The Long Beach Unified School District has a district-wide K-12 contract with RETAC which provides instructional video and instructional television programs to certificated teachers for most grade levels and curriculum areas.

Teachers may access information about RETAC Programs and Support Materials in their LACOE Multimedia Services CD ROM or at the LACOE Multimedia Services internet website.

Most programs can be borrowed by certificated LBUSD teachers from the district Circulating Library, and many are broadcast on the district's Instructional Television stations.


Due to budget cuts we WILL NOT be renewing our RETAC contract next year. This may affect the availability of some of your favorite titles. A preliminary list of series which will no longer be available is located here:

Please erase or destroy any RETAC videos appearing on this list. A more detailed title list will be available at a later date.

Many other titles will continue to be available. Please call OMS at extension 7198 if you have any questions.