Induction Program

Program Overview

In 1998, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing  sponsored and the Governor signed, legislation that restructured teacher credentialing in California. Following passage of SB 2042 (Alpert/Mazzoni, Ch. 548, Statutes of 1998), the architecture of Learning to Teach  in California was re-designed to include a new requirement that teachers complete a two-year induction program of support and assessment during the first two years of teaching in order to earn a California Clear Teaching Credential. 

Teacher InductionThe participating teachers in the LBUSD program are assigned to a Support Provider along with a cohort of fellow Participating Teachers who are in the same phase of Induction.  This collaborative support model is facilitated much like a small learning community with regular group meetings and regular online discussion threads dedicated to improving teaching practice and student performance levels.  The Support Provider is a district teacher on special assignment (TOSA) whose current assignment is district coach.  The Support Provider completes the required observations for formative assessment and also has opportunities to be in the beginning teacher’s classroom on a more regular basis to provide feedback and conduct or facilitate demonstration lessons as needed.  In utilizing the FACT formative assessment system, Participating Teachers complete three inquiries with a general focus in each of the following areas: pedagogy, teaching English learners, and special population within the teacher’s credential focus. Individual Induction Plans are created for each participant to include a variety of professional development opportunities to show growth in professional goals in regards to the California Standards for the Teaching profession.

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Enrollment Information and Application

  1. A new cohort begins each fall. However, as a contracted teacher with LBUSD, we encourage you to apply immediately.
  2. Download the application and return it to the BTSA office at your earliest convenience via email or inter-district mail.
  3. BTSA Program Staff will then contact you to begin support while waiting for a new cohort to begin.

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