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Induction Support

Induction Coaches

Induction Coaches are paired with Participating Teachers in Small Learning Community cohorts by similar content and credential; they typically work together for the entire two-year program. Induction Coaches are “Teachers on Special Assignment” with extensive expertise in their content area, the California Content Standards, California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), and extensive instructional strategies. These qualified mentors provide guidance and clear expectations for the candidates based on the program’s design.

Qualification for mentors include, but are not limited to:

  • Current knowledge of the context and the content of the candidate’s teaching assignment (General Education: Multiple Subject/Single Subject and Special Education: Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe)
  • Demonstrated commitment to professional learning and collaboration
  • Demonstration of effective professional practices in teaching and learning
  • Possession of a Clear Teaching Credential and a minimum of three years of effective teaching experience

Induction Coaches visit Participating Teachers in the classroom both formally and informally for conferencing, demonstration lesson, planning, and classroom observations. They take on the responsibility of helping the participant complete the Induction requirements through a professional portfolio. Induction Coaches facilitate monthly support seminars and online discussion threads and meet individually with participants throughout the Induction process. They provide professional development through these venues in topics such as classroom management, lesson design, active participation, assessment, equity, English Learners, and instructional strategies for students with disabilities and advanced learners, as well as standards-based curriculum and instruction.

To continue to provide effective and knowledgeable support for Teacher candidates, Induction Coaches participate in at least eight days of training per year on, but not limited to: adult learning theory, instructional coaching, questioning, instructional standards and content, student diversity, classroom management, pedagogy, EL Learners, and differentiation for all students.

Site Administrators and the TRIAD (Participating Teacher, Induction Coach, and Site Administrator)

Site administrators play an important role for all participating teachers in the Induction Program. Induction participants need the support of the site administration team to make their beginning teacher experience a success. We encourage the site administrator to provide the beginning teacher with an orientation to the school site and to provide ongoing site support.

In addition, the new Induction Standards address the need for collaborative meetings between the Participating Teacher, the Induction Coach, and the Site Administrator, now called the Triad.  Designed to foster positive relationships between site administrators, Induction Coaches and Candidates, the Triad meeting occurs at least twice yearly.  The purpose of these Triad meetings is to:

  • Encourage more frequent dialogue between new teachers and administrators
  • Help Candidates, Induction Coaches, and Site Administrators to understand the roles and responsibilities in the context of Induction
  • Provide structured time for the Candidates to share about student success and ask for specific support


 At the beginning of the school year, the induction candidate will work collaboratively with his/her Induction Coach to develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which addresses the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and provides a “road map” for the teacher’s induction work.  At this point, the Triad (Participating Teacher, Induction Coach, and Site Administrator) will meet and the Site Administrator can then give input regarding the candidate’s assignment and school goals.

Finally, the Teacher Induction Office keeps site administrators informed of current program components and events in order for reflective conversations to be focused on the beginning teacher’s professional growth as it relates to the Induction process.

Induction Program Staff

The Induction Program Staff are available to all participants for their everyday needs as it relates to the Induction Program requirements or district inquiries. Staff members help participants to find the answers they need about district curriculum, site and district resources, and fulfilling state requirements in earning a California Clear Credential.