LBUSD Measure K Bonds


Next Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting
Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 5:00 pm
Optional Tour at 4:30 pm
Location: Polytechnic High School Construction Trailer
1600 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813

Measure K Bond Dollars at Work

Completed Projects

core switch Lindsey Academy McBride Bancroft gym Cabrillo pool Hoover gym Nelson clock Newcomb wireless data communication Roosevelt Powell Portables removal

Current Projects

Construction of the new Browning High School in Long Beach is at about 50 percent, with opening now scheduled for fall 2017.

Major upgrades to Wilson and Polytechnic High School auditoriums started this year while Sato Academy, the newest small high school continues its transition from a middle school as a new parking lot and physical education/locker facility is added.

Work progresses on three new classroom buildings in the early phase of a $143 million, seven-year renovation of Jordan High School.
Latest Construction Activity at Jordan High School

Projects Out to Bid

Invitation to Bid #FAC03-1617
Jordan High School – New Marquee

Invitation to Bid #FAC02-1617
Browning HS - Offsite, Fire Sprinkler Line, and Sewer System

Approved Materials Testing and Inspection Consultants
Pre-Qualified List

Upcoming Projects

Future Measure K projects in the planning phase include a $40 million renovation of Renaissance High School for the Arts.