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Employee I.D. Badges

Employee Identification Badges are issued at the School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Division. The employee will need a Letter of Authorization to obtain an Employee Identification Badge. Click on the link below for a copy of the Letter of Authorization. The letter is completed and signed by the employee's principal or supervisor, and presented by the employee when the ID Badge is made. For questions, call the School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Division at 562-997-8205 or extension 8205

School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Division
5250 Los Coyotes Diagonal
Building #1
Long Beach, CA 90815

The hours for processing requests are between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Walk-ins are welcome, or appointments can be made by calling 562-997-8205 or extension 8205.

Employee Identification Badge Letter of Authorization Form

Proximity Card Information

Administration Building Access -- Proximity Identification Card

(Effective September 2014): During non-business hours, employees assigned to the Administration Building will use a proximity identification card to enter the building.

  • Complete the Proximity Identification Card Authorization Form with the days and work hours for employees/contractors assigned to the Administration Building. The department head will sign the form.
  • E-mail the form to or FAX to School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Division at 562-961-7257.
  • The employee/contractor will need to have a current photo on file at School Safety. If none exists, the employee/contractor will go to School Safety (5250 Los Coyotes Diagonal, Long Beach 90815) and a new photo will be taken.
  • School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Division is responsible for processing the authorization form, and programming and issuing proximity identification cards.
  • Proximity Identification Card Form

Administration Building Employees: Weekend/After-Hours Access Form

  • Complete the Weekend/After-Hours Access Form when an employee/contractor needs occasional or one-time access into the Administration Building. The department head will sign the form.
  • Indicate the date(s) and work schedule for the employee/contractor.
  • Submit the form Monday through Friday, and at least one day before access is needed:
  • Submit a copy of the signed Weekend/After-Hours Access form:
    E-mail a copy to Chief Hickman at
    E-mail a copy to Cathy Coy at and
    FAX a copy to the School Safety Communications Center at 562-977-8296
  • Employee/Contractor: To gain access, the employee/contractor will speak to the Communications Dispatcher through the intercom and present district identification.
  • The School Safety Communications Operator will refer to the Weekend After-Hours Access Form and request to see a district identification badge for employees and contractors.
  • Admin Building Weekend After-Hours Access Form