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Contractor Fair for Measure K

Consultants / Contractors / Vendors

Contractors, Construction Firms

If you are a contractor, construction firm, or a firm that provides services such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc., and are interested in working for the Long Beach Unified School District, please complete and submit the District's Purchasing vendor form to the Purchasing Branch. The Facilities Development and Planning Branch does not maintain an interested vendors list for contractor or construction firms.


The Purchasing and Contracts Branch maintains lists of vendors for most commodities and services purchased by the Long Beach Unified School District. If you wish to be added to these lists you must complete and return the Vendor Registration form, Internal Revenue Service W9 form, and any other pertinent information such as a current product catalog. Click here to get more information and forms.

Professional Consultants

Professional Consultants are defined as consultants of professional services ONLY, such as material testing and inspection, architecture, project inspection, geotechnicals, or similar. If you wish to be added to our list of interested professional consultants, complete the Professional Services Consultant Interest Request Form.


Documents for Download


Outreach Fair (3-17-2016 DRAFT) PDF


Educational Specifications and Facilities Design Standards

Educational Specs - Elementary Schools PDF

Educational Specs - Middle Schools PDF

Educational Specs - High Schools PDF

Facilities Design Standards password-protected

Prequalification Documents

Prequalification Questionnaire Packet (3-16-2016) PDF

Approved Resolution No. 031516-A PDF

Prequalified Contractor List for Browning High School - Offsite, Fire Sprinkler Line and Sewer System (09-06-2016) PDF

Local Hiring Procedure

Local Hiring Procedure PDF

Single Source

Single Source Resolution 041712-B PDF

Single Source 041712-B Exhibits A-F PDF

Single Source Resolution 061813-GPDF

Cisco Single Source 061813-G Exhibit A PDF

Bosch Single Source 061813-G Exhibit B PDF

3M Book Detection Single Source 061813-G Exhibit C PDF

Other Documents

Key Request Form (10-8-2015) PDF

Project Forms zipped file

School Visit Request Form PDF