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Special Education

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Office of School Support Services

Teacher Resources

Special Education Professional Development

The Office of Special Education and the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development (OCIPD) work together to provide outstanding professional development for teachers. Each fall, spring and summer the OCIPD publishes a catalog of workshops for all teachers. Workshop topics include literacy and math training, as well as other content areas and various types of assessment and instructional strategies for all students. Occasionally, a workshop devoted only to special educators is offered to supplement other training.

The Office of Special Education also has developed training to meet the unique needs of students who special education teachers serve. Professional development opportunities have included English language development (ELD), literacy and math institutes. These required trainings ensure that teachers receive content area knowledge and age-appropriate materials to implement strategies. Teachers may modify instruction based on the individual needs of students. Other professional development offerings include support forums, new teacher cohort meetings, training on IEP writing, and districtwide Job Alike meetings where teachers either select a workshop of their choice or meet with teachers from the same program and grade levels.


A key area of reform in LBUSD is literacy at middle and high school. The reform effort emphasizes the need to address literacy with all students including students with disabilities.

New Special Education Teachers:

All new teachers, including special education teachers, attend a five-day New Teacher Institute in August. Special educators also attend a Special Education New Teacher Institute focusing on IEP's, modifying the curriculum and other special education related topics. Throughout the school year, other workshops are required depending on grade level, content area and program.

Elementary Special Education Teachers:

Elementary special education teachers follow the same sequenced plan as general education teachers. Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development: Professional Development Services

Secondary Special Education Teachers :

We continue to encourage all special educators to become well versed in literacy instruction and implementation of general education standards and curriculum. A team effort between the Office of Special Education and the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development has provided opportunities to improve instruction and further teachers' growth.

Should you have questions about special education teacher professional development opportunities please contact the Special Education Curriculum Leader, K-12. Should you have questions specifically about the content of the professional development or other content area questions, please call the appropriate Content Area Curriculum Leader.

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