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Classified Salary Schedules

Salary Schedules:

Career Increments & Night Differentials:

List of Job Titles: Includes Salary Ranges and Unit Information

Accounting and Budgeting
Executive Director-Fiscal Services 58 (M2)
Assistant Director-Fiscal Services 46 (M2)
Accounting Manager 42 (M2)
Payroll Manager 42 (M2)
Fiscal Services Analyst 40 (M2)
Maintenance Accounting Supervisor 35 (S1)
Accountant 34 (C1)
Attendance Accounting Specialist 32 (C1)
Accounting Technician 27 (C1)
Senior ASB Financial Technician 23 (C1)
Senior Payroll Accounting Technician 23 (C1)
Student Financial Technician - Avalon 23 (C1)
Nutrition Services Payroll Technician 22 (C1)
Senior Accounting Assistant 22 (C1)
ASB Financial Technician 19 (C1)
Intermediate Accounting Assistant 19 (C1)
Intermediate Payroll Accounting Technician 19 (C1)
Administrative and Other
Chief Business and Financial Officer 70 (M2)
Business Services Administrator 64 (M2)
Financial Services Officer 64 (M2)
Executive Director, Equity, Access, and College and Career Readiness 58 (M2)
General Counsel - Special Education 55 (M2)
Public Information Director 55 (M2)
Risk Management Director 55 (M2)
Administrator, K-16 Collaborations & District Programs 48 (M2)
Administrator, K-16 Collaborations and External Programs 48 (M2)
Benefits Administrator 48 (M2)
Risk Management Insurance Coordinator 48 (M2)
Administrative Analyst 44 (M2)
Strategic Data Project Analyst 41 (M2)
Benefits Analyst (C) 35 (CO)
Return to Work Specialist (C) 35 (CO)
Business Development and Marketing Specialist 32 (C1)
Physician Services Technician (C) 24 (CO)
Risk Management Technician (C) 24 (CO)
Public and Employee Information Assistant 20 (C1)
Child Care and Instructional
Kids' Club Manager 35 (M2)
Kids' Club Assistant Manager 24 (M2)
Stage Technician 22 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-After School Program 20 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-Computer Resources, BL Spanish 20 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-Gardening 20 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-Male Academy 20 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-Mathematics 20 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-On Campus Suspension 20 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-Parent Resources Center (R), BL (R) 20 (C1)
Instructional Assistant-School for Adults, BL Spanish 20 (C1)
Kids' Club Supervisor III 20 (S1)
Library/Media Assistant 20 (C1)
Parent Involvement Specialist, BL Khmer, BL Spanish 20 (C1)
Kids' Club Supervisor II 18 (S1)
Instructional Aide-Deaf/Hard of Hearing 16 (C1)
Kids' Club Supervisor I 16 (S1)
Accompanist 15 (C1)
Instructional Aide-Instrumental Music 12 (C1)
Instructional Aide-Intensive Reading Clinic 12 (C1)
Instructional Aide-Mobile Classroom 12 (C1)
Instructional Aide-Special, BL Khmer, BL Spanish 12 (C1)
Instructional Aide, BL Spanish 10 (C1)
Instructional Aide-Alternative Schools, BL Spanish 10 (C1)
Instructional Aide-Educare, BL Spanish, BL Khmer 10 (C1)
Kids' Club Lead Assistant 10 (C1)
Kids' Club Assistant 07 (C1)
Clerical and Secretarial
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent/Board of Education (C) 36 (CO)
Senior Executive Secretary (C) 33 (CO)
Executive Secretary (C) 30 (CO)
Senior Administrative Secretary 27 (S1)
Administrative Secretary 26 (S1)
High School Office Supervisor 26 (S1)
Middle School Office Supervisor 24 (S1)
Elementary School Office Supervisor 22 (S1)
School Support Secretary, BL Spanish 22 (S1)
Mail/Switchboard Services Supervisor 20 (S1)
Senior Office Assistant, BL Spanish 19 (C1)
Senior Office Assistant-Schools, BL Spanish 19 (C1)
Staff Secretary, BL 19 (C1)
Braille Transcriber 18 (C1)
School Data Technician 18 (C1)
Instructional Warehouse Assistant 16 (C1)
Mail/Switchboard Services Assistant 16 (C1)
Intermediate Office Assistant, BL Spanish 15 (C1)
Intermediate Office Assistant-Schools, BL Spanish 15 (C1)
Records Office Assistant 15 (C1)
Office Assistant, BL Spanish 10 (C1)
School Support Assistant, BL 10 (C1)
Facilities Development and Planning
Executive Director-Facilities Development and Planning 60 (M2)
Administrator, Construction 53 (M2)
Administrator, Facilities, Development and Planning 53 (M2)
Facilities Project Manager - Construction 46 (M2)
Facilities Project Manager - Planning 46 (M2)
Assistant Facilities Project Manager 35 (M2)
Architectural Drafting Technician 33 (C2)
Facilities Planning Technician 27 (C1)
Head Start
Head Start Director 55 (M2)
Assistant Head Start Director, Family Services 46 (M2)
Head Start Enrollment and Records Manager 35 (M2)
Head Start Family Engagement Manager 35 (M2)
Head Start Senior Family Services Liaison 18 (C1)
Head Start Nutrition Assistant 16 (C1)
Head Start Family Services Liaison, BL Khmer, BL Spanish 15 (C1)
Head Start Instructional Aide, BL Khmer, BL Spanish 07 (C1)
Head Start Parent Aide (R) 01 (C1)
Human Resource Services and Personnel Commission
Executive Officer, Personnel Commission and Classified Employment 65 (M2)
Administrative Coordinator - Human Resource Services 51 (M2)
Administrative Coordinator - Personnel Commission 51 (M2)
Senior Personnel Analyst 44 (M2)
Credential Services Manager 42 (M2)
Personnel Analyst 40 (M2)
Staffing Analyst - Human Resource Services 40 (M2)
Certification Services Manager 38 (M2)
Associate Analyst - Human Resource Services 35 (M2)
Associate Personnel Analyst 35 (M2)
Salary Services Supervisor 28 (S1)
Employment Services Supervisor 25 (S1)
Human Resources Supervisor 25 (S1)
Credential Services Specialist 24 (C1)
Human Resources Technician 21 (C1)
Human Resources Assistant 16 (C1)
Information Services
Executive Director, Information and Technology Systems 58 (M2)
Administrator, Network and Information Systems 51 (M2)
Administrator, Technology Support Services 51 (M2)
Network Services Manager 46 (M2)
Technology Field Operations Manager 46 (M2)
Technology Service Delivery Manager 46 (M2)
Senior Systems Analyst 45 (C1)
Computer Support Supervisor 42 (S1)
Information Technology Projects Coordinator 42 (C1)
Network Specialist 42 (C1)
Nutrition Services Technology Coordinator 42 (C1)
Systems Analyst-CICS/COBOL 42 (C1)
Technology Field Operations Supervisor 42 (S1)
Computer Support Technician 38 (C1)
Telecommunications Supervisor 38 (S1)
Webmaster 36 (C1)
Telecommunications Technician 34 (C2)
Senior Technology Support Representative 32 (C1)
Electronics Technician 31 (C2)
Technology Support Representative 29 (C1)
Systems Operator 25 (C1)
Technology Services Inventory Technician 20 (C1)
Maintenance Director 55 (M2)
Assistant Maintenance Director 46 (M2)
Construction Manager 42 (M2)
Energy Conservation Manager 42 (M2)
Environmental Health and Safety Manager 42 (M2)
Fleet Maintenance Manager 42 (M2)
Maintenance Manager 42 (M2)
Nutrition Services Facilities & Equipment Manager 42 (M2)
Carpenter Supervisor 38 (S1)
Construction Inspector 38 (C2)
Electrician Supervisor 38 (S1)
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Supervisor 38 (S1)
Maintenance Supervisor 38 (S1)
Painter Supervisor 38 (S1)
Pest Control Supervisor 38 (S1)
Plumber Supervisor 38 (S1)
Supervising Food Production Equipment Technician 38 (S1)
Maintenance Cost Estimator 36 (C2)
Sheet Metal Worker 36 (C2)
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician 34 (C2)
Boiler and Gas Appliance Technician 34 (C2)
Electrician 34 (C2)
Food Production Equipment Technician 34 (C2)
HVAC Technician 34 (C2)
Plumber 34 (C2)
Senior Locksmith 34 (C2)
Stationary Engineer - Nutrition Center 34 (C2)
Carpenter 31 (C2)
Energy Conservation Specialist 31 (C2)
Environmental Health and Safety Technician 31 (C2)
Heavy Truck/Bus/Automotive Mechanic 31 (C2)
Locksmith 31 (C2)
Pest Control Technician 31 (C2)
Plasterer 31 (C2)
Welder 31 (C2)
Maintenance Mechanic 30 (C2)
Office Machine Technician 29 (C2)
Automotive Mechanic 28 (C2)
Glazier 28 (C2)
Painter 28 (C2)
Sign Maker 28 (C2)
Asphalt Worker 27 (C2)
Fence Erector 27 (C2)
Water/Boiler Treatment Specialist 27 (C2)
Landscape Irrigation Worker 25 (C2)
Building Maintenance Worker/Driver 24 (C2)
Plant Utilities Operator 24 (C2)
Building Maintenance Worker 23 (C2)
Pool Operator 22 (C1)
Media Services
Chief Broadcast Engineer 45 (M2)
Creative Writer-Producer-Director 40 (M2)
Multimedia Technology Supervisor 36 (S1)
Broadcast Engineer 34 (C1)
Graphic Design Supervisor 34 (S1)
Associate Producer-Digital Animator 30 (C1)
Associate Producer-Production Designer 30 (C1)
Graphic Designer 29 (C1)
Production Specialist-Editor 19 (C1)
Nutrition Services
Nutrition Services Director 55 (M2)
Nutrition Services Assistant Director 46 (M2)
Nutrition Services Manager 42 (M2)
Production Center Manager 42 (M2)
Child Nutrition Specialist 35 (M2)
Nutrition Services Operations Coordinator 35 (M2)
Nutrition Services Operations and Training Specialist 26 (M2)
Production Center Supervisor 26 (S1)
Nutrition Services Supervisor III 24 (S1)
Nutrition Services Supervisor II 20 (S1)
Nutrition Services Supervisor I 16 (S1)
Senior Nutrition Services Worker 11 (C1)
Intermediate Nutrition Services Worker 08 (C1)
Nutrition Services Worker 05 (C1)
Operations Director 55 (M2)
Assistant Operations Director 46 (M2)
Area Custodial Manager 42 (M2)
Grounds Service Manager 42 (M2)
Assistant Grounds Service Manager 38 (M2)
Custodial Services Inspector 30 (S1)
Grounds Crew Supervisor 26 (S1)
Plant Supervisor - Avalon 26 (S1)
Plant Supervisor - High School 26 (S1)
Small Engine Mechanic 25 (C1)
Grounds Equipment Operator II - Driver 24 (C1)
Grounds Equipment Operator II 22 (C1)
Plant Supervisor II 21 (S1)
Chemical Application Technician 20 (C1)
Grounds Equipment Operator I 20 (C1)
Senior Food Production Utility Worker 19 (C1)
Custodial Crew Supervisor 18 (S1)
Plant Supervisor I 18 (S1)
Lead Custodian 17 (C1)
Food Production Utility Worker 16 (C1)
Groundskeeper 16 (C1)
Mail Delivery Driver 16 (C1)
Locker Room Attendant 15 (C1)
Custodian 14 (C1)
Custodian Assistant 05 (C1)
Purchasing, Stores and Reprographics
Purchasing and Contracts Director 55 (M2)
Assistant Purchasing and Contracts Director 46 (M2)
Contract Manager 42 (M2)
Warehouse Manager 42 (M2)
Purchasing Supervisor 38 (S1)
Contract Analyst 36 (C1)
Maintenance Material Coordinator 34 (C1)
Purchasing Agent 34 (C1)
Records Supervisor 31 (S1)
Reprographics Supervisor 31 (S1)
Warehouse Supervisor 29 (S1)
Textbook/Library Services Supervisor 27 (S1)
Maintenance Materials Storekeeper 26 (C1)
Senior Purchasing Assistant 22 (C1)
Warehouse Materials Processor 21 (C1)
Facilities Use Technician 20 (C1)
Inventory Control Technician 20 (C1)
Military Property Specialist 20 (C1)
Purchasing Assistant 18 (C1)
Reprographics Technician 16 (C1)
Research, Planning and Evaluation
Administrator, Research Information Systems 53 (M2)
Supervising Software Applications Engineer, Research, Planning and Evaluation 49 (M2)
Coordinator - Research Information Systems 46 (M2)
Senior Software Applications Engineer, Research, Planning and Evaluation 45 (M2)
Educational Research Analyst II 44 (M2)
Student Data Systems Coordinator 43 (M2)
Software Applications Engineer, Research, Planning and Evaluation 42 (M2)
Educational Research Analyst I 38 (M2)
Associate Educational Research Analyst 35 (M2)
Student Data Systems Specialist 29 (C1)
Supervising Research Office Technician 27 (S1)
Research Testing Materials Supervisor 24 (S1)
Senior Research Office Technician 23 (C1)
Research Office Technician 20 (C1)
School Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Chief of School Safety & Emergency Preparedness 57 (M2)
Assistant School Safety & Emergency Preparedness Director 46 (M2)
Emergency Preparedness Program Manager 42 (M2)
School Safety Operations Supervisor 35 (S1)
School Safety Supervisor 35 (S1)
School Safety Officer 31 (C1)
District Security Officer 24 (C1)
Gang Intervention Specialist 24 (C1)
School Safety Communications Operator 21 (C1)
School Safety-Security Specialist 20 (C1)
Campus Security Officer 16 (C1)
Student Services
Behavior Intervention Manager 46 (M2)
Career Education Support Services Manager 46 (M2)
Behavior Intervention Supervisor 38 (S1)
Sign Language Services Supervisor 35 (S1)
College and Career Specialist 31 (S1)
Sign Language Interpreter 31 (C1)
Program Supervisor-Special Projects 29 (S1)
Educare Family Support Specialist, BL Spanish, BL Khmer 27 (C1)
High School Equivalency Examiner, BL Spanish 25 (C1)
Behavior Intervention and Coaching Specialist 24 (C1)
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant 24 (C1)
Senior Health Assistant 24 (C1)
Site Specialist-Special Projects 24 (C1)
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, BL Spanish 24 (C1)
Senior Translator-Interpreter-BL Spanish 23 (C1)
Behavior Intervention Assistant 20 (C1)
CDC Guidance Specialist 20 (C1)
Job Developer, BL Spanish 20 (C1)
Student Evaluation Technician, BL Khmer, BL Spanish 20 (C1)
Transitional Services Specialist-BL Spanish 20 (C1)
Translator-Interpreter BL Spanish 20 (C1)
Migrant Education Recruiter-BL Spanish 17 (C1)
Student Store Lead 16 (C1)
Health Assistant 15 (C1)
School/Community Liaison-BL Khmer, BL Spanish 13 (C1)
Student Store Assistant 08 (C1)
Transportation Director 55 (M2)
Assistant Transportation Director 46 (M2)
Transportation Supervisor 35 (S1)
Transportation Scheduler 28 (C2)
Bus Driver 24 (C2)
Heavy Truck Driver 24 (C2)
Truck Driver 23 (C1)
Laborer 18 (C2)