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Curriculum: English Language Arts

Curriculum: English Language&nbspArts - Image
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ELA Curriculum Documents

As grade levels and courses become aligned with the Common Core State Standards for English / Language Arts, pacing guides for each grade level/course will no longer be published.

Teachers will use the curriculum documents posted here to guide instruction for the year.

Integrated Model of Literacy

The Integrated Model of Literacy provides teachers with a framework for integrating and aligning the Common Core Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language Standards during English Language Arts instruction.

Scope and Sequence

The LBUSD Common Core State Standards Scope and Sequence documents provide a comprehensive “blueprint” for strategically sequencing and operationalizing the grade-level/course standards in English / Language Arts.

Unit Guides

The LBUSD Common Core State Standards Unit Guides provide greater detail for instruction and assessment in each unit.

Basal Alignment Project Lessons (BAP)/Anthology Alignment Project Lessons (AAP)

The BAP/AAP lessons are Common Core aligned English Language Arts lessons that include a coherent set of text-dependent questions on a piece of text along with a culminating reading and writing task. These lessons are used as formative assessments and are included in the Units of instruction. You may access the lessons by clicking on MyLBUSD/Portal -->Curriculum Intranet --> Language Arts --> Assessment --> Formative Assessments.


The Integrated Model of Literacy, Scope and Sequence, and Units of Instruction can be found here:

In an effort to create ongoing cycles of feedback on the units that have been created, use one of the following short feedback forms to offer the ELA Office guidance on key elements of the unit design.


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