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Purchasing and Contracts - Administration
Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 663-3002
(562) 634-5013 Fax

(562) 663-3016 Assistant Purchasing and Contracts Director

(562) 997-7550 Assistant Purchasing and Contracts Director
Measure K

(562) 663-3004 Contracts Manager

(562) 663-3061 Supervisor
Contracts - Staff
Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 663-3007 Assistant

(562) 663-3031 Analyst

(562) 663-3030 Analyst

(562) 663-3001 Analyst
Purchasing - Staff
Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 663-3026 Agent
Custodial Supplies & Equipment (Waxie)
Disaster Kits
Food Items & Equipment
Math, Calculators
Maps & Globes
Nursing Supplies & Equipment
Special Ed. Supplies & Equipment
Stock Supplies

(562) 663-3011 Agent
Art Supplies & Equipment
Binding Supplies & Equipment
Books (All Types)
Child Centers Supplies & Equipment
Library Supplies & Equipment
Printing/Custom Printed Materials
Science Supplies & Equipment

(562) 663-3024 Agent
Audio Visual Supplies & Equipment
Computer & Network Equipment, Supplies & Software
Photo Supplies & Equipment
Telecommunication Equipment & Supplies

(562) 663-3023 Technician

(562) 663-3010 Assistant

(562) 663-3057 Senior Assistant

(562) 663-3005 Senior Assistant

(562) 663-3032 Agent
Copiers, Copier Supplies & Maintenance
Home Economics Supplies & Equipment
Music Supplies & Equipment
Office Supplies (Office Depot)
Sporting Goods
Uniforms & Laundry Services

The goal of the Purchasing and Contracts Branch is to furnish the best possible service and support to ALL District sites and offices. It is the duty of the Purchasing and Contracts Branch, as empowered by the Board of Education, to serve the best interest of the District in all transactions while obtaining the maximum value for each dollar expended. This is all to be accomplished while providing the support necessary to our schools and offices to insure the educational success of all students.

The Purchasing and Contracts Branch is the main District branch responsible for the purchase and distribution of all supplies, equipment and materials, as well as for arranging services and contractual agreements. The branch is comprised of several sections; Purchasing, Contracts, Use of Facilities, Warehouse Receiving & Distribution, Records, and Duplicating Services.

The Purchasing & Contracts Branch maintains a database of suppliers for all classes of commodities and services purchased by the Long Beach Unified School District. Suppliers in our database have an increased potential of being notified of our bids, but that does not guarantee that you will receive a bid notice. The following link may be used to access our Bidder Database: Bidder Database, PlanetBids (TM).