in Physics and an M.A. in math. He taught for two years at Moorpark High School prior to moving to El Paso, Texas, where he

taught for four years. His relocation to Texas was caused by his wife’s acceptance of a position at the University of Texas, El Paso. During his stay there, John left teaching to become a data specialist with El Paso International Airport.

John, his wife, and two daughters then returned to Southern California and settled in Long Beach. After a year of being “Mr. Mom”, John accepted a teaching position at Millikan High School, where his meteoric ascent into high responsibility took effect. He was a coordinator of our school’s successful effort to renew accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Just this year, John was nominated by the Superintendent of Schools to serve on the prestigious California Teaching Credentialing Committee.

John stays grounded by coaching his daughter’s AYSO soccer team, called the “Purple Sweethearts.” As if he is not busy enough: he has embarked on a new Master’s Degree program in Computer Science at CSULB. Other than that, he loves hanging around the women in his life – wife Alicia and daughters Katrina and Samantha.

He has some great quotes about his work at Millikan. One quote is, “I didn’t go to school here, but I got here as fast as I could.” On his role at Millikan, John says he wants “to help the teachers help the students.” He’s doing just that in an effective and conscientious manner. Thanks, John!


Millikan’s Art Department is Like a Family
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

Millikan’s art department is like a family. Our “matriarch” is Sandy Lucas, the district’s leader in art instruction, who arrived at Ram Hi nearly 20 years ago from Jordan. Soon afterward, Roberta Patterson joined Millikan from a middle school, along with Kathy Charvat, one of Sandy’s former students from Jordan.

Later, the second generation of art teachers arrived. Ingrid Guntner, a former Millikan student, returned as an art teacher and cheerleader coach. Then came Andrea Itson, another former Millikan pupil who transferred in from Newcomb. In addition to teaching art, Andrea coordinates Link Crew and Service Learning. Catherine Jones, known as “Cat”, arrived as an art teacher and softball coach, and is now teaching AP Art History for the first time. Finally, Andriana Garcia, another former Millikan pupil whose father also attended Millikan, arrived just last year.

What makes this group so special? They are talented artists and teachers with a passion for their subject areas. Sandy Lucas says, “We all communicate, eat lunch together, share ideas, and help each other out.” Sandy inspires good teaching throughout the district as LBUSD Art Curriculum Leader.

“Department members teach the standards and are supported with textbook instruction. Millikan has the best art department,” Sandy says. The legacy of Sandy Lucas at Millikan will be a palette of outstanding art educators, a “work of art” that is an accomplishment with lasting value.



Emily Pelonis – The Driving Force Behind “Best Buddies”
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

Over the years, many Millikan pupils have become involved in a multitude of positive causes. Getting involved and taking on a leadership role in the “Best Buddies” program is Emily “Emma” Pelonis, a Millikan junior. The Best Buddies is a program started by Maria Shriver and the Kennedy Family more than a decade ago, This program needed a rebirth at Millikan and Emma Pelonis became inspired to take on the challenge. Emma said, “Best Buddies sensitizes all

Millikan students by pairing up general education students with special education students to help them feel more connected to the school.” Emma had heard of the program through her older sister and the rest was history. Taking the reigns of the Millikan program as president, she has sparked a resurgence in student membership from six general education participants to a record 100 applicants on file as of this October! The Best Buddies Club now has an established board of nine student officers and meets at lunch and after school on a regular basis.

When “Best Buddies” are matched, they begin a series of shared experiences including phone calls, lunches together, letter writing, and general contact. They occasionally meet outside of school as “friends.” One major accomplishment of the Best Buddies program this year was that for the first time, Ashia Thomas was nominated for Homecoming Queen. Best Buddies helped her with her pageant performance and costume, a true collaborative effort to bring down walls and make the Millikan experience real and meaningful for all segments of the student population.

Teacher sponsors at Millikan include Dina Weinberg and Serena Dank. They have glowing words for the work Emma Pelonis has done with the Best Buddies Program at Millikan citing a calendar of events which includes abilities awareness training, fundraising activities, a “match party”, a parent information meeting, participation in the Beach Walk, and a Halloween Dance. “Emma has so much energy, drive, passion, enthusiasm, and creativity,” they say. As for Emma, she plans to go into special education as a career after finishing college. She says, “It’s a really good use of my time. The looks on the faces of our students is indescribable. It really does change you.” Emma Pelonis can be proud of the work she is doing to make the lives of Millikan’s special education students more integrated and collaborative with the experiences of all Millikan pupils. And it reconfirms what many folks believe to be true, that Millikan is a school with heart.



Millikan Nation Goes for the Gold
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

When it comes to school participation in the annual Beach Walk, Millikan has firmly established itself as the largest and most spirited participant of all LBUSD schools over the past several years. This year, Millikan plans to “go for the gold” and once again set the standard for supporting an important local organization, the Long Beach Children’s Clinic. This group provides comprehensive health care to medically underserved, low- income and high-risk populations.

This year’s Beach Walk will take place on Saturday, October 25th. Last year Millikan raised over $18,000 for the clinic. This year, Millikan Nation is aiming to raise over $20,000. Approximately 350 Rams participated last year; we expect 800 Millikan supporters may participate on Saturday. Superintendent Chris Steinhauser has challenged the other Long Beach high schools to compete with Millikan in this fundraising effort. Millikan Nation expects great representation from its school support groups, including various small learning communities, band, ASB, cheer, dance, and softball. Other Millikan clubs and organizations are challenged to join the event as part of the blue and gold contingent.

Nicole Vilensky, a Millikan senior, said, “Millikan’s tradition of supporting the Children’s Clinic has reminded me of the importance in helping those in need. In a world where so many people’s suffering is ignored, it’s nice to know that there are, in fact, organizations that give treatment to those without health insurance. Without Millikan’s enthusiastic involvement in the fundraiser, many would still be without hope for tomorrow.”

Students interested in participating should pick up their pledge sheets in room 579. Beach Walk shirts can be purchased for $10. Participants should register at 8:30 am on the morning of the walk. The event is expected to last from 9:00 am until noon. The starting line is on Shoreline Drive near the Long Beach arena. The walk takes place on the bike path at the beach. Participants can also expect free t-shirts, free breakfast, and a free lunch. Five hours of community service can be earned for participation with an addition hour for every $15 of pledge money collected. Please consider joining the effort of the Millikan Nation at this year’s Beach Walk!


Tiffany Alexander, Life-Long Ram
by Don Keller, Co-Principal Oct 3

According to Tiffany Alexander, Millikan has been an “all-encompassing” and integral part of her life. After attending Twain Elementary and Marshall Junior High, she entered Millikan with her maiden name, Tiffany Mullen. As a student, she became very involved at Ram Hi participating in Kidettes, Pep Squad, band, and yearbook. She graduated with the Millikan Class of 1986 and moved on to

further her education at UCLA, where she earned her BA in History. She later earned her MA in Curriculum and Instruction from CSUDH. After a brief stint as a teacher at Hamilton Junior High, she returned to Millikan fourteen years ago. She has been here ever since.

Since coming back to Millikan, she has been a history teacher with Global Tech and now serves as coordinator for Millikan’s AVID program. In fact, Millikan has become an AVID National Demonstration School under her leadership, one of approximately sixty high schools in the United States to hold this distinction! Tiffany is very proud of the AVID “family” of teachers at Millikan which she describes as “one of the best teams.” She says she feels lucky to work with them. As a group, this team takes great pride in seeing kids go on to college who may not have without AVID support. Tiffany feels AVID parents have been very grateful for the help and support they’ve received.

Tiffany met her future husband while attending CSUDH. Both she and her husband are part of LBUSD legacies: Tiffany’s father is Jim Mullen, a former LBUSD activities director; her husband’s dad is Bill Alexander, a former administrator. Tiffany intends to stay in teaching rather than move to administration. She says she prefers the “fun” of the classroom. She keeps busy raising her two children, teaching full-time, and participating in tap dance classes on a weekly basis. There is a rumor that Millikan may be putting on a “Faculty Frolics” performance as a PTSA fundraiser later in the year. Will she participate? Her answer is an enthusiastic, “Yes.” Tiffany Alexander embodies the Millikan spirit, dedication, and enthusiasm for which this school is known.


Fall & Spring Carnival All Periods
Homecoming October 3

7:45 – 8:20 Block 1 35 min.
8:27 – 9:02 Block 2 35 min.
9:02 – 9:12 Nutrition 10 min.
9:19 – 9:55 Block 3 36 min.
10:02 – 10:37 Block 4 35 min.
10:37 -11:52 Lunch 75 min.
11:59 – 12:34 Block 5 35 min.
12:41 – 1:16 Block 6 35 min.
1:23 – 1:58 Block 7 35 min.
2:05 – 2:40 Block 8 35 min.

Olympians Rock the Rams
By Katie Hickox, QUEST English Teacher

Snapping photos and waving sports jerseys, Millikan athletes welcomed three Olympic stars back to their campus recently.

The three Olympians were Ryan Bailey, a water polo player, Susie Atwood, a swimmer, and Mike Tully, a pole

vaulter. The three athletes, veterans of seven Olympic competitions in total, are Millikan graduates. Following a homecoming rally, they offered advice to Millikan’s students. “It’s all about hard work and being self-disciplined and self-motivated,” said Bailey, who graduated from Millikan in 1994.

An Olympic veteran, Bailey was a member of the men’s water polo team at the 2008 games in Beijing. His team won the silver medal in that competition. A water polo club player from the age of eight, Bailey remembers having fun in the water with his friends at Ram Hi. “It really enhanced my love for the game,” he says of his years at Millikan. He honed his competitive skills at clubs and as a player at UCI Irvine.

Spearheaded by Carl Halsted, a retired Millikan teacher and coach, the Olympian event was part of an effort by the campus to celebrate its athletic heritage. “We have approximately 15 alums that have gone on to play professionally,” noted Gayle Braun, Millikan’s girls’ athletics director. Millikan staff members are collecting signed jerseys for an upcoming Hall of Fame.

One signer was Tully, another Millikan grad and Olympian who attended UCLA. He won a silver medal in pole vaulting during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. “I had a passion and a focus to do it,” he told Millikan students. “That’s the key, find that passion and work at it.”

Atwood, who served on two Olympic teams in 1968 and in 1972, says conditions have improved for female athletes today. “Never give up,” urged Atwood. “There were many times when I was sick of trying, sick of my coaches yelling at me. There were lots of times I thought it was just not worth it.”

Atwood won a silver medal in 1972. “I’m so glad I didn’t give up,” she said.


Assistant Principal Dorian Eveland Continues a Family Legacy in LBUSD
by Don Keller, Co-Principal September 19, 2008

Millikan’s Dorian Eveland is the daughter of a Long Beach Unified School District icon. Her father, Ed Eveland, was a former school board member and assistant superintendent. The principal of several schools, including Millikan and Wilson, Ed Eveland often reminded his daughter: “Students come first.”

“He was a great resource,” Dorian says.

Dorian grew up in Long Beach, attending Lowell, Rogers, and Wilson, where she performed as a “short sprinter” on the swim team. She studied at Long Beach City College and CSULB, where she earned her BA in Liberal Studies and her MA in Education Administration. She earned her teaching credential from UC Irvine along the way.

Dorian began her teaching career at Gant Elementary School, but took a 10-year hiatus to become a mother of five children. She returned to the classroom as a teacher at Hoover and then at Wilson, where she taught for eleven years. Her specialty has always been special education, as both a teacher and administrator. This specialty opened the door for a stint at the district office. She has worked at Millikan for the past eight years as an assistant principal.

Dorian has always been a “fitness buff” and continues to work out regularly by lifting weights, running, biking, and swimming. She competes in 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons. She is thinking about competing in triathlons. When she is not working or working out, she’s spends most of her time with her highest priority – her family. As for working at Millikan, she says, “I love the people I work with. We’re a great team.” Her dad would be proud of her for keeping the family legacy alive in the LBUSD.


Millikan’s Hillary Stortz Wins Miss Teen Long Beach-
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

Hillary Stortz, a junior in Millikan’s PEACE Academy, won the Miss Teen Long Beach crown recently in a pageant held at CSULB’s theater. Twelve contestants, ages 14 – 17, were involved in a two-month process leading up to the pageant. There were three areas of judging – swimsuit, evening gown, and “on stage” questions. The youngest ever to win the pageant, Hillary earned a ring, a sash, a crown, a pendant, and a $500 college scholarship. Although Hillary has not decided if she will enter the

Miss Teen California pageant later in the year, she would like to compete for the Miss Long Beach title.

As Miss Teen Long Beach, Hillary will be involved in more than 100 public appearances, estimated at 300-500 hours of her time. This volunteerism falls under the category of community service in many instances. She has met various members of the Long Beach City Council and Mayor Foster on more than one occasion. She will also participate in next year’s Belmont Shore Christmas Parade, and possibly other parades.

Entering her junior year at Millikan, Hillary will be very busy. She is involved in the dance program at Millikan. In addition to serving as Miss Teen Long Beach, she also plans to hold a part-time job. As an honor student, she is considering a number of colleges including LBCC, CSULB, the University of Texas, and New York University. Congratulations, Hillary, on this accomplishment!


Millikan API Shows Strong Improvement

Millikan is on the move! Based on the efforts of Millikan students on the CAHSEE and STAR tests, Millikan has increased our school wide API from 669 last year to 693 this year. This 23 point increase exceeded our goal set by the State of California by 16 points. The API score is calculated based on the performance of all our students on tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, History, and Science. Our school wide gain was reflected in nearly every population of our students and demonstrates a closing of the achievement gap.

Mock SAT Exam. Register by Sept 12
Taking a practice SAT is a valuable exercise that can help to increase a student’s performance on the actual SAT. Long Beach Millikan High School’s College Counseling Department has teamed up with Revolution Prep to offer students the opportunity to take a mock SAT which will include a complete practice SAT test including an essay. All sections of the practice exam will then be graded by Revolution Prep. Individualized feedback will be provided online, including ...
Read More

Quentin Brown Returns to Millikan as Apprentice Principal
by Don Keller, Co-Principal

Back in the early 1990’s, Quentin Brown taught math at Millikan and was the assistant varsity basketball coach. Quentin’s time at Millikan was brief. He moved on to Wilson High School after one year, becoming the Bruins head varsity basketball coach

and a math teacher. He later moved into administration and stayed at Wilson for sixteen years. Quentin is now reinstating blue and gold into his wardrobe as he returns to Millikan as Apprentice Principal, a new training opportunity in the LBUSD. The Apprentice Principal Program is designed to prepare identified potential principals for the rigors and challenges faced at the high school, middle, and elementary school levels.

Quentin has paid his dues, working himself up “through the ranks.” He is a highly regarded candidate who is expected to take the reigns of a high school within the next couple of years. Quentin earned his bachelor’s degree from UC Irvine, his MBA from Cal Poly Pomona, and his administrative credential from CSU Dominguez Hills. He is a resident of Fountain Valley. He and his wife have a son who attends high school. Quentin’s apprenticeship began at Millikan on August 15, 2008 and is a one-year assignment. Welcome back to Ram Hi, Quentin!


Millikan Book Fair October 17,18 and 19, 2008.
The Town Center Barnes and Noble on Carson Street is hosting the Millikan Book Fair on the weekend of October 17, 18 and 19. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of any merchandise purchased on any of the above dates will be given to the Millikan Literacy Club Account for high interest books. Flyer






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