Induction Formative Assessment System

The FACT system is a reflective assessment and support process designed to help you develop as teacher. In the FACT system reflection is aimed at action by using the information gathered with a support provider through the formative assessment process, you will identify areas of strength and areas of study or focus.

The purpose of formative assessment is to improve teaching as measured by each standard of the California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and in relation to the state adopted academic content standards and performance levels for students. Formative assessment is an ongoing learning process that follows the cycle: plan, do, study and act.

FACT is designed to assist in meeting the learning needs of students while growing as a professional and feeling greater confidence as a teacher.

Context for Teaching

In Context for Teaching and Learning, participating teachers learn about their teaching environment by identifying challenges, investigating resources, and gathering information about their students. With a support provider, participating teachers discuss prompts focused on their classroom, school, district, and community. The information gathered guides classroom decision-making and helps identify areas for professional growth.

This module spirals into levels of graduated depth and complexity. During Collecting and Reviewing, participating teachers gather information about the students, families, school site, district, and community. In Contextualizing and Extending, participating teachers consider the contextual information gathered, and respond to deeper, more sophisticated questions about differentiating instruction, embedding new knowledge, and working collaboratively. Each level offers the opportunity to reflect upon this information and consider the implications for effective teaching and student success.

Assessment of Teaching and Learning

The Assessment of Teaching and Learning Module provides participating teachers with the opportunity to compare and contrast the processes and outcomes of the teacher preparation program with those of the Induction Program. During this module, participating teachers consider the knowledge and skills acquired during teacher preparation, their current context for teaching, and evidence gathered by their support provider during a classroom observation. Self-assessments assist participating teachers in identifying strengths and areas for growth leading to the development of the Individual Induction Plans (IIP) that are used in subsequent inquiries. In addition, participating teachers and their support providers identify resources and support needed to meet their professional growth goals.


The inquiries in the FACT System include a series of structured teaching activities through which participating teachers explore aspects of their teaching practice. With the support provider, participating teachers assess their practice and engage in a variety of data gathering activities such as collaboration with colleagues, peer observations, and professional readings. They develop an inquiry question (based on CSTP and Induction Program Standards), create and implement an action plan, reflect on collected evidence, and apply new learning to future practice. The participating teacher’s results are used to focus subsequent inquiry questions and target future professional development. The overall goal of the inquiry is the improvement of the participating teacher’s instruction to positively impact student achievement.

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