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Millikan Book Fair October 17,18 and 19, 2008.
The Town Center Barnes and Noble on Carson Street is hosting the Millikan Book Fair on the weekend of October 17, 18 and 19. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of any merchandise purchased on any of the above dates will be given to the Millikan Literacy Club
Account for high interest books. Flyer

Millikan athletes celebrate future Press-Telegram
LONG BEACH - The gymnasium at Millikan High late Wednesday morning contained about 100 people. More than a dozen students were there to celebrate national letters-of-intent they signed to continue their...


Kalle Berry to Remain a Ram! (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)


Millikan’s 4.0 GPA Seniors: Ben Levin and Cynthia Leon

Kalle Berry to Remain a Ram! (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

Kallie Berry is a senior in QUEST who made her mark as a student and an athlete over her four years at Millikan. Her excellence in the pool and in the classroom will contribute to her collegiate success. She received a full scholarship to Colorado State in Fort Collins, Colorado. Kallie selected Colorado State, which shares the Rams as its mascot with Millikan, over San Jose State, Hartwick, UCSD, Arizona, Bakersfield State and UC Santa Barbara. Two main factors in choosing Colorado State were the academic majors offered and the opportunity to play water polo as a freshman.

Kallie has been named to the first Moore League Girls Water Polo team and the All-CIF team four times. She holds four Millikan school records in career goals scored (207), career assists (176), career steals (429) and single season steals (129). In the classroom, she has maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.54 (unweighted) and 3.79 (weighted). Kallie is the second Berry to come through Millikan. She has a younger brother who is an outstanding freshman swimmer. Congratulations, Kallie!


Lauren Benjamin Is a Star On and Off the Court (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

 Lauren Benjamin is one of Millikan best student athletes. As a student, she is graduating from Millikan with a 4.0 grade point average. She has already been offered a full academic “presidential” scholarship to Cal State Dominguez Hills. She is awaiting word on a similar offer from Cal State Long Beach. If the offer is rendered, she will become a 49er student athlete, invited to “walk on” to the CSULB women’s basketball team. Lauren was spotted by the 49er coaches, who liked her tenacious defense. She played a key role on Millikan’s best-ever women’s basketball team. Lauren’s recipe for becoming a defensive specialist: working hard, honing techniques, getting into great physical shape, and becoming a determined defender.

Lauren has three brothers, including a younger brother, Jonathan, who is a freshman basketball player at Millikan. Lauren has enjoyed participating in the concert choir at Millikan. In college, she plans to major in kinesiology with the intention of becoming a physical therapist. As a top scholar, outstanding athlete, and choral music pupil, Lauren is admired by coaches, adults, and Millikan pupils. Furthermore, she is a mature and articulate young lady who leaves Millikan with a bright future.


Millikan’s 4.0 GPA Seniors: Ben Levin and Cynthia Leon

Ben Levin Earns Millikan’s Top 40 Award
by Yesenia Espinoza, CorydonStaff Reporter

Benjamin Levin is an astonishing student and is an example of how determination and hard work can really help you to reach your goals. He is one of the seniors who will be recognized for working hard to receive a 4.0 throughout his years at Millikan. “I think the reason that I have been successful at Millikan High is because of my will to succeed. Over these past four years, I have tried my best to get the grades that I did, coming very close a couple of times to not receiving the “A” on my report card. Ultimately, one has to work hard and continuously push him or herself for the privilege to be called an outstanding student,” said Levin. He believes that in order for students to succeed all they have to do is follow the simple principle of working hard and staying motivated to acquire good grades.

Throughout his four years, Levin has been a member of Millikan’s tennis team, R.A.M.S.E.T, and Millikan’s Solar Cup competition. He plans to attend Cal State University Long Beach for four years and major in history. He may even acquire higher levels of education once he has a bachelor’s degree. Levin would like to add that many students believe that straight-A students are never incorrect. He makes errors. Other students are just as intelligent - or more so - but they just don’t put in the same amount of effort, he says.

Cynthia Leon Leaps to Millikan’s Top 40
by Haley Nielsen, Corydon Staff Reporter

It isn’t always easy for students to earn a 4.0 GPA all four years, but that wasn’t the only accomplishment that Cynthia Leon hoped to achieve. At the end of her senior year she is now ranked number one out of 840 students. Leon had a goal in mind and set out to achieve it. “I would advise fellow students to have high goals for themselves and then to work hard in order to achieve those goals,” she says. “I personally was inspired by the Top 40 display in the main office.  I put in a lot of hard work toward reaching that goal of being at the top of my class but it makes me very happy to see that it has paid off.”

While being in QUEST for all four years, she maintained a 4.0. She also played for Millikan Girls soccer team at the same time. This past year, she participated in track. Leon was the JV girl’s soccer team captain in 2004-05 and received the JV Soccer MVP that year as well. She also claimed the JV Soccer Best Offensive Performance Award in 2005-2006. Leon’s university GPA is 4.6. “I would have to say that determination and perseverance are the most important characteristics that have helped me succeed in school and in other activities," she said. "Another important thing for me has been staying focused. I have high goals and aspirations, and keeping in mind what I'm working for serves as inspirational motivation.” Leon passed six AP exams with a score of four or five on all of them. In May 2004, she received the U.S. President’s Award for Academic Achievement as well as the Millikan Universe Science Achievement Award in May 2007. In March 2008, Leon was awarded a UCLA Scholarship Recognition Award.

As if all these achievements weren’t enough, Leon received a score of 1880 on her SAT. She plans to major in neuropsychology at UC Berkeley or UCLA. “I love Millikan and if I became a psychology teacher, I would love to come back and teach here and be a soccer coach.”




School Resource Officer (SRO) Ana Maria Gill: On the Millikan Beat
by Don Keller, Co Principal May 23

Ana Maria Gill was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Her family relocated to Cypress, California when she was a young child. Ana won an athletic scholarship to Cal State Long Beach, after attending Western High School and Cypress Junior College. Always

the athlete, Ana played four sports in high school: tennis, basketball, softball, and track. It was in track that she earned her scholarship to CSULB to compete in the shotput, discuss, and javelin. Having a 3.5 grade point average in high school contributed to her scholarship award. While at CSULB, Ana majored in history and considered becoming a teacher. However, she became interested in law enforcement. She wanted to work with people, assist those in need, and make a difference. She entered the Long Beach Police Academy and emerged in six months as a patrol officer.

Two years later, she got involved in the Juvenile Division, first with the Police Athletic Program at PAL and later as an SRO (School Resource Officer), her present position. She is in her eighth year as an SRO at Millikan. As a uniformed member of the Long Beach Police Department, her job is to safeguard the well-being of all students and staff at Millikan and to support a safe environment conducive to learning. She works full-time at Millikan, patrolling Millikan’s perimeter in her squad car before and after school to monitor Millikan pupils’ conduct, check for uninvited guests, conduct traffic stops, etc.

Ana has a life outside of her work at Millikan. She is a “half-marathoner” who is moving on to full marathons for a greater challenge. In addition, she’s embarking on competing in triathlons, actually “half-triathlons.” She also played rugby for the Belmont Shore Rugby Club for 10 years, enjoying the physical nature of the sport. She also enjoys taking her 21-foot ski boat to freshwater lakes and wakeboarding with her friends.

Last year, Ana was honored as recipient of the “Humanitarian Award” presented by Supervisor Knabe. She was acknowledged for her years of involvement with the youth of this community. How does she describe her work at Millikan? “Fantastic,” said Ana, “I’m part of the Ram Family.”

Osvaldo Rios -- One of Millikan’s Main “Techies”
by Don Keller, Co Principal May 16

Since his early teenage years in middle school, Osvaldo “Ozzy” Rios has had an interest and talent in technology. He attended Stanford and Stephens Middle Schools prior to becoming a Millikan Ram. Why did

he select Millikan? The Global Tech Academy drew him because of his interest in technology and computers. While at Millikan, he had Chuck Johnson as one of his teachers. Ozzy developed a solid student-teacher relationship with Mr. Johnson over four years.

Both at Millikan and Stephens, Ozzy helped build labs, assist others with technology issues, and even teach and serve as a Spanish translator for adult evening classes. His first computer in his home was an Apple Classic he checked out from school at Stephens made possible by the Take Home Computer Program. Moving on to Long Beach City College, he enriched his knowledge base taking electronics and CISCO networking courses.

He became an employee at Millikan during his college years as a college aide and later as a computer lab supervisor. Now in his tenth year at Millikan, Ozzy is now Ram Hi’s resident computer expert/technology support specialist. He keeps the internet e-mail running, supports students and teachers with technology in classrooms, and provides technology training. In addition, he is co-founder of Milli-Can, a support group for Millikan pupils.

Ozzy loves to spend time with his family which includes his parents and two sisters. Every Sunday for the past twenty-three years, his family has gone to a Mexican Restaurant in Los Angeles named Paco’s. There is a table reserved for the family, which usually orders salmon, carne asada, and tacos. Ozzy’s trademark is his wardrobe, consisting of quality suits and ties. He has been confused as a principal by both students and staff because of his professional appearance, inspired by his mother and his need as a young employee to separate his appearance from Millikan pupils. One Millikan student even described him as “the good looking principal.” Ozzy is a Millikan Ram, through and through, and he is appreciated for his talents and efforts.


Christine Bradfield Brings Great Credentials to Millikan
by Don Keller, Co Principal - May 9, 2009

Christine Bradfield is a second-year biology teacher with the PEACE Academy. She is a product of the San Francisco Bay area, where she grew up and attended college at San Francisco

State. After graduating summa cum laude with a BS degree, she started working in a youth clinic, which sparked her interest in becoming a teacher rather than pursuing a medical pathway. She relocated to Southern California and continued her schooling as a Noyce Scholar, a highly acclaimed distinction recognizing her academic achievements. After student teaching at Cabrillo High School, she signed on with Millikan, having heard of its strong science department. At the time of her arrival at Millikan, she was Christine Supiping, but married and became Mrs. Bradfield around that time. She and her husband are new home owners in Long Beach and hope to start a family in the not-too-distant future.

Christine spends time outside of school hours decompressing by working out and staying fit. She’s into yoga, “cardio”, and kickboxing. In addition, she has a background in hula dancing, having performed with a professional dance troupe in San Francisco during her college years. Her trademark is her exceptionally long hair, which she has been growing since her freshman year in high school! Surprisingly, she says it has been easy to maintain and does not plan to cut it until either it reaches her knees or at which time she has children, whichever comes first. She’ll donate the hair to “Locks of Love.”

As far as her future, a Master’s Degree is something she plans to obtain and remain a science teacher at the high school level indefinitely. She says, “I love PEACE. It’s a good fit for me. We (PEACE faculty members) are supportive of each other and put kids first.” Christine Bradfield is a great example of the high quality of new faculty joining the existing talented faculty already assembled at Millikan.


Berkeley Bound Swimmer On An Olympic “QUEST”
by Don Keller, Co Principal

Anyone who has seen Isaac Howell swim knows he has a special talent. His talent has earned him a full scholarship as a student-athlete to UC Berkeley in the fall. He chose Cal over a number of schools including Arizona State, Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. Looking over this list of schools would lead one to think Isaac is a good pupil, and he is! He has a "weighted" grade point average

of 4.1. He selected Cal for a number of reasons including its location, opportunities it will afford, and the general campus environment. He plans to concentrate on fine arts with a possible career in architecture, art, and design. But back to his swimming!

Isaac started swimming at age ten, taking private swimming lessons. He soon joined Lakewood Aquatics and later Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team (FAST) to develop his skills and become a competitive swimmer. He attended school at Valley Christian through grade 9, and then transferred to Millikan. He discovered his “niche” was freestyle swimming and competes in every freestyle distance from the 200 meter to the 1,650 meter races. Training is grueling and time consuming. He practices three hours a day six days a week, swimming seven miles a day. This dedication and training regimen, combined with his natural skills, have resulted in Isaac breaking four Millikan records including the 200 freestyle he broke by six seconds and the 500 freestyle he broke by a whopping sixteen seconds! Considering that one of the records was set in 1976, more than thirty years ago, this is some accomplishment! But Isaac is setting his sights on national and, hopefully, international competition. He’ll attempt to qualify for the Olympic trails this June in Omaha and then on to the nationals at the U.S. Open in Minneapolis in August. Isaac, a CIF All American last year who established U.S. senior and junior national qualifying times, attributes his successes to his former coach and trainer, Kevin Perry, who passed away recently. John Dunster, Isaac’s Millikan swimming coach said, “Isaac Howell is one of the premier swimmers in high school in the nation. Having an athlete of this caliber on your team is a wonderful occurrence for any coach. I feel privileged to be a small part of his blossoming career, and expect Isaac to be successful in every endeavor he may attempt. He has brought great recognition to the Millikan swim team and I am thankful for all the success he has helped us attain.”



Jennifer Waters: Millikan Dance Student to Millikan Dance Teacher
by Don Keller, Co-Principal April 25, 2008

At age three, Jennifer Waters started dancing and she is still dancing today. She is a local product of Burcham Elementary, Marshall Junior High, and Millikan High School. She graduated in the class of 1997. She was an “all around” student at Millikan, participating in Advanced Dance, Varsity Cheer, and ASB. In addition, she was Millikan’s Homecoming Queen! Two other Millikan teachers, Ingrid Guntner and Andrea Itson, were among

Jennifer’s friends and classmates at Millikan. It was Jennifer’s dance teacher, Mrs. Gwen Gibson, who suggested to Jennifer that she would be a good dance teacher. With that thought in mind, Jennifer moved on to CSULB, where she majored in English and minored in dance. During those college years, Jennifer earned some cash by working for Bobby Ball Dance Agency in Los Angeles, doing commercial work.

Jennifer stepped right out of college and into a teaching job at Cabrillo High School in 2003, where she taught English, dance, and cheer for three years. She couldn’t resist the opportunity to return to her alma mater, Millikan, and take over for Gwen Gibson, who retired two years ago. Since then, Jennifer has been striving to transform Millikan’s dance program into a conservatory, emphasizing a well-rounded program in different genres of dance. She has also worked to expand the program and help put Millikan “on the map” as having a strong dance program. At the same time, Jennifer is pursuing her master’s degree in dance.

In her personal life, Jennifer is married to her high school sweetheart, Chaz, who was a varsity basketball player at Millikan. Chaz’s background as a chef created a taste for “fine dining” as a hobby for the couple. Among Jennifer’s favorite foods are Italian and Thai. Jennifer and her husband are Long Beach residents. Jennifer has three sisters, who also attended Millikan, and a brother. She enjoys spending family time with them. Regarding Millikan, Jennifer says, “I feel at home at Millikan. I love my job and I am fortunate to work in an area I feel passionately about.”


Kaisha Irving Could Stay at Millikan Forever (by Don Keller, Co Principal)

Kaisha Irving, one of Millikan’s four assistant principals, is a “local girl.” She attended school at First Lutheran through grade five, then moved to CIS Elementary School, Hill Junior High School, and Poly High School. At Poly, she distinguished herself as an honors student, graduating with an overall 3.75 grade point average. She was a star basketball player: a two-year varsity starter and an excellent “rebounder” who gained All-City and All League honors. A lot was expected of her because of the past exploits of her two older brothers, Todd and Michael, who starred on Poly basketball teams before her. Kaisha earned herself a scholarship to UC Santa Barbara, from which

she graduated in fewer than four years with a degree in English. It was back to Long Beach to continue her education through Cal State Dominguez Hills while working for the Long Beach Unified School District in a number of assignments. She worked at Hamilton, Marshall, Savannah, Cabrillo, and Rogers before landing at Millikan six years ago.

Kaisha has several hobbies that she actively pursues. She loves to train and run “half marathons” with Dorian Eveland and Ana Gill, her friends on staff at Millikan. She also likes to hang out with her niece and nephews, watch college basketball games or “hoops”, and travel. Among her many adventures, some favorite trips were to the Caribbean (Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, etc.), London, and Paris. She is planning a cruise to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the near future. As for her assignment at Millikan, she says, “After sixteen years in the district, Millikan’s parents, students, and staff are the best I’ve run across so far. Millikan is the perfect fit for me. I could stay here forever.” Kaisha feels lucky to be at Millikan. Millikan is lucky she is here.




Millikan’s “Music Man” (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

John Harvey is Millikan’s choral music teacher. He has built his program into one of the premier programs in the area through a great deal of determination, vision, talent, and hard work. He grew up in the Long Beach school system, attending Cubberly, DeMille, and Millikan. He is a baritone who participated in glee clubs and school music programs throughout his life, starting as a soprano. While a student at Millikan, he participated in three musicals (Brigadoon, Carousel, and Music Man). His college experience started at LBCC and then

continued at Fullerton State and Pepperdine, where he received his Master’s Degree in Music. He was inspired to teach through a wonderful group of professors at Fullerton State.

John started his teaching career at Hill but spent the next 15 years or so at Hughes. He came to Millikan approximately eight years ago following Mary Brewer. One of his goals has been to increase the number of pupils participating in the choral music program, something he has successfully accomplished. Millikan choral students are constantly asked to perform at district functions including the Most Inspirational Student Awards and Principal for a Day programs. Another highlight was Millikan students’ participation in the Virginia trip last year, the highest number representing any single high school in Long Beach! His Chamber Choir will compete in San Francisco this month at a prestigious competition fielding the best choirs in California.

John and his wife are residents of Long Beach. His wife is a speech pathologist with the LBUSD. They traveled to Wales, Ireland, and England last summer and plan to take an Alaskan Cruise in the future. John has been the choir director at Lakewood Village Community Church for the past 18 years. He is also an avid coin collector who has a passion for “older gold coins.” But for now, he’s pleased to be working at Millikan. John said, “I’m always so impressed with the high maturity level of Millikan students. They are willing to work so hard and care so much.” They certainly reflect the characteristics of their teacher.


Lanie Arceo Loves Being a Millikan Counselor (by Don Keller, Co-Principal)

Lanie Arceo looks forward to each and every day as a Millikan counselor because she never knows what her day will bring. “There’s never a dull day,” Lanie says. “There is always something new in working with parents, students, teachers, and administrators.” How did Lanie become the PEACE counselor who oversees a 12th grade caseload of pupils with last names ranging from M to Z?

Lanie grew up in San Diego, and headed off to college at the University of California, Riverside, to become a doctor with a declared biology major. However, her high school counselor in San Diego had inspired her. Lanie detoured into psychology and sociology, and prepared herself to become a school counselor. Later, after completing her master’s degree in counseling from California State University at Dominguez Hills, Lanie became a counseling intern at Millikan in 2002 and then a full-time counselor at Ram Hi.

In her personal life, she lives locally with one of her two brothers. She enjoys spending “family hours” to a great extent, a priority in her life. She also sings in her church choir. On Wednesdays, she is up at 3:00 a.m. getting ready for a 5:30 a.m. service. She loves to travel and has been to Florida, New York, Hawaii and the Philippines. In fact, she has traveled to the Philippines twice in recent years to visit relatives in Angeles City, Tampanga. Finally, she enjoys working out at 24 Hour Fitness with her fiancé. They plan to get married this summer. Millikan is lucky to have Lanie Arceo on its fine counseling staff!


Steve Dublin and Bruce Brown – They’re Part of Millikan’s “History”
by Don Keller, Co Principal

Steve Dublin and Bruce Brown, two fantastic Millikan history teachers, have announced their retirements at the end of the current school year. Steve Dublin was a founding father of PEACE and Bruce Brown has been an important member of the QUEST staff. Their “historical” runs at Millikan have been productive and noteworthy.

Bruce Brown was a scholarship baseball player at the University of Utah, who became a “singles” hitter after a hip injury. He joined the Marine Corp and served for nearly three years prior to joining Millikan’s faculty. During his 36 years at Millikan, he taught history and science and coached baseball, water polo, and soccer. As the girls’ soccer coach for eleven years, he had

eight girls earn Division I college scholarships. His 1996 team was the first Millikan team to beat Poly. One of his most outstanding players, Nicole Montoya, is currently playing college soccer in New York. Soccer runs deep in Bruce’s family as his daughters both were college scholarship players at their respective universities, Cal Lutheran and Toledo.

As a teacher, Bruce has taught QUEST and Advanced Placement history for years and served as history department chair and faculty president. In addition, he was Millikan’s National Honor Society (NHS) advisor for more than 20 years. Joining Bruce in retirement will be his wife, a principal in another district. Together, they’ll travel to Italy next fall. After that, Bruce thinks he may enjoy working in a museum as a docent.

Steve Dublin started teaching in 1973, making the rounds at Stanford, Hill, and Wilson prior to coming to Millikan in 1989. Not many know that he is a talented tenor and has performed in many musicals, choirs, and operas over the years. Despite being an original writer for the QUEST program, Steve actually became a founding father of the PEACE academy. In fact, the PEACE academy was his original idea to encourage students to become more involved in themselves, their community, and their world.

Steve’s vision was that PEACE pupils would become “world citizens,” and indeed they have. Steve plans to stay involved in a number of activities when he retires. He is cub master for Cub Scout Pack 14, the oldest pack west of the Mississippi River. He’ll stay involved with his son, Geoffery, a fourth grader at Fremont Elementary, where he intends to volunteer his time. He also intends to work with the Long Beach Education Foundation and support its efforts. His wife is a counselor at Lakewood High School who is not yet ready to retire, so he is sure he get plenty of “honey do’s” including cooking and cleaning. He’ll try to squeeze in hobbies including photography, painting, and writing. Steve expects to cry as he leaves the Millikan halls with his seniors. “It’s always been about the kids” he said. “I love these kids. They are spectacular students.”

Millikan will surely miss Bruce Brown and Steve Dublin. They have left lasting impressions on so many of their colleagues, parents, and pupils.

Hannah Putman and Scott Butler Make A Splash In Millikan Swim
by Mr. Keller, Co Principal, March 14, 2008

Millikan’s swim teams have caught a wave of new spirit and confidence. They are expected to show a strong presence in Moore League competition, according to coaches John Dunster and Al Reyes. Hannah Putman and Scott Butler are senior members of Millikan’s varsity boys and girls swimming teams.

Hannah Putman competes in both water polo and in swim. She is a senior Global Tech student who came from Cubberly. Her father, a former swimmer, was instrumental in getting her involved in swimming in the sixth grade. Hannah is one of the top female swimmers at Millikan, competing in the 50 freestyle (best time is 25.3) and in the 100 freestyle (best time is 55.1). In the past, she has been a “backstroker” but switched to freestyle this year. She is a four-year member of varsity swim who hopes to improve her

times through weight-training, practice, and improved technique. She thinks swim is “fun” despite early 5:45 am workouts every other day.

Speaking of fun, Hannah enjoys the physicality of water polo. As a two-year member of Millikan’s varsity playing the “utility” position, an occasional bloody nose is all part of the sport. She describes herself as “rough” when needed. She’s looking forward to continuing her water polo career at LBCC next year prior to moving on to a university to pursue a career in physical therapy. In her spare time, she likes to ride her bike to the beach --- but stays away from the waves. Swimming Coach John Dunster said, “Hannah is a returning four year varsity letterman with a lot of talent and a great work ethic. Coach Reyes and I look for Hannah to having an outstanding season this year with much success due to her hard work.”

Scott Butler is a senior who came to Millikan from Hughes Middle School as a QUEST pupil. He has excelled on both the water polo and swim teams. In water polo, he has been a member of varsity for four years, first team All Moore League for three years, and Moore League MVP this year. He is currently competing as a sprinter for the Ram Hi Swim Team in both the 50 and 100 meter free style. His best time in the 50-meter is 22.1. He hopes to break the Millikan record which currently stands at 21.9. Scott’s best time in the 100-meter is 48.7. Scott has been accepted to CSULB and plans to play water polo there. Millikan Swimming Coach John Dunster said, “Scott is a returning senior, a four-year varsity letterman with lots of talent and versatility. We look for Scott to lead us once again by example of swimming events that might not be his best but is best for the team and its chances for victory.”

Millikan Open House - Wednesday April 9, 2008

5:00 - 6:30 pm: Dinner in the quad
6:00 - 6:30 pm: PTSA meeting in the cafeteria
6:30 - 8:00 pm: Classroom visitations

Attention Seniors!

Millikan PTSA is proud to be offering, for our second year, a $200.00 PTSA College Scholarship! Eleven seniors will be selected this year. You have until May 27th to turn in your request.
The link below is an application that MUST be filled out and all requirements met. Applications will also be in the office, for your convenience. If you have any questions please email me at | Application (pdf)

Milli-Can’s Heart Makes A Difference for Struggling Students
By Katie Hickox, QUEST English Teacher, Millikan High School

One the most popular adults on Millikan’s high school campus doesn’t have a classroom, office, or even a phone extension. But a crowd of students swirls around Beatriz Nieves, known to kids as “B,” every day at lunch near the campus’s back gate.

A campus security officer, Nieves is the heart of a club called Milli-Can, which aims to unite a diverse student body. At her club’s unlikely meeting place, Nieves mixes model students with kids who are “at-risk,” or struggling in school. Student cliques dissolve around “B” and her back gate.

Photo: Left to right:  Fernando Nieves, Beatriz Nieves, Mariana Joaquin, Fred Martinez

“B is like a magnet, she attracts kids from every social background,” says Mariana Joaquin, 17, a student government leader who is a senior. “She’s always there to help someone with perfect timing.”

Nieves donates her time and money to take Milli-Can club members out to dinner after school sports games, to the movies, to the beach, and snowboarding. She organizes fast food feasts on their birthdays. She has worked for the Long Beach Unified School District since 1994.

“Beatriz is a saint,” says Don Keller, co-principal of Millikan. “She saves kids.  She is a shining example of what we're attempting to do at Millikan, in the LBUSD, and in public education across the country.”

Nieves took an at-risk freshman student to Ross Dress for Less to buy a dress for the winter formal in January. She delivered Thanksgiving meals to students from poor families. Under her wing, kids who wouldn’t normally consider attending a sports game wind up joining a team. A child of a single mother, Nieves says her middle school teachers at LBUSD inspired her to rise above a neighborhood of poverty and gangs. She attended Franklin Middle School and Wilson High School, reveling in sports and academics. Nieves says she can relate to the issues that students face today.

“Our children are our future and I’m not trying to save the world or Millikan,” says Nieves. “But I sure can make a difference, one student at a time.”

Under “B’s” leadership, Milli-Can club members are raising money for computers to give to college-bound seniors, as well as to promote their program. Millikan co-principal Dr. Jeffrey Cornejo, Long Beach Police Officer Anna Gill, Counselor Keeley Lewis, PTA President Cathy Korody, and school computer administrator Osvaldo Rios have also supported the club. Cornejo has known Nieves since she was a student at Franklin.

“Beatriz is unassuming and non-judgmental,” Dr. Cornejo says. “Her students know that although she has high standards for their behavior, grades and even their manners, she will give them the shirt off her back.”

For information on donating to Milli-Can, e-mail




Millikan Students Would Do Well to Do Well in AP (Advanced Placement) Classes
by Pamela Cathcart, AP Coordinator March 10, 2008

Counselors held individual conferences with students last month to prepare their schedules for next year, and many were strongly encouraged to sign up for AP courses. This year’s sophomores who took the PSAT during fall semester were reminded of their AP Potential as designated by the results of that exam. Additionally, counselors shared short course descriptions written by each AP teacher in order for students to make informed decisions about committing to AP classes. Millikan students are also required to sign in with their new AP teachers during the first week of June. This gives them a chance to meet, to ask questions, and to clarify any summer homework that might be required.

AP—or Advanced Placement—classes are university-level courses offered in high school that can help students earn college credit before they ever apply to a college or university. Many Millikan grads enter college with enough credits to be at sophomore standing within their very first year. This saves them—and parents—thousands of dollars in tuition. According to Mitchell Landsberg’s recent article in the LA Times, “California Students Do Well on AP Exams” (02/14/08), AP classes “are regarded as a virtual requirement for most students planning to apply to four-year universities.” AP classes can also raise grade-point averages because more weight is given to AP grades than regular classes. Some students graduate from Millikan with 5.0 G.P.A.’s.

Yet, as College Board President Gaston Caperton, said, “You can’t just drop a student into college-level courses in high school without laying the groundwork.” The Long Beach Unified School District certainly recognizes this fact and offers a Summer Bridge program each year to give students a head start in their new AP classes. At Millikan, the program is called “Bridge the GAP” and it will be offered again in August.

All Small Learning Communities on campus are also encouraged to include pre-AP strategies within their curriculum, particularly in ninth and tenth grades, to prepare students for the rigor of AP coursework.

Many AP teachers also offer mock AP exams on campus during the month of April to give students practice and feedback before the real exams begin in May. Study sessions and tutoring hours are also available to students throughout the year, and AVID and AP teachers are currently planning strategies together that will further support the AP program.

Currently California is 8th in the nation with the largest percentage of graduating seniors scoring three or better on an AP exam.

AP Exam takers            US                   MHS

White                              33.2%              33%

Latino                            30.1%              42%

Asian                              23.3%              11%

Black                              3.7%                8%

Millikan’s AP program continues to expand each year and is keeping pace with the rest of the state and nation in offering opportunities for students to challenge themselves with rigorous coursework in order to reap their advantageous rewards.


Cory Buchheim, Millikan Shortstop -by Don Keller, Co Principal March 7, 2007

As the boys’ varsity baseball season gets under way, a familiar face will be stationed at the shortstop position. Cory Buchheim is entering his third season as the varsity shortstop at Ram Hi. He is a talented hitter and fielder. He was named first-team All-Moore League last year, batting around .330! He is a steady fielder with a good arm. His leadership will be important in fulfilling the team’s expectations to do well in league play and make a “deep run” into the CIF playoffs. Cory started playing when he was about five years old, competing in Little League at Stearns Park and then moving on to Pony League at Whaley Park.

After graduating from Stanford Middle School, Cory played his first year at the JV level and has been a varsity player ever since. He considers Wilson and Lakewood to be Millikan’s biggest rivals. He especially loves playing at Blair Field at night under the lights, describing himself as being “in awe” of the “big league” feeling of the park. Cory intends to play baseball in college after graduating from Millikan. He tends to favor the Dodgers over the Angels as the team he follows. Ron Keester, the Millikan infield coach, says of Cory, “He is a true competitor and team leader. We have very high expectations for him and the team.”

Head Varsity coach Scott Glasser said, “As a coach, you always hope to be able to work with players like Cory.  He is a respectful, coachable, self-directed, and talented person who I expect to see playing well beyond his years at Millikan.  Besides his obvious physical abilities, what has always impressed me about Cory is his genuine care for his teammates, his mental and physical toughness, and the passion and intensity that he brings to every practice and every game."

Cory’s Baseball Facts and Statistics:

  • Varsity starter as a sophomore, junior, and senior
  • Second Team All-Moore League as a sophomore
  • First Team All-Moore League as a junior

2007 Statistics: (in 29 games)

  • Led team with 24 runs scored
  • Led team with 34 hits
  • Tied for team lead with >358 batting average
  • Second on team in RBI's with 21

Stole 10 Bases

Principal's Message February 27, 2008

Hello Millikan Community,
The last time that I wrote to you was on February 1st, and things continue to roll right along over here at RAMHI. February might be a short month on the calendar, but it sure is jammed packed with a great deal of activity. One of our major accomplishments this month is that with the exception of one team, every one of our Winter Sports Teams made it to CIF playoffs. To all the athletes representing Millikan, you did wonderfully. Read More


Monty Montgomery Helps Keep Millikan Safe and Friendly
(by Mr. Keller, Co Principal) 2/29/2008

Monty Montgomery is Millikan’s supervisor of campus security officers (CSOs). Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, he stayed at home for college. He graduated from Wichita State University in 1974 with a BA degree in liberal arts. He is now in his 21st year at Ram Hi. Having been a wrestler in high school, he became part of the Millikan Wrestling Staff for several years in the early 90’s, during which time the Rams won three Moore League titles, never losing a competition!

Monty is a man with an interesting and varied background. He worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad for several years and for United Airlines as a service director of customer service. He is now a minister at the Avalon Chapel of the Cross in Los Angeles. He has been married for twenty-nine years, and has three children and three grandchildren. His hobbies include horticulture and photography. He also plays the drums and is learning the keyboard. He is well traveled and loves to fly first class in the “sleeper seats.”

Regarding his supervisory position at Millikan, he oversees the performance of seven campus security officers, also referred to as “staff assistants.” Under Monty’s leadership, Millikan’s staff assistants have developed good interpersonal relationships with pupils while maintaining a safe and secure campus. What does Monty value most about his job? He likes helping kids, urging them to graduate and earn the opportunity to walk across the stage at graduation. He likes to “connect with the underdog.” Monty says, “It’s a personal thing. I want to help them get through.” Thanks to Monty Montgomery for his many years of keeping Millikan safe and helping kids find the path to success.


CIF title is on the line when Poly, Millikan hook up tonight Febuary 29, 2008

Press-Telegram By Earl Williams, Staff writer
Poly, led by head coach Carl Buggs and senior Jasmine Dixon, left, and Millikan, paced by head coach Lorene Morgan and senior Kalena Tutt, will meet at the Walter Pyramid at 6:30 tonight with the CIF Southern Section Division I-AA at stake. The teams, seeded first and second in the playoffs, have split two meetings this season. Read More: CIF title

LB Press-Telegram


Fiddler on the Roof Opening! by Don Keller, Co Principal Feb 25, 2008

Millikan High School is proud to present the full unabridged musical, Fiddler on the Roof, on Feb 27, 28, 29 and March 1 at 6:30 pm in the auditorium. Tickets are available at the banker's window in advance and at the door. Seats are assigned and are selling fast. Prices are $8.00 a seat and $5.00 with ASB sticker. Fiddler on the Roof is based on Sholom Aleichem's stories about a Jewish dairyman in Russia just before the revolution. These stories were made into a musical through the collaboration of Joseph Stein, Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick. They tell a story about the plight of the Jewish people in a small village called Anatevka who spend their days ekking out a living while maintaining traditions and family values. Recognizable songs are: "If I Were a Rich Man," "To Life, L'Chaim," "Do You Love Me?" and "Far From the Home I Love." A cast of 69 students, a full orchestra and a hard working crew have all come together, like the villagers in Anatevka, working hard for long hours, to present to you their presentation of Fiddler on the Roof. L'Chaim!


Millikan focused on goal, Ventura
02/25/2008 - LONG BEACH - Millikan High girls basketball coach Lorene Morgan was relaxed Monday while her team went through drills and ran plays in preparation for its CIF Southern Section Division I-AA semifinal matchup against Ventura, a good outside shooting team.

Two More Milllikan Champions! by Don Keller, Co Principal Feb 22, 2008

Millikan’s wrestling program is one of the strongest in CIF. This year’s team has two CIF champions, Travis Clock and Osvaldo “Ozzie” Donato. They have taken different routes to winding up with gold medals around their necks.

Travis Clock has been wrestling for four years since stepping onto Millikan’s campus out of Cubberly. Friends got him interested in trying out for the team. He has wrestled at the varsity level for three years, winning three Moore League individual championships in the 189-pound class! Furthermore, he has been CIF champion two years in a row. He is hoping to move along into the Masters (Southern California) and the state competitions. He was just one match away from competing at the state competitions last year. Travis may attend Fullerton State and continue his wresting after graduating from Millikan. His coach, Mr.Thompson, said, “Travis Clock, one of our team captains, has put a great deal of time and effort into becoming a wrestling champion. He has wrestled year round for the past three years. I am very proud of him. He has done a tremendous job representing our wrestling program and our school.”

Millikan’s second champion, Ozzie Donato, has only been wrestling a short while. In fact, this is his first year in the sport, coming out in November once football ended. Ozzie wrestles in the heavyweight class. At 245 pounds, he wrestles boys up to 289 pounds! Ozzie has been one of Millikan’s best all-around athletes since coming out of Newcomb. In addition to being a champion wrestler, he was an all Moore League football player at defensive end (#51) and all Moore League as a shot-putter (he also throws the discus). Ozzie intends to play football in college, perhaps enrolling at Santa Barbara Community College next fall. Coach Marshall Thompson said, “Osvaldo Donato has accomplished what is nearly impossible to do, win a CIF championship in his first year of wrestling. I have never heard of it being done before and I have been involved with wrestling for over 40 years. I feel he was able to accomplish winning CIF because he is an extraordinary athlete who is very coachable, a rare combination.”

Congratulations to Travis and Ozzie, two recently crowned CIF champs representing Millikan wrestling!

Mock SAT. What a Great Opportunity!!

Taking a practice SAT is a valuable exercise that can help to increase a student’s performance on the actual SAT. Long Beach Millikan High School’s College Counseling Department has teamed up with Revolution Prep to offer students the opportunity to take a mock SAT which will include... Read More

Spring Musical
The Musical this year is Fiddler on the Roof. We have a great cast! Come buy your tickets early at the Banker’s window for $8 each and $5 if you have an ASB sticker. The dates of the musical are Wed, Feb 27 – Sat., March 1 @ 6:30 each evening.


Boys’ Soccer Team is Moore League Champs! by Don Keller, Co Principal

The Millikan boys’ soccer program has a long history of excellence and championship seasons with 14 Moore League titles! Rod Petkovic, Millikan’s coach, believed that thisseason would be a rebuilding year in a tough Moore League. However, his returning seniors and many juniors didn’t see it that way. Rather, they went about upholding the Millikan tradition of winning. Four of the top players on the team are Cesar Ramirez, Edgar Melendrez, Jose Torres, and Salvador Melendrez. Cesar Ramirez is a junior in QUEST

who attended Hughes. Edgar Melendrez is a junior in KIUP who attended Franklin. Jose Torres is a junior in KIUP who attended Franklin. Salvador Melendrez is a senior in Global Tech who attended Franklin. Salvador is the veteran of the group – a four year varsity letterman!

Together, they’ve been motivated by being under rated. What is their secret to success? In unison, they proclaimed, “Nobody’s slacking off. We all have the same goal – to win!” Coach Rod Petkovic feels their success can be attributed to playing with a team concept. He said, “The guys like each other, hang out with each other, work hard with each other – this is a very special group of players.” This Millikan boys’ soccer team is champion of the Moore League, entering the playoffs with an overall record of 22-2-3, 9-2-1 in league play. Having been rated the top team in CIF for a good portion of the season, Millikan soccer fans are hoping that with a little good fortune, the Rams will make a run at the CIF championship!


A Millikan Icon by Don Keller, Co Principal Feb 14, 2008

David Shawver, Sr., began teaching at Millikan in 1970, thirty-eight years ago! After attending the University of Pacific on a football scholarship, he returned to Long Beach to begin a teaching and coaching career. David worked as a science teacher and coached football, wrestling, girls’ softball, and cross country. In addition, he has performed the important role as athletic trainer at Millikan for more than thirty years. A highlight of his coaching career at Millikan was being offensive coordinator for the CIF football champions in 1977 and 1979 under head coach Dick DeHaven. As Millikan’s Varsity Head Coach in 1991-1993, he had the pleasure of having a Millikan

teacher, Scott Allen, as his star quarterback. Outside of athletics, David has served Millikan as the president of site council and chaired the LBUSD District Mentor Selection Committee.

In addition to education, David has enjoyed a successful career in politics. He has been a resident of Stanton for thirty-eight years, serving as a city councilman for several terms dating back to 1988. He has served as mayor of Stanton, district chairman for Orange County Council (El Capitan), and even took a run at a county supervisor seat in the last general election. When he decides to retire from education, he plans to go into politics full time. David is married to his wife, Jennifer. Their marriage of thirty-one years has produced five children, all Millikan grads, four of whom are educators.

In David’s view, a career at Millikan has provided him the privilege of developing many “positive working relationships with great people.” At Millikan, he has found an abundance of “real people” whom he describes as, “sincere, honest, hardworking, good people.” David Shawver’s full career in education has been as a RAM. Thanks for your many contributions, Dave!


Clarissa Lopez Has a Social Conscience by Mr. Keller February 1, 2008

The PEACE Academy encourages pupils to make improvements in their communities and in their world. Upon entering Millikan out of DeMille Middle School almost four years ago, Clarissa Lopez brought a desire to better her world but was unsure how to channel her energies. Four years later, she has been one of Millikan’s most successful student activists for equality and humanity. She attributes her success to the PEACE academy. In fact, Clarissa was recently awarded “The Peacemaker Award” held in conjunction with the Martin Luther King, Jr., celebration sponsored by Long Beach City Council Member Dee Andrews, District 6.

Nominated by Leslie Gombrich, lead teacher for the PEACE Academy, Clarissa’s many accomplishments were cited. Here are some of Clarissa’s most notable efforts.

·      She worked to combat homelessness through supporting the Rescue Mission.
·      Teaming up with an organization called SINE, Clarissa fought injustices directed toward human beings and animals.
·      She raised funds for Lydia House, a shelter for battered women and children.
·      By participating in the Gay Straight Alliance, Clarissa sets an example of tolerance.

In addition to her leadership in the community, Clarissa is an outstanding student. She is a member of National Honor Society (NHS) with a grade point average above 3.5.

Clarissa has been accepted to several universities but has yet to decide which institution she will attend next fall. She plans to study humanities with an outside chance she’ll participate in politics. Her family provides her with a lot of support. Her mother, Norma, is a senior clerk at Millikan and her grandmother, Marian, is a retired, long-time employee of the Long Beach Unified School District who served as a school secretary and later as a counselor. Clarissa is also very proud of having received the PEACE Academy’s “Feminist Award” last year. Leslie Gombrich says of Clarissa, “Clarissa is one of those rare individuals who act on her compassion towards others. She is an inspiration to not only her peers, but also adults. I see her as a combination of Alice Paul, Gloria Steinem, Emma Goldman, and Mary McLeod Bethune. These women saw a need and filled it; they gave of themselves selflessly for the greater good of society. Clarissa embodies those qualities, and has already made tremendous differences in the areas of homelessness, and the rights of women, children, and animals.”

CAHSEE Testing Information
On Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb 5 & 6th, the CAHSEE Exam will be given to 10th grade students. The test will begin promptly at 7:55 am. All other students in grades 9, 11, and 12 will start their school day at 11:21 am and end at 2:59. Tuesday will be a blue day and Wednesday will be a gold day. The Bell Schedule is below:

Bell Schedule 2/5 Blue & 2/6 Gold
7:55-11:21 CAHSEE Testing- 10th Grade Only
11:21-11:51 Lunch
11:58 – 12:38 Period 1/2
12:45 – 1:25 Period 3/4
1:32 – 2:12 Period 5/6
2:19 – 2:59 Period 7/8

Bus Schedule

10th Grade Only-Tuesday and Wednesday
Morning: All 10th Grade Students-7:00 am pickups
Afternoon: Tuesday & Wednesday-12:05 am departure

9th, 11th, & 12th Grade-Tuesday & Wednesday
Morning: 11:00 am pickups

Afternoon: Tuesday & Wednesday 3:09 pm departure

•CAHSEE Special Education Schedule Moderate / Severe Special Education Programs Read More
• CAHSEE Testing for 10th Grade Only Read More

January 2008 Rambler
As the recruitment season winds up, Millikan has much to celebrate with the greater Long Beach community. Our vision touts us as a “community... Read More

• Millikans womans' varsity basketball team, Coached by Lorene Morgan, is to top ranked team in the area!
• Ruby’s Diner in Long Beach and RAMS Softball Boosters Jan 30 Read More
•CAHSEE Special Education Schedule Moderate / Severe Special Education Programs Read More
• CAHSEE Testing for 10th Grade Only Read More

A Special Senior by Don Keller, Co Principal January 25, 2008

Jessica Trujillo is a senior at Millikan who has been successful on several fronts. Most notably, she was named Millikan’s Homecoming Queen this year. In addition, she has been an active member of ASB, an honor student, and a multi-sport athlete. Jessica played basketball her first two years at Millikan, but has turned to cross country and softball as her focus areas. She is a centerfielder on the Millikan softball team and is hoping for a college scholarship. She would like to attend CSULB or San Diego State University. As a member of the PEACE Academy, Jessica has an eye on a career in sports broadcasting or publicity. In her spare time, Jessica is

involved in a dance group called “LA Salsa Kids.” She also coaches a National Junior Basketball (NJB) team with her brother. Jessica attended Emerson, Stanford, and Millikan as did her brother, Ted (a sophomore at Millikan) and her sister, Alexis (a freshman at Millikan). Jessica’s fondest memory of Millikan so far was being named homecoming queen to which she attributed “being a person who treats people the way I want to be treated.” Jessica said, “Being polite and courteous pays off.”

Fall Finals Schedule
January 25 - Final 7 then 5**
Jan 28 Green Day with Alpha Station
**Note: Due to the final schedule on Jan 24 and 25 there will be a normal pick up AND a 9:30 pick up in the morning.

Friday, January 25 Finals 7 and 5
7:55 – 9:55 Final Per 7
9:55 – 10:10 Nutrition
10:17 – 12:17 Final Per. 5
12:17 – 12:47 Lunch

Pick Up
First Pick up Normal Time
Second Pick up 9:30 pick up

Afternoon: 12:30 load, 12:40 leave.

**Note: Due to the final schedule on Jan 24 and 25 there will be a normal pick up AND a 9:30 pick up in the morning.

New QUEST Leadership (by Don Keller)
Mrs. Shawn Abbate has become a “mover and shaker” at Millikan since transferring to Ram Hi from Poly a couple of years ago. After teaching mainstream and advanced English classes at Poly for fifteen years, Shawn was ready for a change and a new challenge. She also liked the idea of teaching at Milllikan which is located near her home and her daughter’s future high school. As a National Board Certified teacher with a Master’s Degree in Instructional Leadership, Shawn successfully interviewed for a QUEST English position upon her arrival. Beyond classroom teaching, she was drawn to a leadership role with QUEST and subsequently selected as lead teacher. She “poured
herself” into her new leadership position, working at moving the QUEST program forward, increasing the rigor of the program, and making it a “top dog” in the eyes of colleges and universities. She is very proud of the fact that QUEST has a new mission statement with a cohesive faculty team and a heightened sense of community. Shawn feels that QUEST students are exhibiting more pride in the QUEST program, one of only two high school GATE programs in the LBUSD (Poly PACE being the other). The addition of Keeley Lewis as a support liaison and the improved organization and involvement of the QUEST Parent Committee (QPC) are additional improvements. Last but not least, new QUEST teachers have brought a new energy and excitement with fresh ideas and expertise to compliment the veteran QUEST faculty members. As for Shawn, she plans to remain in the classroom as a teacher. “Kids in the classroom are my greatest joy,” she proclaims. “QUEST pupils make teaching a joy because they are such polite, nice, and hardworking students.” Shawn Abbate has made her mark at Millikan. Her fine instruction, outstanding leadership, and many contributions to Millikan and the QUEST program are profound.

Safe Schools Initiative Wins Golden Bell
LBUSD’s Safe and Civil Schools Initiative has won the prestigious Golden Bell Award.

Millikan Events
•Ruby’s Diner in Long Beach and RAMS Softball Boosters Jan 30 Read More
•CAHSEE Special Education Schedule Moderate / Severe Special Education Programs Read More
• CAHSEE Testing for 10th Grade Only Read More



Ashley Smith is a sophomore who attended Stanford Middle School and was the district champion in the high jump and long jump. She is a two sport varsity athlete, competing in both track and basketball at Millikan. She has a reputation in basketball as a terrific jumper, able to put her hand over the rim! Ashley won the CIF high jump title last spring with a jump of 5’9”. Ashley then competed in the California State Finals in Sacramento and finished third at 5’9”. She has received letters from colleges and universities including USC, UCLA, Florida State, Alabama, etc. She has better than a 3.0 grade point average and is in the PEACE Academy. Her immediate goals are to jump 6’ this coming year and to dunk a basketball! She’s doing work at increasing leg strength and technique on

weekends in the track off season. Coach Lorene Morgan said, “Ashley Smith is one of the most naturally gifted athletes I have ever seen. She will undoubtedly be a force not only at the Moore League and CIF level but on the state and national level as well.” Ashley’s track coach, Lance Thayer, said, “Ashley Smith is a phenomenal athlete and the top freshman high jumper in the nation last year! We look forward to her leading the way for an outstanding 2008 track and field season.”

Paulina Guzman is a sophomore at Millikan who attended Newcomb. She won the 3 meter CIF diving championship last spring at the Belmont Plaza Pool. She has been diving for six years, taking private lessons from Debbie McCormick. She excels at all eight mandatory dives and feels the “front 2 and ½” is her best dive. She’s working hard to perfect the “front 3 and ½.” The possibility exists in her future that she can earn a college scholarship and/or compete in the Olympic trials four years from now. In the meantime, she’s working to jump higher as she dives and to achieve even better balance. We’re proud of Paulina, a member of KIUP, for bringing a CIF title to Millikan. Gayle Braun, Girls Athletic Director, said, “Paulina Guzman is a perfect example of dedication

to her sport of diving. We are looking forward to another outstanding year. Hopefully she can duplicate her many exemplary accomplishments. She has gained the status of All American and CIF Master Diver. She will be a driving force in the Moore League and beyond.”


Principal's Message December 20, 2007
I would like to start off this e-mail by wishing each one of you a restful and relaxing Holiday Season. For the next two weeks Millikan High School will be closed for the Winter Break as will our front office. During this time, not a creature will stir at Millikan except for our grounds keepers and custodians. We will be open and ready for business bright and early on January 7, 2008.This Friday, December 21st, will be a minimum day. The first exit for the day will be11:30 A.M. and the second exit will be 12:40 P.M. The buses will leave at 1:00 PM. Read More

Kierre Beverly, Two Sport Star December 21, 2007
by Mr. Keller
Kierre Beverly is a junior who has distinguished himself arguably as Millikan’s best all around athlete. In football, he has played varsity for the past two years as a wide receiver and defensive back. He scored eight touchdowns this past season, including a “90 yarder” against Cabrillo. Varsity Football Coach Kirk Diego said, “Kierre is one of the most gifted athletes to pass through Millikan since I've been here.  While his God given physical talents are outstanding, his effort (hard work) and attitude (coachability) are the traits I admire most in him.  Participating in both basketball and football is not easy. 

Both require tremendous amounts of time and energy.  He handles it very well, and gives both his very best.”  In basketball, Kierre has been a varsity player for all three years! Last year as co captain, Kierre averaged 14 points per game as a guard. Kierre is even contemplating participating in track this year as a high jumper! Kierre has received letters from several universities including Oregon, Tennessee, Nebraska, Cal, Georgia Tech, and Utah. Kierre attended Stanford Middle School and Newcomb prior to attending Millikan. He selected Millikan because “it’s a good place education wise” and to join his friends who attend Ram Hi. He has been a big part of Millikan’s recent success in football and hopes to duplicate the success in basketball. Varsity Basketball Coach Jeff Breuklander feels Kierre is up to the task. Said Coach Breuklander, “It's nice to have your best player also be one of our hardest workers. His intensity in practice makes every teammate a better player. His leadership and toughness will help our team get better every day.”


Principal's Message December 14, 2007
This Wednesday, the Millikan Performing Arts Dept. produced a holiday show that
consisted of music, song and dance. Our performers did a wonderful job during the
presentation, and the Stage Crew kids did the same excellent job that they always do on
orchestrating the acts. I was concerned by the behavior of our students in the audience.
The audience was very polite and listened during the presentations without making a
sound, but sometimes that was because they were not paying attention. The minute the
lights went dim out came every form of electronic device imaginable. The glow of the Read More

A Brilliant Singer and Musical Theater Star -
December 10, 2007
by Don Keller

Rory Woodbury is a Millikan senior who has made her mark in music during her four years at Ram Hi. Having attended Lowell and Carver elementary schools and Stanford Middle School, Rory selected Millikan and COMPASS academy for her high school experience. Millikan offered opportunities for musical theater and Rory was impressed with the production of South Pacific she had seen as a middle school student. Rory has played roles in musicals during all of her years at Millikan -- as the understudy of Ana in “The King and I” in ninth grade, as the understudy to Annie in “Oklahoma” in tenth grade, and

as Cinderella in “Cinderella” last year. Rory is hoping to land a lead in this year’s production of Fiddler on the Roof”, having already performed earlier in “The Crucible.” Rory is hoping for an academic scholarship to Cal State University Long Beach or Cal State University Fullerton so she can pursue a major in musical theater or theater with the goal of becoming a professional performer. She’s also considering becoming an elementary school teacher. Rory distinguished herself earlier this year as “the best talent” in the Homecoming Queen Pageant. She sang, “Over the Rainbow” as the COMPASS representative. Rory has been a believer in getting involved in high school activities for the best high school experience. Her teachers think Rory is someone special. Mary Massich says of Rory, “"Rory represents the best of Millikan. She motivates others through her dedication to academic excellence, the performing arts, and COMPASS. Rory's Millikan pride and school spirit are an inspiration to her teachers and peers." Thanks to Rory for being such a credit to Millikan.


Principal's Message December 7, 2007
After our Thanksgiving dinner and the subsequent two hour cleanup, we sat down to watch FOX 11 news at 10:00 P.M. A segment of the news appeared titled “Wednesday’s Child” with Christine Devine. We were half watching and half doing other things until I saw a big navy blue Long Beach Millikan sweatshirt on the screen. As always, I was instantly drawn to the television with keen interest. Tenth grader, Ashley Moore, and her family were featured on this episode. Ashley had spent five years in the “system” and by her own account had been placed in 10 to 15 foster care homes. She was a little hazy about the exact number, but she knew the exact date that she was adopted; May 15, 2005. Read More

New Library Hours
Library Opens: 7:30 am daily
Nutrition: Closed
Lunch: Open (No food or beverage in library)
11:52 - 12:22: Library Closed (Lunch for Cristin and Matt)*
12:22 - 1:22: Library is open for abbreviated 5/6 period)
Library Closes: 4:00 pm daily (except at 3:00 pm on Friday)

Millikan Parent-Student Information Night
December 6, 2007 (Thursday) 6:30 pm-8:00 pm
Dear Prospective Parents/Guardians and Students:
William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” Here at RAMHI, we share this sentiment whole-heartedly. We are excited to showcase our Smaller Learning Communities tonight so that you can find the right fit for your student. Whether your student loves the arts, technology, service learning, or rigorous curriculum, Millikan’s high-functioning academies will make sure that your student graduates with both a developed mind and a developed heart. Read More...

Speech & Debate Tournament December 2007
If you are interested in competing in the following events (Impromptu, Expository, Original Prose/Poetry and Persuasive Speaking) see Mrs. Hernandez or Mr. Prado. Competition will be held at Cypress College on December 7th and 8th.

Great Job, Benny!
by Mr. Keller, Co Principal November 2007

A person’s character is tested when adverse conditions arise. Benny Grissom’s test came to fruition prior to the opening of Millikan’s varsity football season. Benny’s aspiration of taking over the starting quarterback position his senior year was “short circuited” as he was named the backup quarterback. Benny, a popular and admired figure among adults and his peers, took the high road. Rather than quit, he stuck with the team in a reserve role. Week in and week out, he worked hard and was the ultimate “team player.” Near the end of the season, his hard work and commitment paid off as he took over for the injured starter. Benny scored a touchdown leading the Rams to a route over Cabrillo High School and into the playoffs. He then led the Rams
to a near upset of a highly favored Crespi team in the CIF playoffs. Said Coach Diego, “Benny is the consummate team guy. In fact, he did such a good job coaching up the younger QBs, one of them progressed to the point of beating him out for the starting position. After dealing with the disappointment, he went right back to work, continuing to help the younger QBs every step of the season. His teammates and coaches love him.” When Benny was asked about his decision to stick with the team, he said, “Attitude and effort got me through it.” Millikan is proud of Benny Grissom, a young man of character. We’re glad he’s a Ram.

Principal's Message Nov 20, 2007
As the co-principal of the best high school around, I have a great deal in which to be thankful. It is mind boggling to me that we are already approaching the Holiday Season and with that the beginning of a new year. It seems like we just started school yesterday. Read More

New Librarian November 2007
Millikan High School welcomes Cristin Haake as its new librarian. Cristin brings a high school and college background with her to Millikan, having recently relocated to Long Beach from out-of-state. Why LBUSD? Upon researching librarian opportunities, Cristin was impressed with this district’s support of libraries and ranking with the BROAD Foundation. Her goal as Millikan’s new librarian is to be a collaborative partner with teachers to help pupils embrace current technology and learning. Cristin is excited to be Millikan’s new librarian. “We open for business,” she enthusiastically proclaims!

Library Opens: 7:30 am daily
Nutrition: Closed
Lunch: Open (No food or beverage in library)
11:52 - 12:22: Library Closed (Lunch for Cristin and Matt)*
12:22 - 1:22: Library is open for abbreviated 5/6 period)
Library Closes: 4:00 pm daily (except at 3:00 pm on Friday)

Millikan Water Polo Wins Moore League Championship! Nov 2007

Millikan’s boys' water polo team went undefeated in Moore League competition to win the title further establish this Ram Hi program as one of the best in the area. Team members were: Santiago Bryan-Zwick, Scott Butler, Trevor Larson, Conner McCombs, Nikita Nemykin, Ryan Pok, Michael Ottenad, Scott Nyberg, Trevor Tautolo, Nick Beavers, Nik Urey, and Dylan Wood. Coach Tim Fredericksen credited the hard work of the seniors over a two-year period as the key to this team’s success. Read More
(note: all students have signed releases for the use of their image on the Millikan web site)

Football Team Headed To CIF Playoffs November 14, 2007
This Friday night, the Millikan Football Team will be traveling to Pierce College in Woodland Hills. We will meet Crespi High School in the first round of the CIF playoffs. The game will start at 7:30 P.M. I know that Woodland Hills is a long drive on a Friday evening, but come on out and support the RAMS.

Schedule for November 21, 2007
All Periods Minimum Day

7:55 – 8:23                   Period 1           (28)
8:30 – 8:58                   Period 2           (28)
9:05 – 9:34                   Period 3           (29)
9:34 – 9:44                   Nutrition           (10)
9:51 – 10:20                 Period 4           (29)
10:27 – 10:55               Period 5           (28)
11:02 – 11:30               Period 6           (28)
11:37- 12:05                Period 7           (28)
12:12 – 12:40               Period 8           (28)
12:40 – 1:10                 Lunch               (30)

Avoid Traffic Tickets in Front of Millikan High School
by Don Keller, Co Principal October 2007
Many tickets have been written by the Long Beach Police Department in front of Millikan High School this year. The majority of tickets have been written before school as parents drop off their pupils on Snowden Avenue. I interviewed the officer usually posted in front of the school on the morning of October 30 to determine the basis for the issuing of a continuous string of citations. He informed me the great majority of tickets are being written for “impeding traffic.” As drivers stop their cars in the street to drop off students rather than pulling over to the curb, traffic then stops behind the vehicle. According to the officer, this is inconsiderate to other drivers and a traffic violation. Again, the way to avoid a ticket is to pull over to the curb to drop off a pupil….don’t stop in the middle of the street! Parents are also asked to avoid blocking the “on campus” parking lots. In addition, please warn pupils to avoid jaywalking, especially on Snowden.

Virtual Job Shadows Oct 2007
Check out some possible careers. These videos give you an idea what a particular career is about. Click Here

Millikan, Lakewood Earn Major Grant Oct 2007
The Long Beach Unified School District has received a $2.5 million U.S. Department of Education Smaller Learning Communities Grant.

Air Quality and Athletics Oct 26, 2007
The air quality for today is forecast to be moderate in the Long Beach area. The Air Quality Management District confirms that it is OK for students to resume outdoor activities here. While the "moderate" designation means that air quality is safe for the broad population, LBUSD Nursing Services recommends that as an extra precaution, coaches and physical education instructors be especially vigilant at monitoring students today, particularly any who may be asthmatic or otherwise sensitive.

Smaller Learning Community Information
Attached are two files that will provide a great amount of information about our SLC. We hope that it makes your selection of one of our great SLC's.
PDF Download | PowerPoint Download

Homecoming Oct 26, 2007
Green Day Schedule

Valued Employee Moving to Other Challenges October 2007
Debbie Mrazik, a valued employee at Millikan spanning 28 years, will be leaving Millikan on November 2, 2007 to be promoted to assistant principal at South High School in Torrance, California. Debbie started as a choral music teacher at Millikan and has since been a school leader in many capacities. She served as Faculty President, English Department Chair, WASC Coordinator, drama teacher, and Site Council Chairperson. She has been a mainstay on the Millikan faculty through a number of principals’ terms (DuBois, McCleary, Godfrey, Eveland, Murray, Woitovich, Mack, Zahn, and Brinkman). Debbie fondly describes Millikan as “her family” as it has been throughout her entire adult life. We feel the same away about you, Debbie. Your service, dedication, and contributions to Millikan have made Ram Hi a better place.

CAHSEE Review Sessions October 2007
Sessions begin Monday. You may want to check out the CAHSEE TestTools softwarefrom the library. Students may only keep the CD for 24 hours, but our license allows all Millikan students to load the program onto their home computers. Math Calendar | English Calendar

Service Learning Opportunity October 2007
Volunteers Needed for the Team Spirit Breast & Ovarian Cancer - 10K Walk
Help the Memorial Medical Center Foundation by joining them on Saturday, October 6, 2007 .Volunteers need to attend from 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM on Sat. Oct. 6th. You will receive a free T-shirt as well as Service Hours.
Contact: Yasemin Altuner
Director of Volunteers
Phone: 562-810-8218
For more information, please visit their website at:

SAT Test Preparation October 2007
We are writing with important information for all juniors and seniors who want to increase their SAT scores. Long Beach Millikan High School is excited to offer Revolution Prep SAT classes on campus at Millikan High School beginning on September 23, 2007. This is an amazing opportunity for LBMHS students to take a convenient and comprehensive course in order to get the edge in the college admissions process. A Revolution Prep course offers the highest score ... Read More

NEW!! School Loop: Parents and Students Sign Up Now!!
Access grades, class information, discussions and assignments from one convienent location. Click here for a short tour of the features of School Loop.
Parent Registration
Student Registration

Back to School Night
Wednesday, October 3, 2007
5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Food and Refreshments
5:30 - 6:00 p.m. PTSA Meeting in the Cafeteria
6:00 - 8:16 p.m. Classroom visitations (following a bell schedule)

Principal's Message October 3, 2007
I hope to see you at Millikan High School tonight for our “Back to School Night.” The campus will be open at 5:00 P.M. PTSA will hold a meeting in the cafeteria at 5:30 P.M., and the classroom visits will be held from 6:00 P.M. to 8:16 P.M. We will follow a bell schedule tonight. Read More

Mock SAT Test September 2007
Taking a practice SAT is a valuable exercise that can help to increase a student’s performance on the actual SAT. Long Beach Millikan High School’s College Counseling Department has teamed... Read More

PTSA September 2007
Attending PTSA’s monthly meetings allows you to connect with our Co-principals, teachers, staff and other parents outside your Small Learning Community (SLC) to meet the Millikan Nation of supporters! We always receive first-hand valuable information of the challenges and concerns of our student/parent body to provide support and meet the needs of our diverse population. Membership / Site

Football at Millikan September 2007
Millikan High School has a rich history of football excellence having sent several players to the NFL including Greg Barton, Gary Garrison, Bill Meyer, Greg Sampson, Terry Tautolo, John Tautolo, Jason Bell, Greg Williamson, Tim Bailey, and Tom Morris. Head Coach Kirk Diego has assembled a tremendous...Read More

Bell Schedule 2007-2008
Attached is the bell schedule for the 2007-2008 school year. The schedule is a 'tumbling block' which means your classes are on a two week cycle. Schedule.

Millikan Rambler September 2007
The Millikana Rambler is a community wide publication from Millikan high that provides information on our smaller learning communities, students, academics and sports. It is a great opportunity to catch up on what is happening at Millikan. Click here for the latest.

Millikan Uniform September 2007
Millikan's uniform policy requires students who choose to attend Millikan to be in uniform every day. Millikan values this as a method to focus school climate on learning. Here is the dress code.
Additional dress code information has been incorporated into a video that shows the acceptable spirit wear.
MPEG Video





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